Last Minute deals!

To Dallas: Mattias Norstrom, Konstantin Pushkarev, 3rd + 4th Rounders
To Los Angeles: Jaroslav Modry, Johan Fransson, 1st + 2nd + 3rd picks

To Calgary: David Hale, 5th Rounder
To New Jersey: 3rd Pick

To Tampa Bay: Karl Stewart, 6th Pick
To Chicago: Nikita Alexeev

To Tampa Bay: Jason Ward
To Los Angeles: 5th Pick

To Buffalo: Mikko Lehtonen
To Nashville: 4th pick

To Los Angeles: Jamie Heward
To Washington: Conditional Pick

To Pittsburgh: Joel Kwaitkowski
To Florida: 4th pick

To Pittsburgh: Nolan Schaefer
To San Jose: 7th pick

9 Responses to Last Minute deals!

  1. WeedIan says:

    I guess SJ is going to keep both goalies because Nolan Schaefer played well when he was called up.

    I'm surprised they only got a 7th round pick.

  2. prohockeyanalyzer says:

    Most of thse are quite minor, but I simply cant understand the Sharks trading G Nolan Schaefer for a last round pick. Why give away a goalie who still has the potential to be a starting goaltender..ESPECIALLY when you have to think Nabokov will be traded or lost within a year. Penguins added toughness in Laraque, grit and scoring in Roberts and now a decent goaltending prospect in Schaefer all of the low low price of nothing. Deadline winners without a doubt.

  3. Pucked says:

    As a Sharks fan, I would agree. Especially since Toskala is still injured. But they have some other good prospects like Patzold in the system. I thought Shaefer was a shoe-in for the next step up. Perhaps he will get that with Pittsburgh.

  4. papichulo71 says:

    I'm going to call it right now.  The Mattias Norstrom pick up is the biggest acquisition of the deadline.  Not Forsberg, Tkachuk, Guerin, or even Smyth.  I solid defenceman like Norstrom is the key ingredient to a Stanley Cup push.  He can fit into any system and shut down the West's firepower.  If Turco can gain the confidence of a first series win expect the Stars to march to the Western finals.  Dallas has dropped a lot of assets in their first two picks for the next two drafts to get to this stage and I have a gut feeling the West's darkhorse will take everyone by surprise.

  5. PSU_Penguin says:

    Maybe the Sharks just like giving up good goalie prospects to Pittsburgh for bags of pucks, i.e. the Hedberg trade

  6. BlueNBurgundy1933 says:

    think GM's have a tough job, wanna give it a shot. build a team from scratch:

  7. 92-93 says:

    i cannot believe that Schaefer only cost a 7th round pick. unbelievable.

    very under-the-radar/deadline trade with Norstrom going to Dallas.

  8. AHLoldie says:

    Shaefer has already been sent to Wilkes Barre in the AHL.

  9. kamullia says:

    If by deadline winners, you mean of these last minute deals, perhaps (although I would give my vote to the Islanders getting Smyth).  But if you mean in general?  Absolutely not.

    Specifically because of the Roberts trade.  That Welch kid can and will play in the NHL, he has all the attributes and more than most, and all he needs is seasoning.  With his entire career ahead of him, trading Welch for a rent-a-player and still having big deficiencies on defense, means this is not worth it, because they will be lucky to reach the Eastern Conference finals.  Forget about a cup.  So much for Shero not sacrificing part of the future for a rent-a-player.

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