Late Night Rumors – June 26, 2010

Could the Flames swing a deal for Spezza?

Flyers Complete Verbal Deal for Nabokov

Leafs get Kaberle offers

Eric Duhatschek

Cgy could package Robyn Regehr and maybe Daymond Langkow (1 year remaining on his contract) in exchange for Spezza. See what happens.

Flyers Complete Verbal Deal for Nabokov

The Flyers came to this NHL draft looking for a goalie via the trade route.

Their camp took the red eye from Los Angeles back to Philadelphia on Saturday night after the draft without a No. 1 goaltender, but they made slight progress.

According to league sources, the Flyers have a verbal agreement in place with the San Jose Sharks to fork over a seventh-round pick next season if they can sign San Jose’s Evgeni Nabokov before July 1, when he becomes an unrestricted free agent.

Don Meehan, the agent who represents Nabokov, told earlier that his client’s no-trade clause is not an issue. San Jose obviously has given the Flyers permission to get a deal done and Meehan is willing to engage the Flyers ahead of July 1.

Late Saturday Meehan said it might not be “feasible” to get a deal done before July 1.

Sharks general manager Doug Wilson, who would not confirm anything, said there were some things surrounding these negotiations that could take days to complete.

Wilson referred questions to Flyers’ GM Paul Holmgren, who declined comment on any specifics.

Wilson on Friday spoke of “nuances” on Friday that could be troublesome. One could be this: Nabokov has played his entire career on the West Coast and may not want to play on the East Coast.

He played 71 games with brutal Western Conference travel last season. Travel among Eastern Conference teams is far less tiresome, which may appeal to him at his tender age of 35.

“Evgeni Nabokov is a good goalie,” Holmgren said.

Asked if he were optimistic something will happen with San Jose, Holmgren paused and replied, “I don’t know.”

He added that Nabokov probably likes the option of waiting until July 1 to go into the UFA market.

Leafs get Kaberle offers

Brian Burke was quite busy at the NHL draft on Friday, even though the Toronto Maple Leafs’ GM doesn’t have a pick until the third round.

He talked with several general managers about the possibility of moving up in the draft and also listened to four offers for defenceman Tomas Kaberle. In the end, Burke decided to stand pat.

“It’s like fishing,” Burke said. “There are times when you’ve got to be patient. Sometimes you’ve got to just keep covering water and waiting. So that’s what we’re going to do.”

Kaberle’s no-trade clause is not in effect for a period over the summer. The veteran blue-liner is attractive trade bait since he has been a steady producer at a reasonable salary.

“Obviously we got offers on Tomas that didn’t meet our standard,” Burke said. “We tried to get into the card game here in the first round, we tried a couple things to get a first-rounder that did not involve Tomas but weren’t successful. That’s the way it goes sometimes.”

Last summer, the Leafs dealt their first- and second-round picks in this year’s draft and a first-rounder in 2011 to Boston in the Phil Kessel trade. The Bruins used the Leafs’ pick to take Tyler Seguin with the second overall selection.

Barring a deal, the Leafs will make their first pick Saturday at No. 62. And Burke said he’s still got a couple irons in the fire.

“I don’t like watching my scouts sit there,” Burke said. “So if we can pick up a second-rounder somehow at a cost that’s sensible and prudent then we’re going to do it, and if we can’t then we’ll wait.”

11 Responses to Late Night Rumors – June 26, 2010

  1. LeafsLegacy says:

    I wonder what the Leafs gave up for that second rounder

  2. Mapleleaves says:

    Jim Hayes

  3. number15 says:

        Jimmy Hayes is a very good prospect….. 6'5 with good offence and a physical flare. Leafs got another player in the same mold, only much short ,6'0, and alittle more offence and MUCH more physical

    i was disappointed after losing Hayes. The guy is nearly NHL ready, and we trade him for a guy in the same mold, only years away….. i hope this goes right. would hate to see Hayes become a top 6 guy in Chicago, soon


    Leafs pick was the first guy in WHL history to score 25 goals and compile 200 penalties in the SAME YEARS!

     no wonder Brian Burke went nuts after him

  4. leafmeister says:

    I see Ross as the type of guy who is going to be an extreme fan favorite in Toronto, and a guy who will help build rivalries by being a antagonistic agitator. If he has enough offense to keep up with the top two lines, while not losing his edge, he could be a perfect 3rd piece to a top line.

    I cant wait to see boos rain down on this guy in Montreal and Ottawa.

  5. blaze says:

    Grabovski = 2nd 2011(MIN)
    Kulemin, 2nd(MIN) = Savard, Ryder
    Kaberle, Stalberg = Carter

    Savard-Carter-Bozak-Hanson down the middle. Sweet.

  6. leafmeister says:

    I dont see any deal involving Kulemin because if an unsigned Kulemin is traded to Boston, for a star like Savard, he would have Chirelli by the balls in contract negotiation. If Chia traded an asset like Savard for Kulemin, than Kulemin would just hold out for 3 mil.

  7. palindrom says:

    It sound like

    ''we have the worst penalty killing in the league, so lets add a lot of tough people who get lot of penalties''

    What a winning formula!

  8. leafmeister says:

    The Leafs penalty kill was awful last year, but you have to appreciate why. Vesa Toskala. As was the case for the entire team, the penalty kill was average, but was brought down by a piece of shit goalie. They would have been a more middle of the pack team in both PK and overall if they got even decent goaltending. He was so bad it cannot even be put into words. If Chirelli has to all anyone to thank for Seguin, Toskala should be first on his list.

  9. LeafsneedSteen says:

    I see it more as Kulemin haven't us in a tight spot with our lack of quality top six players.  A trade should humble him demands.

  10. LeafsneedSteen says:


    I see it more as Kulemin having….

  11. DannyLeafs says:

    Personally I see Ross in the Jamie Benn/James Neal type of mold. Solid producer that hits everything that moves. It may not take him all that long to crack the line up, not this year, but he will could likely see some time as a call up next season. I liked Hayes as well, but I really see him as a solid third liner, and Chicago probably valued him highly because he is nearly NHL ready, as he would be a good call up guy for a team trying to save cap space.

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