Larionov possibly out in NJ?

Igor Larionov, aka “The Professor,” has apparently fallen out of favor with Pat Burns in New Jersey.

Aside from being a healthy scratch recently, Igor was kicked out of a Devils practice (well, not kicked out exactly, but more or less told to leave). He has struggled in the Devils boring crap *er* TRAP system and has no goals this season.
I believe there is a strong possibility that Igor will be dealt to another contender by the deadline. He is more suited to be a third-line, powerplay specialist on a team that, well, tries to score goals(rather than just trying to win 1-0 every game),

Where could Igor go? I believe several teams would possibly be interested in picking up the 43-year-old center, especially if they could get him for a late pick.


1. Vancouver: Western Conference, offensive team, an Igor still owns a house in BC.

2. Detroit: I know, I know. Detroit let him go, etc. Yet, he left 4 years ago and was traded back mid-season. Fact is, perhaps Detroit’s geritol lineup is the only one Igor really fits in.

3. Colorado: Why? Think of it- Having Igor on a powerplay feeding Sakic, Forsberg, Seigfreid, and Roi *er* Selanne and Kariya. Jokes aside, that could tempt Pierre Lacroix to inquire as to Igor’s availability.

4. St. Louis: Doesn’t make too much sense to go out and put a round peg(Larionov) into a square hole. But neither does routinely avoiding acquiring a solid starting goalie, year in, year out. In fact, St. Louis might trade for Igor just to make him a healthy scratch.

5. San Jose: Veteran leadership and powerplay presence could help the Sharks should they make the playoffs.

And finally, my off the wall team:

Phoenix: Gretzky picks up the Russian Gretzky and allows him to wear #99. Then, he goes back to wondering why he ever took that job in the desert.

In summary, I think he’ll end up in Vancouver or Colorado.