Las Vegas odds for winning 2002-2003 Stanley Cup

From ESPN, Terry Frei makes his bets.

Detroit Red Wings 7-2

Colorado Avalanche 9-2

St. Louis Blues 7-1

Philadelphia Flyers 7-1

San Jose Sharks 8-1

Boston Bruins 8-1

New Jersey Devils 10-1

Toronto Maple Leafs 12-1

Carolina Hurricanes 12-1

Ottawa Senators 12-1

Dallas Stars 12-1

New York Rangers 15-1

Los Angeles Kings 18-1

New York Islanders 18-1

Vancouver Canucks 22-1

Washington Capitals 25-1

Phoenix Coyotes 25-1

Edmonton Oilers 25-1

Chicago Blackhawks 28-1

Pittsburgh Penguins 30-1

Montreal Canadiens 35-1

Buffalo Sabres 40-1

Calgary Flames 60-1

Anaheim Mighty Ducks 80-1

Minnesota Wild 100-1

Nashville Predators 100-1

Florida Panthers 125-1

Tampa Bay Lightning 175-1

Columbus Blue Jackets 250-1

Atlanta Thrashers 250-1

Obviously it is early and anything can happen, but I am a little surprised at how hight the Red Wings are rated. Yzerman is a major questionmark and Cujo is not as good as Hasek.

With that being said, some of the favorites they list that I see as surprises are Boston at 8-1 after losing Guerin, Dafoe and now most likely McClaren, the NJ Devils at 10-1 with the loss of Holik, the Rangers at 15-1 mainly because of a lot of turnover and a rookie head coach. Some of the teams that are ranked lower that I think should have better odds are as much as it pains me to say is Toronto at 12-1, they didn’t lose any major players and I think Belfour will do a good job, Dallas at 12-1 made some great moves and should be a top team in the west, the Washington Capitals at 25-1 too much talent to miss playoffs again and finally the Montreal Canadiens at 35-1, if they can get Thedore back and with the addition of Czerkawski, they have a very good team. I’m very surprised they are lower ranked than Pittsburgh.

What does everyone think?