Las Vegas odds for winning 2002-2003 Stanley Cup

From ESPN, Terry Frei makes his bets.

Detroit Red Wings 7-2

Colorado Avalanche 9-2

St. Louis Blues 7-1

Philadelphia Flyers 7-1

San Jose Sharks 8-1

Boston Bruins 8-1

New Jersey Devils 10-1

Toronto Maple Leafs 12-1

Carolina Hurricanes 12-1

Ottawa Senators 12-1

Dallas Stars 12-1

New York Rangers 15-1

Los Angeles Kings 18-1

New York Islanders 18-1

Vancouver Canucks 22-1

Washington Capitals 25-1

Phoenix Coyotes 25-1

Edmonton Oilers 25-1

Chicago Blackhawks 28-1

Pittsburgh Penguins 30-1

Montreal Canadiens 35-1

Buffalo Sabres 40-1

Calgary Flames 60-1

Anaheim Mighty Ducks 80-1

Minnesota Wild 100-1

Nashville Predators 100-1

Florida Panthers 125-1

Tampa Bay Lightning 175-1

Columbus Blue Jackets 250-1

Atlanta Thrashers 250-1

Obviously it is early and anything can happen, but I am a little surprised at how hight the Red Wings are rated. Yzerman is a major questionmark and Cujo is not as good as Hasek.

With that being said, some of the favorites they list that I see as surprises are Boston at 8-1 after losing Guerin, Dafoe and now most likely McClaren, the NJ Devils at 10-1 with the loss of Holik, the Rangers at 15-1 mainly because of a lot of turnover and a rookie head coach. Some of the teams that are ranked lower that I think should have better odds are as much as it pains me to say is Toronto at 12-1, they didn’t lose any major players and I think Belfour will do a good job, Dallas at 12-1 made some great moves and should be a top team in the west, the Washington Capitals at 25-1 too much talent to miss playoffs again and finally the Montreal Canadiens at 35-1, if they can get Thedore back and with the addition of Czerkawski, they have a very good team. I’m very surprised they are lower ranked than Pittsburgh.

What does everyone think?

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  1. titans says:

    I’ll say it here first…

    Boston-San Jose Finals!

    San Jose wins the cup!!!

  2. djstoop_id says:

    Boston ? with Shields in goal and without Guerin ?

    hmm, i think not

  3. amok says:

    St. Louis at 7-1? I wouldn’t put them that high. If I had money to throw around I’d probably put it on the Avs.

    Atlanta gets no respect. They play in a weak division and the weaker conference, so there’s at least a hope in hell they’ll make the playoffs. They should be higher than Nashville and Tampa. No rebate promise is going to make me believe Nashville’s got a chance of making it to the playoffs.

  4. garry1221 says:

    oh boo hoo……. one player’s not as good as another…….. THAT DON’T MEAN SQUAT… it’s not a one player game, as a team the wings will always be on top or close to it, same with the avs, …. yes yzerman’s absence will affect us somewhat, but the wings will have to get used to it, especially if the pain don’t go away and he retires like he said a week ago :S, … i will agree though, the thrashers should have better odds…. i can see them possibly being this years cinderella team…. if not them maybe columbus

  5. Modano_Fan says:

    Detroit Red Wings 7-2 -I guess they have to be rated first,given that they’re the defending champions. Yzerman is out for awhile,but unless something unexpected happens he’ll be there for the playoffs,which is when the cup is decided. Cujo is a question mark,and he IS weaker than Hasek,but will he be weak enough to really make a differant with this team?

    Colorado Avalanche 9-2 -My theory with Colorado is that they domminate the weaker teams,but if they are put against a team as good or better than them,they’re screwed. With Detriot and possibly Dallas back at the top of the West,Colorado could be in for another let down this year.

    St. Louis Blues 7-1 Could they win? Sure can. Do they have the talent to do it? You know they do! Do they have the goaltending? Its a question. Will they win the cup? The hell they will! The Western Flyers will fail to live up to their talent again this year.

    Philadelphia Flyers 7-1 See St.Louis Blues

    San Jose Sharks 8-1 Now here’s a possible winner. This team gets better by the year,and could actually be a true contender this year. They remind me of the 1996-1998 Dallas Stars,where they always had a good team but would get knocked off by the eventual cup winner or an other strong West team. Like the Stars,The Sharks could be a big playoffs series win away from a cup.Don’t count them out.

    Boston Bruins 8-1- This doesnt make sense to me. They lose their goaltender and top scorer. Making the playoffs will be hard enough for this team to do. And lets not forget even with the team they had last year,they went home early in the playoffs. They must have made these odds based on last years performances.

    New Jersey Devils 10-1 -Not likely to win.

    Toronto Maple Leafs 12-1 -they over achieved last year,making up for injuries and lack of true talent with heart and toughness. Heart and toughness isnt something you can just turn on whenever you want,so i don’t see them doing as well this year. No Cujo to save them anymore.

    Carolina Hurricanes 12-1 -They’re not fading away anytime soon. Best players are getting better and are still young. Know what it takes to win now,and should only get better.

    Ottawa Senators 12-1 Have to make it past the next level. Have been having the same playoff success for a couple of years now,and its time to move to the next level. I don’t see them winning the cup,but if they can make it to the 3rd round they could put themselves in position to be huge in the East.

    Dallas Stars 12-1-On paper i’d pick them to win the cup. On the ice I’m really not sure. They look to have 2 awsome lines,plus Arnott floating around the 3rd. Goaltending could be a problem if Turco isnt ready yet,but Tugnutt has been under rated his whole career. Even being my fav team,i can’t pick them to win because they missed the playoffs,and i seen that free agents didnt win the Rangers anything. But i think they’re on the way back to the top of the West either this year or next.

    New York Rangers 15-1 see last season. Give them one or two more wins.Bobby Holik may fall short on proving the Rangers correct when they seen him as Christ himself and gave him about 7 million more than he has any right to make.

    Los Angeles Kings 18-1 -I’d rate them higher. They’re a team that could really go places if they could get a big playoff win. They have scoring and goaltending,and if they could avoid Colorado or Detriot,or knock one of them off,they could contend with anyone in the East for the cup. But getting past the West won’t be likely.

    New York Islanders 18-1 I like them,but i don’t feel comfortable. Peca is out,they traded Cwercasikai (I spelled it wrong,but you know who i mean) and their scoring consists of Yashin and…umm,well Yashin.Playoffs yes,cup? no

  6. titans says:

    Even without Geurin they still have one of the most potent offences in the league. Thorton, Samsonov, LaPointe, Rolston, Murray and so on and so fourth. They ain’t gonna have any problem scoring! As for Shields I think he’s just as good as Dafoe! With the east being so weak, the Bruins should be able to do it!

  7. pantherboy says:

    Florida Panthers 125-1???

    Oh man, you know that I would be the only person betting on them! lol. But could you think of the money I would win if they actually did win the cup!!! Crazy I tell ya.

    (I know Titans is going to have something to say about this!)

  8. edmontonrules says:

    I was just wondering why Montreal was so low. I would put them closer to the 12-1 to 20-1.

  9. big_booty says:

    I happen to think that these odds listed don’t mean a goddamned thing.

    Anyone who thinks otherwise deserves a full frontal lobotomy.

  10. mikster says:

    A healthy Thornton too. But, if Shields just doesn’t do as well as Dafoe, them they could have a problem.

  11. hey_duke says:

    The Avs always beat teams worse than them but are screwed when they play a team as good or better than them?? You obviously don’t seem to remember that they were underdogs against both St. Louis and New Jersey in the 2001 playoffs, and then this year San Jose was as good as the Avs (some would say better), and the Avs still beat them….. so to say that the avs can’t beat a team that’s as good as them or better than them just isn’t true.

  12. hey_duke says:

    The Avs always beat teams worse than them but are screwed when they play a team as good or better than them?? You obviously don’t seem to remember that they were underdogs against both St. Louis and New Jersey in the 2001 playoffs, and then this year San Jose was as good as the Avs (some would say better), and the Avs still beat them….. so to say that the avs can’t beat a team that’s as good as them or better than them just isn’t true.

  13. Forsberg21 says:

    Murray’s numbers will drop like a friggin atom bomb next year, and Thorton will only have Samsonov to pass to, but Shields will surprise people.

    And by the way, it’s gonna be Colorado and the Philly in the Finals.

  14. bruinsfan12 says:

    titans i like the way you think!!!

    i hope everybody stops saying that murray will suck next year, because i expect him to do really well again. maybe not another 40 goals, but definitely over 20. player slike samsonov and thornton will rack up way more points than last year to make up for the loss of guerin and so on, and im hoping lapointe will get off his ass and score some goals too.

    so titans i hope you are right! even if they lose to san jose, i would be ecstatic if they made the finals

  15. bruinsfan12 says:

    I agree with you about the Flyers. But see titans comments before, he is right that just cause they lost their top GOAL scorer (Guerin was like fourth in points on the team behind Thornton, Samsonov, and Murray) doesnt mean they are screwed, since they have one of the deepest offenses in the league. Yeah, Dafoe was awesome in the regular season, but he was one of the reasons they went home early in the playoffs. If Shields is almost as good as Dafoe was in the regular season, then I’d say 8-1 is a good bet…they are in the East!

  16. titans says:

    Your askin for it!! What am I supposed to do? Get help!! The Panthers suck!! They really do!! The Blue Jackets laugh at them!! I’m sorry! I know it hurts, but its true!

  17. titans says:

    Just callin em like I see em. Hey you from Boston? I’m goin to a Bruins game in Oct. wheres a good place to stay near the Fleet Center?

  18. ManillaKilla says:

    Murray will suck next year.

  19. Modano_Fan says:

    Actually the more you look at it,Boston might not be as screwed as they seem. They won’t win the cup,but they could still make the playoffs. Without Dafoe and Guerin a first place finish might be alittle much to ask for,but they have enough scoring to at least make the playoffs. Shields won’t take them far in the playoffs,but i could be proven wrong,he’s never had a chance really.

  20. habs_88_4life says:

    Montreal vs San Jose in Finals

  21. Modano_Fan says:

    The Avs are always considered a cup contender in the West and always thought of as a power house team. But what happened in 1999,2000 and 2002 in the Western Finals against teams just as strong as they were? They lost in 7. And not one of those game 7s were competitive games,especially this years blow out. What im saying about Colorado is that they’re great when they’re the best team and can just walk over who they want on the way to the finals,but when Dallas was strong and Detroit was stong and then became strong again,Colorado went out.

    They may have been underdogs to St.Louis to some people,but when you look at it they were not at all. St.Louis always fails,so it was no shock that Colorado beat them. I think St.Louis was made to look stronger than they were by sweeping Dallas that year. It looked as if St.Louis was a strong team because they took out the defending two time western champions,but it was actually Dallas that had fallen and St.Louis was just the team that did them in. Long story short, Colorado will never win the cup if there’s another power house in the West. So unless Detroit gets upset in this years playoffs,it will be more of the same for the AVs. You have Detroit,San Jose is becomming stronger,St,Louis could finally break through one of these years and Dallas looks to be back in the hunt. Colorado isnt the only game in the West and that hurts them.

  22. titans says:

    What on earth do you base that on?

  23. ProngerBlues44 says:

    ~Big Blues fan here, but 7-1?? That is not where I would put them. I bet for them every year, but I would put them at like 15-1 or so, not 3rd best.

    ~Jeff P.

    JFB DK57

  24. bruinfan37 says:

    its nice to see someone being realistic and not just saying their fave team is going to win

  25. dazplumy says:

    WHOOOOOO!!!!!! GO ATLANTA!!!!!!!! OH man what a joke!

  26. McCabe_24 says:

    I don’t think Montreal should be that low…I would put them at about 15-1. They will be a much better team this year.

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