Laraque's too costly, Pens targetting Boyes?

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is reporting that the talks between Phoenix and Pittsburgh involving a trade for Georges Laraque, are unlikely to produce an actual trade, because Mike Barnett’s asking price for Laraque is too steep for Ray Shero.

According to the Post-Gazette the Coyotes are not desperate to get rid of him, and they quote an “individual familiar with the situation.” The trade would have involved a 1st round pick and a prospect from the Penguins, for Laraque and 2nd or a 3rd round pick, according to media reports out of Phoenix The Post-Gazette also says in the report that there are at least 1 team in the East (other than the Penguins), and two in the West interested in acquiring Laraque.

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Also member BruMagnus sent the following:

Bill Watters announced on the Leafs Lunch radio program that Brad Boyes could potentially go to Pittsburgh.
But many other rumours have George Laraque going to Pittsburgh. The Arizona Republic reports that George Laraque plus a 2nd or 3rd round pick could be going Pittsburgh’s way in exchange for a 1st round pick and an AHLer.

A struggling Brad Boyes would surely be rejuvenated in Pittsburgh. After all he played with Sidney Crosby and Patrice Bergeron in the World’s last year. But, I personally doubt it and wonder how large the return would be. Especially considering the idea of giving up a 1st rounder for Laraque.

But with further analysis, if the Penguins did swap their 1st for Phoenix’s 2nd round, they’d only lose about 10 spots. Yet even still, I think that would be an unwise move for a team already replete with solid 3rd and 4th liners. I’d much prefer a real top 6 player like Brad Boyes in exchange for the 1st rounder plus prospects.

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  1. Tachmo says:

    Pittsburgh needs to add grit. A much better player to add then Laraque would be Marty Lapointe. Also the Pens should look at Fedoruk, maybe Owen Nolan. With these types of players, it is a much needed asset to the team. They are a serious contender right now, but adding some grit and possibly another D man, they defenitely improve immediately.

  2. Tachmo says:

    Boston would be just plain stupid to get rid of Boyes. He is young, with great potential and only makes 1.5 million a season. He is not hurting anything on Boston. By trading him for another 1st rounder is a gamble because they will be getting a late pick and who know's if he'll even be as good as Boyes and it will take a few years to find out. I guess by adding the prospects makes it a little more interesting. What prospects are we talking here from Pittsburgh?

    On the other hand with guys like Bochenski, Kobasew, and Chistov now in the mix, it does make Boyes expendable at this point.

  3. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I can't believe I read an article with that title! What are the Coyotes/Bruins thinking????

  4. cups_n_burgh says:

    I'm sort of annoyed at Shero on this one.  Remember that he let Roy and Cairns slip away.  Now we need to trade prospects for an enforcer.  Shero should have had a bit more fore-sight on this team need.

    I think job one for the Pens to be play-off ready is a solid blue-chip defensive specialist.  They have found the top 6 winger they wanted in Staal. 

    Perhaps they can live without the enforcer or bring Cairns back into the fold – I don't believe he suffered a season ending injury as some have reported.  I believe he was provided a graceful exit short of retirement.  He's one of the biggest and best fighters I've ever seen.

  5. OldGoalie says:

    Boston I'm not sure about…I wold not give up on Boyes at this point.  But in Phoenix, Mike Barnett is thinking "hey, if I can get someone to overpay ridiculously for Laraque, why would I not do it?" 

    The Pens (or any other team, for that matter) would have to be certifiably insane to give up a prospect and a first rounder for an enforcer, even a very good one.  The insanity is magnified when you remembet that Laraque has only one year left on his contract, he has a no-trade which could prevent you from getting rid of him at the best rate of return once you have him, and he's already supposedly said that he doesn't want to be traded to the East, because it's too far from his Edmonton home (so you have to assume he won't re-sign with an Eastern Conference team when he's a free agent).

  6. kamullia says:

    The 1st round pick from Pittsburgh (and a prospect) is related to the trade reports for Georges Laraque. In the either of the separate articles, nothing is mentioned that a trade with Boyes would also involve a 1st round pick and a prospect.

    Frankly, I am of the opinion that neither trade is worth exchanging a first round pick plus a prospect. Laraque and a 1st round pick should never be put in the same sentence, period. And a player whose present statistics for the year are 59GP 9G 20A=29Pts and an awful -18, certainly does not deserve a 1st round pick, regardless of where he was picked in the draft, or what he did in his only full season in the NHL. There are way too many rookie flashes that never materialize to their potential, and spending a first round pick on a possible one is hoping and not looking at accomplishments.

    As to the prospects, there has been no mention of names on any of the reports about that Laraque trade, therefore that would be speculation on anyone’s part. The top of the stockpile of prospects for the Penguins, highlights some pretty good defenseman and still a few centers, with more questionable prospects at those two positions, plus the wings, and at goaltending. If the Pens deliver a “great” player out of the wings or goaltending it would be a surprise to everyone.

  7. kamullia says:

    Agreed on Laraque’s price. In fact, I completely dismissed the reports of a 1st rounder and a prospect at first, because they were simply outrageous…and then other sources started to verify that this was the apparent price. Simply ridiculous.

    Personally, and you know I have been saying this for a long while now, I think the best thing the Penguins can do is focus on Boynton. If they could land Boynton, this team improves dramatically, because one thing that they are showing over and over for the past month plus, is that they can score even without wingers and that their Achilles heel is giving up goals. Boynton would help in a great manner to lowering the number of goals scored against, and the forwards so far seem to be doing well, wingers or no wingers.

    One thing that no one is looking at, is that the Pens upcoming schedule is full of teams that they have had a bad year against, are divisional opponents (always tough), or are top Eastern teams. In fact, the Penguins making the playoffs might not be such a sure bet unless they upgrade even though they seem to have found the right chemistry as of late. Their scheduled teams are almost all problematic in one way or another in New Jersey, Tampa Bay, Ottawa, Buffalo, Atlanta, NYR, NYI, and Montréal. And excluding the teams above, the Penguins only have another 5 games left against other opponents.

    Being Shero, and seeing that the market is very much in the hands of the sellers for all the type of assets the Penguins need, it might not be a bad idea to let things be, let the kids get some playoff experience (long or short), and wait for the off-season.

  8. chimoty says:

    Why are you annoyed at Shero??? cause there are trade rumors??? no deal was finalized…shero has put the Penguins in a great position to make a run…I'll follow him just like I followed Patrick…and go ahead rip Patrick a new one…but it looks like he made some of the best drafts in the past year to rebuild the team

  9. CrosbyMalkin66 says:

    Not to mention, Laraque is a guy that could possibly give you 40-50 points a year… which last time I checked Roy or Cairns stats, they are no where close to that… he already has like 29 points this season and is definitely a better offensive player than people give him credit for… its not worth a first round pick, but he is definitely not an Andre Roy or Cairns in the fact that he scores and sets up goals more frequently

  10. pensfan29 says:

    Cairns is still on the Pens roster…………

  11. puffpenguin54 says:

    alot of good either of those two did.  roy never dropped the gloves but wen he did he lost and cairns is still on the roster he has been injured with a concussion and post concussion syndrome for the past few months

  12. justafan says:

    Why would the Bruins trade Boyes?  He is one year removed from an excellent season and there is absolutely no reason to throw away a player with as much potential as Brad Boyes.  O'Connell isn't running the Bruins anymore and I just don't see this happening.

  13. BruMagnus says:

    Malone and a 3rd rounder for Boyes

  14. BruMagnus says:

    good points

    and Cairns has been injured and is still on the roster.
    Roy at 1million was too pricey.

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