Larry Crooks….I mean Brooks, States…

TORONTO – Rangers not only have been aggressive inquiring about Ottawa’s unsigned Group II defenseman Karel Rachunek (Would you exchange Radek Dvorak and Tomas Kloucek for Rachunek and Magnus Arvedsson? The Senators might), the team has also been knocking on Boston’s door regarding Kyle McLaren, their unsigned Group II defenseman, to Broadway.

Larry Brooks

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  1. mikster says:

    Kyle McLaren is a 5th d-man at best. He is slow, injury prone, and expensive to my tastes. I’d trade a Mike Mottau and a 2nd rounder for McLaren, but that’s it….

    It would have the defense for the Rangers, but not a big improvement….at all.

    As for Dvorak and Kloucek for Arvedson and Rachunek….

    I’d do that in a heartbeat. I’d take Rachunek over Kloucek anyday. Rachunek is a potential 2nd d-man, most likely 3rd, but on a team like the Rangers he can be 2nd. He is solid defensively, good on the offense….pretty big in size, same age as Kloucek. I’d take him in a flash, i had him on my fantasy team two seasons ago and he rocked.

    As for Dvorak for Arvedson, the only things that bothers me is the age difference and the fact that Dvorak can still turn into a 20-25 goal scorer. Arvedson makes a bit less, but he is a solid player. He is also injury prone, but he usually scored at least 30 points. He could fit very well on the top line with Lindros and Bure (if they play together again). He is a natural LW, and trading Dvorak would just open up more ice time for Lundmark. Lundmark does make Dvorak very expandable.

    In the end though, it would be a no-brainer for me. Makes NYR better….without a doubt.

  2. Rico71 says:

    I agree.

    Trading Arvedson for Dvorak is an almost equal trade. Both players gets injured a lot and both can contribute offensively.

    Though I’d prefer Rachunek over the one-dimensional hitter that is Kloucek, I’d do the trade anyway.

    Dvorak would fit nicely on the 2nd-3rd line and Kloucek teamed up with Chara would be damn scary.

    Arvedson would help the Blue Shirts on LW while Rachunek would better their pathetic defense immediately. They have too many offensive-minded defensemen in Leetch, Poti and Malhakov(sp?). Rachunek would help out and since he’s only in the game for the money…a perfect fit in NY. *lol*

  3. guinsfan4life says:

    I remember about 4-5 years ago, I always got into an arguement with some Boston fan on Yahoo chat about how overrated Mclaren was. He used to say he was going to be the next superstar defenseman in the Derian Hatcher type mold. WELL LISTEN HERE YOU JAAAGOFF BRUINS FAN IF YOU ARE ON THIS SITE YOU SUCK!!! I WAS RIGHT!!!..

    But anyway, I don’t think Mclaren is worth much these days. As per Bruins management, they are blowing his worth out of proportion. IT is funny how, when you don’t want to pay a player how much they think they are worth(or how much the market says they are worth) because of certain circumstances (injuries, inconsistent play) you then try to trade him only you ask for way too much in return, hyping up how valuable of a player he is…rather humorous.

    I don’t think the Rangers should try to go after him. THis would be the worst move Sather could make. Knowing the Rangers luck, Mclaren suits up for one game, and blows out his knee. Plus, this type of player is one the Rangers just don’t need right now. THe Rangers need players who bring with them a positive atmosphere.

  4. mikster says:

    Who isn’t in the game for the money!

    Arvedson wouldn’t score the goals Dvorak could in the next seasons….but NYR needs a LW and a solid one defensively.

    Defense isn’t as horrible as last season. They are just too lazy this season…it’s annoying to see laziness.

    Leetch isn’t playing badly, but he is being lazy…and i’ve never seen Leetch take this amount of lazy penalties in….like forever.

    Poti is playing well, some mistakes….but he makes the sharp passes that have been successful…especially last night against the Leafs for the tying goal.

    Leetch is making loads of money, and thanks to Neil Smith…Slats can’t tarde Leetch because of his high salary and no-trade clause. So, i think Slats wouldn’t mind at all replacing Leetch with Poti next season, if Leetch asks for lots of money. If Slats lets Leetch loose, then he frees up close to $10 million.

    So anyway…..

    Yeah, i’d make this trade.

  5. MantaRay says:

    McLaren is a 5th d-man who can only give you 40 games or so. I would just give them Mottau thats it. B’s need to move him.

    Arvedson and Rachunek would be a good deal for the Ranger$, but not for the reasons you gave.

    Dvorak will never be more than a third line player on a competitive team. Arvedson is a complete player (career +87) who would agument the Rangers forecheck and has a better scoring touch than Dvorak.

    Rachunek would be a waste with Poti, Leetch and Malakhov. It would make an incredibly soft D even softer.

    As for Klouchek, my how the mighty have fallen. Last year he was the great hitting hope on the Ranger$, now he loses time to Kasper (-7) the friendly ghost of a defensemen.

    Yes, the Rangers would improve by this trade but I don’t see it happening.

  6. MossRocks says:

    Ridiculous. Mottau couldn’t even play for the Bruins and couldn’t play for half the teams in the league. McLaren might get hurt a lot but he would easily be a #3 d-man for the Rangers. He plays a much better all round game than Kasparitis, and makes Poti look like Mother Theresa, although he needs no help doing that. Only Leetch and Malahkov are better for the Rangers. McLaren is not that slow and not that expensive considering what the Rangers are paying some pretty mediocre players right now.

    Don’t even talk to me about Purinton – just another Rangers d-man that you are over-rating. Remember how much you had to say about Kloucek last year? It was ridiculous – especially since you rip him in every trade rumour now.

    So McLaren would be a No.5 but Rachunek would be a No.2? I think you’re nuts. It’s a no-brainer because it’s a stupid rumour and a bad deal which makes no sense for the Sens. Muckler would never make this deal. If Arvedsson is injury prone, what is Dvorak? (didn’t he just sprain his knee again?) Ottawa needs left wingers and certainly doesn’t need Dvorak when they have Alfredsson, Hossa and Havlat all way, way ahead of him on RW. They also don’t really need another d-man, especially if Kloucek is as bad as you say. Redden, Chara, Phillips, Hnidy, and Volchenkov are all playing very well. In fact, Muckler said that Rachunek would have to fight to get his minutes back. The Sens don’t need what Brooks dreams up. They will get quality in return for their assets, not Rangers rejects.

  7. MossRocks says:

    Arvedson was a Selke Trophy runner-up and Dvorak can’t claim that. I don’t think Dvorak for Arvedson is good for the Sens straight up. Dvorak has had only one good year, is not as good defensively and has had more serious recent injuries.

  8. mikster says:

    Arvedson is also injury prone, more so than Dvorak.

    Sens need more offense right now, and Dvorak could help out with that by netting from 15-25 goals.

    Sens won’t have Arvedson and Rachunek next season. So, Dvorak and Kloucek for two players they can’t keep in the future is actually a good deal.

  9. mikster says:

    Arvedson doesn’t even have a scoring touch….

    Dvorak can still net 15-25 goals. the Senators need more goal scoring power and Dvorak can give that to them.

    It’s the best they can gain from a UFA player like Arvedson.

    Rachunek making the Rangers D softer? How so? He is solid defensively, how can he make it softer if he is an improvement?

    Kloucek didn’t lose time to Kaspar…he is losing time in the AHL. He hast to start showing up. Aside from his hard hits (harder than Kaspars) he still takes many penalties. However, his potential is worth trading for.

    I doubt this will happen too, but Sens should trade Arvedson and Rachunek.

    This is so wrong though, we agreed on something…….

    You’re wrong about Dvorak. I still say he is worth more than Bertuzzi, and he can net 40 goals.

    There…much better.

  10. MossRocks says:

    Why won’t they have Rachunek? With the exception of Dvorak’s big 2000-2001 year, Arvedson matches up just fine offensively with Dvorak. Dvorak is an RW, the Sens don’t need an RW. This is a brutal deal for the Sens, they can do better with a team that has something to offer.

  11. mikster says:

    It was just a saying with the Mottau deal, i didn’t even mean it. Mottau is worth…6th round pick maybe.

    I don’t care what McLaren could be for the Rangers, he is still not that good, very overrated. I’d take Rachunek over McLaren anyday.

    Since when did i overrate Purinton? So far i was right in saying that Purinton could become a solid 6th d-man, and he has been so far. He played a solid game against Jagr. What am i overrating him with?

    Since when am i ripping Kloucek in EVERY trade rumor? I am stating the truth, he has not been working hard enough….though he did have a sprained shoulder during training camp. His potential is very valuable, and that is what i’ve always based his value with. He CAN be a solid 2nd, 3rd d-man if he does most of everything the right way. Which means no stupid penalties, and keep opponents away from the net, as well as getting the puck out of the zone. He needs to work on getting less penalties, especially this season, and clearing the puck.

    Dvorak is also injury prone, but had one major injury in his career. Arvedson usually gets injured through many games in every season.

    I do agree that the Sens should look for a LW, not a RW. In that case, maybe Barnaby instead of Dvorak?

    It is official and true that both Slats and Muckler have been talking, and probably still are. Maybe not Arvedson, but Rachunek….they can’t sign him, they will trade him to teams that make offers to them.

  12. MossRocks says:

    The two teams are not good trade partners because they have the same needs. Both teams need LW’s and defensemen. The Sens may have a need at centre but can’t afford Nedved and likely don’t want him.

  13. MantaRay says:

    OK, your wrong again.

    Arvedson is a slightly better career goal scorer than Dvorak. (.2382) vs (.2379).

    But the biggest difference is Arvedson is a better defensive player (+87) than Dvorak (+1) even though Dvorak has played several more years than Arvedson.

    Is Klouchek a Neil Smith pick???

  14. mikster says:

    If they could do better, you would have heard more rumors about other teams. Since i doubt any team would want to trade for Arvedson who will be a UFA and give away a d-man for Rachunek, this rumor could happen.

    If Dvorak didn’t get injured last season, he would have hit the 20 goal mark. I think Dvorak has more offensive capabalities than Arvedson, and is younger…, you can’t tell his future just yet. He might reach his prime where again he can score 25-30 goals.

    I agree that the Sens can get a better offer, but as far as i know…not many teams are interested in acquiring Arvedson. Kloucek’s potential is still worth a lot, and if he does turn out to be what i think he will be, or close to that, then it is great for the Sens…gives them a Kaspar-like defenseman.

    I wouldn’t be so flattered of giving up Rachunek, if i were a Sens fan….but i wouldn’t mind at all trading Arvedson for a 25 year old forward who netted 30 goals.

  15. mikster says:

    That’s the only thing that kills the trade rumor, the positions.

    As far as Nedved….i am liking his play a lot this season. He’s been better defensively than offensively. He is all over the ice and has been very smart on the PK. He gives a lot of effort, so…that’s good for now. But, no he is not going to the Sens. I doubt Slats would give the Sens Barnaby….his stock is going up, and the Sens would like to get Barnaby. I wouldn’t want to give him away at all though….he’s been playing Trottier’s game the right way like Samuelsson, and…he’s been successful.

  16. MossRocks says:

    “If they could do better, you would have heard more rumors about other teams.”

    This is a Larry Brooks rumour. What more needs to be said? Has he ever nailed a rumour? No. Are 99% of his rumours absolutely crazy? Yes. Is this another stupid Brooks rumour? Yes.

  17. MossRocks says:

    You didn’t answer my first question: Why won’t the Sens have Rachunek next year? He’s only 23. The only way they don’t have him is if they trade him and there is no pressure to trade.

  18. mikster says:

    Because they can’t resign Rachunek at this moment….nor i doubt they ever will…..

    And yeah, it’s a Brooks rumor. hehe good point there.

  19. mikster says:

    Please….tell me who would also score on a team that plays a trap and Bure scoring almost 50% of their goals. Career won’t mean much, Dvorak is younger, and i think has has yet to rech his prime where he could score close to 30 goals again.

    Yes, Kloucek is a Smith pick, weird huh? Except that Kloucek was picked in….an early round, and Rachunek was 8th round.

    Simple…..Smith picked Malhotra before Gagne. Smith picked Brendl before Havlat….

    The only good picks from Smith were York and Lundmark.

  20. big_booty says:

    Rachunek and Arvedsson for Kloucek and Dvorak won’t happen.

    Kloucek can’t break into the lineup in a notoriously weak defensive corps. Dvorak’s knees can’t seem to stay together. Rachunek, well, is just asking for too much money.

    To say that Arvedsson and Dvorak are the same player is simply foolish. Dvorak can’t backcheck to save his life, despite his vaunted speed. How fast can a skater be if his knees keep getting ripped up? Arvedsson excels at defensive play, a runner-up for the Selke in ’98.

    As for McLaren, well, whatever. They can have him. The Blueshirts seem to favor porcelain players (i.e. Lindros, Dvorak, Richter, etc.)

  21. RangerSteve says:

    Larry Brooks can’t tell his ass from a hole in the wall. I don’t know who’s worse…him or Bob McKenzie!

  22. nixter says:

    He Would be a GOOD FIT to the sagging NY defense. I’d Love to se him in NY. Give up the never gonna be good Lundmark and a first and steal Kyle away.

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