Larionov possibly out in NJ?

Igor Larionov, aka “The Professor,” has apparently fallen out of favor with Pat Burns in New Jersey.

Aside from being a healthy scratch recently, Igor was kicked out of a Devils practice (well, not kicked out exactly, but more or less told to leave). He has struggled in the Devils boring crap *er* TRAP system and has no goals this season.
I believe there is a strong possibility that Igor will be dealt to another contender by the deadline. He is more suited to be a third-line, powerplay specialist on a team that, well, tries to score goals(rather than just trying to win 1-0 every game),

Where could Igor go? I believe several teams would possibly be interested in picking up the 43-year-old center, especially if they could get him for a late pick.


1. Vancouver: Western Conference, offensive team, an Igor still owns a house in BC.

2. Detroit: I know, I know. Detroit let him go, etc. Yet, he left 4 years ago and was traded back mid-season. Fact is, perhaps Detroit’s geritol lineup is the only one Igor really fits in.

3. Colorado: Why? Think of it- Having Igor on a powerplay feeding Sakic, Forsberg, Seigfreid, and Roi *er* Selanne and Kariya. Jokes aside, that could tempt Pierre Lacroix to inquire as to Igor’s availability.

4. St. Louis: Doesn’t make too much sense to go out and put a round peg(Larionov) into a square hole. But neither does routinely avoiding acquiring a solid starting goalie, year in, year out. In fact, St. Louis might trade for Igor just to make him a healthy scratch.

5. San Jose: Veteran leadership and powerplay presence could help the Sharks should they make the playoffs.

And finally, my off the wall team:

Phoenix: Gretzky picks up the Russian Gretzky and allows him to wear #99. Then, he goes back to wondering why he ever took that job in the desert.

In summary, I think he’ll end up in Vancouver or Colorado.

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  1. Leaf_Expert says:

    I’ll say the Canucks will pick this guy up.

  2. TC_4 says:

    San Jose makes sense, I’ll put my money on them, or else he’ll retire.

  3. HOTROD17 says:

    I say Philly, they just lost Desjardins for 8 weeks and also Seidenberg for 6 weeks!!

  4. Furlong19 says:

    How’s this? Who really cares? I mean the guy has to hang ’em up. No goals this year for an offensive guy? He’s too old. And I’ve always liked him, being a red wings fan, but for arguably one of the biggest russian athletes ever he’s certainly going down into retirement without a buzz. Sort of like Coffey did. He should of retired after the cup win in 2002. Retire as a respectable player at least.

  5. Just-Checking-In says:

    I don’t mind a lot of these type of comments, however please get your facts togeather. Larionov has or was never claimed to be a scorer. He has always been known as a set-up or assist man.

    So knock Larionov all you want over his near invisible play this year, however do not pretend that he was a goal scorer that just isn’t getting the job done.

  6. TC_4 says:

    Yeah, Larionov is really going to help out there d by being a forward.

  7. Pock says:

    He wasn’t brought into the Devils system to score goals, but rather to improve their powerplay in which he did. You people that don’t watch devils hockey games and steriotypically blame a defensively responsible hockey system that wins games should try sitting back and watching your own teams w/ as much objectivity. New Jersey creates plenty offensive scoring opportunities, but limit their oppostion to few. This is why other fans have a hard time giving New Jersey the credit they are due. Back to Larionov, its a shame to lose a player w/ that much creative offensiveness, but not every player is suited to just any team.

  8. mojo19 says:

    hahahaha. yeah he could replace desjardins back on the point guy

  9. AmericasteamRedWings says:

    Just a point of clarification….I didn’t mean to imply that Larionov was a goal scorer…..but he is an offensive player with only 7 points this year. He is not suited for the East.

  10. habsoverserver says:

    if igor goes then the devils need perreault from the habs

  11. HabsNick says:

    Don’t disregard Colombus as a possible destination.

    He just *might* help other players than Nash and Vyborny to get goals.

  12. dkball7 says:

    He’s a waste of a roster spot. Trust me its not the majical trap that is decreasing his numbers. Its HIM!!! The idiot had at least 5 open nets so far this year, but since he doesn’t shoot… ever… he ends up with 0 goals. The “trap” is not the problem, its the “genious professor”.

  13. dkball7 says:

    Perreault is WAY better because:

    Wins a shitload of faceoffs

    Plays defence

    CAN shoot

  14. Just-Checking-In says:

    Larionov 34 games played – 0 goals – 10 assists equals 10 points……

  15. LondonK says:

    It’s tough to score coming from the West to the East. While I feel that the East and West are very close talent-wise (agree or disagree I feel that way), it is much tougher to score in the East. Coming from the West to the East is not an easy transition for most players.

    And the trap compounds that. I just have to go back to the 1-0 win over Toronto that NJ had. They scored late in the first and then stopped playing hockey. They would dump and made no effort to play a hockey game. It’s tough to score when you are taught to pull back if you are on a partial breakaway because it is 100 guaranteed that you will get the breakaway.

  16. rojoke says:

    Who does Montreal get? One of the rookie blueliners maybe?

  17. ManillaKilla says:

    It’s not tougher to score in the east, there is just a lot more teams that play a slower, boring style of hockey. Teams that play with a faster tempo like atlanta, otawa, toronto, dont have any problems scoring goals. Larionov is just old. Going east didnt hurt Sundin, Nolan, S.Kozlov, Roenick, Savard, Briere, Stillman, etc. Then, there are guys like Glen Murray, Satan, Knuble amongst others who have blossomed out east.

  18. shootinglicense says:

    if you pay attention, bobby clarke fills all of his holes with forwards (gosh i wish i phrased that differently)

    if he needs forwards he gets forwards

    if he needs defense he gets forwards

    and if he needs a goalie he get a forward and signs the worst free agent imagineable

  19. devfanman4 says:

    Am I the only Devils fan that can appreciate what Larionov has done for this team? He’s played in only 34 games due to him being a healthy scratch on several occassions because of his age (that’s nothing new).

    Look at the powerplay. The Devils are 11th as of Monday morning. Compare that to the WORST power play in the league last year at that’s a big improvement. Whether you guys see it or not, that was all Larionov. He’s such a smart player, he creates room for everyone around him. He doesn’t need to be a good skater anymore and he doesn’t need a good shot. It’s the opportunities he creates for others that makes him the player that he is.

    It’s a shame that Burns has had it out for him recently if these reports are true, but it doesn’t mean he’ll be traded. Only time will tell.

  20. devfanman4 says:

    I’ll give you both if you throw in Souray 😉

  21. HabsNick says:

    Perreault plays defense? that’s news to me…

  22. habsoverserver says:

    The Devils need a center who can win key faceoffs in their zone late in games. Their defensive game requires them to win those kinds of faceoffs to minimize scoring chances. Remember they could not win a faceoff in the finals when Nieuwendyk was injured.

    Perreault is in the final year of his contract and is not likely to remain in Montreal. The Habs want a stay at home defenseman who can play 20 minutes in return. Problem is that the Devils need a defenseman too.

  23. Just-Checking-In says:

    “Going east didnt hurt Sundin, Nolan, S.Kozlov, Roenick, Savard, Briere, Stillman, etc. Then, there are guys like Glen Murray, Satan, Knuble amongst others who have blossomed out east.”

    When was Sundin ever in the West?

    Nolan still isn’t going to top his worst season in the west.

    Kozlov-You may have forgotten that whole Buffalo thing. Also, he is still not on pace to break his best year which was in the west.

    Roenick: Still not on a pace to break the multi 70 plus points he would score in Phoenix or anywhere near the 100+ he would get in Chicago.

    Savard: He may have a career year, however Calgary isn’t doing to badly either this season.

    Briere: Still not on pace to best his career year in Phoenix.

    Stillman: Not on pace to top his career year in St. Louis.

    So yes the guys you mentioned have done something in the East,but for the most part their career years were in the West.

  24. lmoust33 says:

    It is funny to me how you only chose to reply regarding players who played better in the west.

    What do you make of Mike Knuble career year in 2002-2003 or of Glen Murray’s two 40 goal seasons?

    As for Sundin playing out west, keep in mind that the Leafs used to be a western conference team. But I am not quite sure if they still were upon Sundin’s arrival.

    Also, when you mention Roenick and Nolan not topping their previous point production from the west, you seem to neglect age or injuries in the case of Nolan. Plus, on their respective teams these players do not receive as much ice time since they are surrounded by other talented offensive players.

    In Cory Stillman’s case, he is projected to be only 6 points shy from his carrer year of 67 points.

    I can see why you feel that some of these players best years where out west, but you seem to be putting them down.

  25. Petr89 says:

    Umm…genious is not a word. And neither is majical. I’m not one to hound people on spelling, but if we are attacking the intelligence of others, we should probably do so coherently.

  26. MantaRay says:

    Burns is a demanding coach. Although I admire what the Professor has accomplished in his career, he is just not made for the rigors of the East.

    He doesn’t hustle and his ice-time is dwindling through his lack of production. His age doesn’t allow him to be able to keep up with the speed of the Devil forwards. He is old and slow.

    Devil fans want him out as well, He would do better in the West. I could see Edmonton going for him to help out with the league worst PP.

  27. The_Conductor says:

    I would love to see Larionov back in Detroit. He would be playing 3rd line Centre with Stumpy and Holmstrom.

    Yes he is old but I think he goes back to the team he had been with and won cups with… Plays the rest of this year and then retires. Then Detroit retires his number.

    He had left Detroit before and cmae back so he should come back.

  28. dkball7 says:

    I can’t spell for shit man.

  29. neeman77 says:

    Does anyone think that it’s a good idea for NJ to go after Arnott. I heard he left on bad terms but the Devils reallly need a big ceneter to play with Elias, and Dallas isn’t too keen on keeping him either. Wouldn’t it be a good plan for Lou to try and re-ignite the flame that the two had on the A- line, or maybe even sykora, both of these guys are UFA at the end of the year. Let me know what you think


  30. OldNord says:

    Arnott will be a RFA and Sykora is under contract for next year but I’m sure that Elias would like Sykora as his winger again.

  31. ManillaKilla says:

    What the hell was that garbage??? Do you even watch hockey???

    The Leafs were originally in the west. Sundin played four years in the west.

    Nolan had 14 goals one year in san jose. He wouldnt get 14 in a full, healthy year with the leafs?

    Didnt forget the whole buffalo thing with kozlov. If you would of read and comprehended my original post, see less goals on boring, slow-paced team. Points and goals again on fast-paced scoring team.

    Roenick had 126 points in his first two years with the Flyers. He had 125 points in his first two years with Phoenick. You were saying? Not to mention Phoenick wasn’t coached by Hitchcock. I am not going to touch your ignorant Chicago comment because that has nothing to do with Roenick, and everything to do with a decline in scoring.

    Never even attempted to make a point with Savard (you didnt have one there either), other than to change the subject to his old team, Calgary. What a joke.

    Nice logic (if you can call it that) on Briere and Stillman. My original post had nothing to do with career years, only to point out that they have continued to score out east. The fact that briere is on pace for only five fewer points than his career year validates this. Stillman is on pace for only seven fewer points than his career year, which came with St. Louis. His numbers this year, will top anything he did in Calgary.

    The fact that you forgot to say anything about Murray, Knuble, or Satan just validates that you knew you had a weak case. Why make yourself look anymore foolish trying to refute their success? There are others I could add like Martin St.Louis, but why beat a dead horse?

    “…but for the most part their career years were in the West.”

    What does that have to do with anything. My original point, which flew way over your head, was to show that a lot of good players are not affected OR HURT (thats what i originally said) by moving east. Other players, those you convenientley ignored, have become better scorers out EAST. Using Bill Guerin and your logic, one could argue players that go west dont score as much.

    I dont have a problem with people having a different opinion when it comes to hockey. But please do some research or consult someone that watches the game (someone that knows toronto was in the west) before offering up a rebutal to my original post.

  32. MantaRay says:

    Arnott played his way OUT of the organization with his selfish and complacent attitude.

    We don’t need him, nor want him.

    The only players I could see Lou going for are Brind’amour or O’Neill. Thats it.

  33. WinterLynx says:

    Finally somebody with a clear view on the real situation. Sure Larionov hasn’t put up numbers, but he opens up the ice for other players by making the smart move with or without the puck. This is why the Devils have a vastly improved power play from last year, as devfanman4 has pointed out.

    I’d love to see Larionov finishing off his career in NJ by adding another ring to his finger. However, also looking at the Devils’ scoring situation, with Langenbrunner out, I woudn’t be surprised if Lou traded for a gunner using Larionov and Berglund as trade bait. The Devils have been on the low end of some of their past few high scoring games, and need an extra punch in offense. Nonetheless, I’d love to see Larionov stay.

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