Laraque to the Pens??

ESPN Radio 1250 in Pittsburgh is reporting a deal is imminent between the Pens and the Yotes that would send Georges Laraque to the Pens for an unnamed player/pick or both. However Laraque needs to waive his no trade clause and he was also scratched from tonights game against the Flames. If this happens I hope the Pens didn’t give up more than a 4th rounder or the rights to a very low prospect. Here is a sourced link to add further credibility to this rumor.

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  1. puffpenguin54 says:

    yea he sounds like a good enforcer

  2. mojo19 says:

    They've been through Cairns, Andre Roy, Jarko Ruutu (kind of, I know he's more of an agitator), but Laraque is a better player than all of these guys and would be a good fit.

    Also I think the penguins should make a pitch for Roberts if the price isn't too high, he'd be a nice addition, to just play 10-15 minutes a night and be a presence on the bench and a hard forechecking energy player.

  3. intelligentscorpio says:

    Laraque is essentially an insurance policy for Crosby, Malkin and Staal. The fact that he can also play a regular shift is a deal clincher. I say, let's get him.

  4. kamullia says:

    Several sources, among them the Arizona Republic and The Fourth Period who are mentioning “a source close to the situation”, are reporting that the deal for Laraque is imminent and should be announced probably on Friday (23rd).

    As I have mentioned before on here, Laraque is something the Penguins would love to have, as an insurance policy. The only issue the Penguins will have with Laraque is his skating, which is well below the style the Penguins play. But the main issue for the Penguins is the cost. Laraque arguably might be the best pugilist in the league, but that is not enough to part with a decent prospect and a pick at or higher than the fourth round, as some of the rumors/news have been reporting.

    What the Penguins would really need and it would fit them perfectly in just about every facet is Nick Boynton, and some sources believe that Boynton is in fact being looked at by the Pens.

    But as all these things go…at what price?

  5. TheDonkey says:

    The Pens have a lot of really valuable assets. If I was them and I had the opportunity to get the league’s top goon, I would take it. The Pens don’t have room on the team to develop more prospects. They are going to be stacked for years to come already.

    Don’t worry about prospects. You have a good team now. Go balls out and try to win these next few years.

  6. kamullia says:

    I agree with what you are saying, but what I am saying is that there is a limit for what the should give for Laraque. That limit is different for everyone, but for me a good prospect AND say a 2nd round pick for Laraque, who you are only guaranteed to have for the remainder of this season and next, would be too high a price for me. I most certainly have been saying for months that if there is a goon to have is Laraque, so I am all for them getting him.

    But in all, I doubt he will make a difference in winning overall, just an insurance policy or a retaliation policy if you will. Boynton would be much more valuable to the Pens as far as winning and their chances.

  7. bleedingblu says:

    This would be a good move for the pens. If they take away the instigator penalty next year… look out!

  8. CrosbyMalkin says:

    I agree with you, It could be a good move for the Pens, but that all depends on what they would have to give up. To me that is what it depends on.

  9. OldGoalie says:

    Ahhhh…Boynton AND Laraque…would LOVE to see Boynton here, and a guy like Laraque is probably a necessary acquisition (at least he can play to some extent).  I wonder if Shero could make it the perfect deal as far as I'm concerned, and get the Yotes to take Melichar as part of the package.  Nah.  Nobody's that persuasive.

  10. kamullia says:

    Wouldn’t that be nice? If Shero can swing both Laraque and Boynton, this team is set, especially for next year. Add a scoring winger and here we come (provided Fleury holds and they get a better backup).

    Now, Melichar gone in the same deal? If Shero would swing that, he would immediately shed the title of General Manager for…well, to be honest, Miracle Worker.

      Damn it, Jim. I am a doctor. Not a miracle worker.

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