Last chance for Oates?

At age 40, Adam Oates may be on the verge of capping off his great career with the greatest prize of all: Lord Stanley’s cup. Although that is not a given, he certainly has come to the realization that this may very well be his last chance. Most of the credit does come back to Giguere for the amazing playoff run, posting heroic numbers while making it look easy, but we can’t leave out Adam who’s leadership on and off the ice has certainly payed dividends for the team.

He leads his team in playoff scoring (4-6:10) and will definately be a force in this final when we see him play with youthfull legs for maybe the last time.

Having prepared Golden Brett’s nifty goals for years in St-Louis or rushing down the ice with Cam Neely in Boston or even Bondra in Washington, his long NHL journey comes down to this series, which will probably be his last.

To wish him the best would be to wish for his team to give him a career crowning Stanley cup a la Ray Bourque.

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  1. wayne2 says:

    I`m a sens fan but if i have to wish it to someone else,i chear for the ducks,specialy for Oates.

  2. Kashin says:

    The guy is a future Hall of Famer. When he signed his contract on July 1 I think he had no idea what will be next. This year was not his best. He had a rough start but when it settled in Kariya-Oates-Sykora was flowing perfectly. For him I think it is more special then it was with Washington. The whole world was behind Bourque and probably the whole world is with him. good luck oates.

  3. Goldenscud says:

    Although Oates was a bust for my Flyers, I do wish him well and would enjoy to see him retire with the Cup – it’s only right. Go Ducks

  4. silva21 says:

    i personally believe that Oates himself even made a comment when he signed with the ducks that he has given up on the stanely cup experience and has offered his last few years to ‘rebuild’ an organization and help out the young folks.

    little did he know that he’ll be spending his last seasons and games in the Stanley cup finals. As much as i love the devils, i have to respect a man that is 4th in all time assists (i think, i can be way off). He was undrafted and took the league by storm.

    Good Luck Oates, I wish the best of luck for the memories you’ve left us hockey fans

  5. bruinfan37 says:

    your right, but i think u misworded it. No player would “give up”. He said that if he was offered to be traded to a cup contender from Anaheim, he would refuse. He said he would rather play, help young players, and a rebuilding team, then barely play to win a Cup

  6. wingsrock34 says:

    if oats stoped bitchin to get traded from the wings way back when he could have 3 cups so too bad for him GO DEVILS

  7. wingsrock34 says:

    the whole world was only behind bourque cuz of all the media, the same year he won “the killer devil” said he was going to retire if he didnt win (he didnt but thats not the point) i only heard about that once but no one felt bad for him when he lost and last year with Dom it did not get as much media so less people where behind him (no im not just a pissed red wing fan) GO DEVILS

  8. JeffBurnz09 says:

    Nothing against Oates, but where is this rule that suddenly everyone deserves the cup? Seems like if your around long enough, everyone wants to see you win. Oh, lets win it for Ray! Oh, let’s win one for Hasek! Cujo makes his whole good bye to Toronto speach about how he’s been around so long and not won a cup. Its like players think they deserve a cup just for being in the league. Players don’t deserve a thing, they play for it and earn it. Nothing against Oates, I’m just sick of hearing this same kind of story every year.

    Oates is differant, because he didn’t go to Anaheim to win the cup. Most players just get traded or sign with teams that are winning the cup with or without them, and they tag along. Oates at least didn’t do that, but I still don’t see why every year the finals become this whole “lets win it for so n so” storyline.

  9. Kashin says:

    It has to be part of it. It isnt like you can root for the Ducks after the 4-0 sweep.

  10. matteo says:

    Oates is just one of many reasons that I think the Ducks should in the cup. I hate saying that a certain team or person DESERVES to win the cup, because I feel that you NEVER deserve anything….you earn it. In light of that statement, I have to say that I am pulling for the Ducks to raise the cup. They have certainly earned the right to play for it.

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