Latendresse taking things for granted??

Unlike the previous season, when Guillaume Latendresse arrived in training camp this past September he was already assured a spot on the roster. Has that slowed the younger power forward down though?

During an interview with rds during camp Latendresse said he was more laid back, not as stressed, and not as worried as his previous training camp. However 2 games into the season Gui is a -2 and is not playing with the urgency and physical presence which originally got him on the squad.

While I realize it is only 2 games into the season, I didn’t like Gui’s attitude in camp. Just as Lapierre was made an example of, Latendresse should be made one as well.

Every player on the roster (including Kovalev and Brisebois) has been playing with hunger so far, showing that every player must earn their spot. While Brisebois didn’t have a solid outing vs Toronto, the effort is there as he tries to up his performances every game. Meenwhile Guillaume is playing with a lack of intensity, which is vital from every player if the habs hope to have any shot at the post season this year.

 A soft Guillaume is not good for the habs and if he doesn’t improve his performances you can bet there’s two hungry youngsters waiting for their chance in Lapierre and Chipchura.

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  1. Rico71 says:

    I agree with you completly.

    Guillaume is not the player he normally is. He does NOTHING physically and simply doesn't try.

    Last game, he crashes the net. Stupid. Does not try to avoid the goalie at all and gets a penalty. Again…stupid.

    He thinks his roster spot is assured? Bull. Give him 1 or 2 games and tell him to wake up. If not, bench him and put in Chipchura…or call back Lapierre. Maxim got 2 goals (game tying & game winner + a pass) in Hamilton tonight. He is showing a will to come back to Montreal.

    If Guillaume thinks he is an untouchable…well…show him and bench him.

    I like the guy but he needs to show up and play his physical style.

  2. habsoverserver says:

    why was plekanec demoted to the third line? i thought he did a good job last season, given the turmoil on his line.  how did he lose his job to a rookie? 

  3. Chelios24 says:

    Kovalev didn't like playing with him.

  4. Rico71 says:

    Carbonneau wants 3 lines that can score.


    Latendresse played well with Plekanec last year, so they put them together. The problem on the line is Kostopoulos. What does he bring exactly to this line? Grit? Hitting? I didn't see any yet. Poor Pleks.

    Baby Kovalev is happy playing with Grabs and Kos.

    The fourth line of Bégin-Smolinski-Dandeneault is a pleasant surprise. Good puck pressure.

  5. habsoverserver says:

    Kos and Plecs play well together.  Plecs scored more goals than Kovalev last season.  

    I bet Smolinski is super psyched to be playing fourth line on a team that couldn't make the playoffs.  He should be third line center and Plecs should be second line and Grabovski should be moved to fourth line wing. 

    Plecanec is just lucky Montreal didn't sign Briere otherwise he would be stuck on the fourth line.  I just don't understand. 

  6. habsoverserver says:

    Was Kovalev playing last season?  I never actually noticed him on the ice. Why would Carbo listen to him anyway after he badmouthed the team so many times? 

  7. darcysucker says:

    it's funny you mention that, cause I was thinking they're probably gonna play chipchura soon, and who would they bench?  The 4th line looks real good, dandenault is awesome as a forward, much better than on D.  Kostopolous is playing well, he's a good penalty killer and has grit, and grabovsky, well I'd give him some more time with kostitsyn and kovalev, the only guy who I've been dissapointed with is Latendresse, he could use a wake up call, and I'd love to see the french media cry when that happens, it's gonna be hilarious on 110%.

  8. Rico71 says:

    That's how it is in Montreal. They have to make up for past mistakes.

     Kovalev has proven over time to be an inconsistant, talented, moody, lazy player. Gainey goes out and signs him to a big 4 year deal worth 4.5M a year. He complained all of last year that he did not have good players on his line. Plekanec was BY FAR the most consistant forward for Montreal last year…yet Mr. Kovalev does not want to play with him. So this year, Kost and Grabs are playing with him…because he is happy.

    Plekanec gets demoted to the third line and Carbonneau has no choice. You have to make Gainey look good by playing the players Kovalev wants to play with. If that makes him happy, he will produce and maybe even make an effort in more than 1 game every 3-4 games.

    Though I agree that the Habs have to try and spread the scoring among 3 lines…it really sucks to see Pleks ahve to play with Latendresse (who is totally useless right now) and Kostopoulos (4th liner). They planned to have Smoly play RW on the 3rd line, but Carbonneau decided to play him C on the 4th. Not a bad choice, since Bégin-Smoly-Dandy have brought grit and puck control to the Habs.

    Grabs is a speedy guy…but he is soooo easily bumped off the puck. He's not really visible in the 2 games played. If he can't produce, watch him go back to Hamilton and Smoly will center the 2nd line between Kovy and Kost.

    Chipchura would then center the 4th line.

    If Latendresse does not show up to play against the Pens…I'd bench him in favor of Chippy.

  9. glennbauer says:

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  10. habsoverserver says:

    Plekanec isn't stupid. He will go play in Russia.  Was he ever on a line with Higgins and Kostitsyn?  I recall a game against the Islanders where they seemed to have fantastic chemistry. 

  11. RealisticNick says:

    I'm pretty sure Grabovski will be sent down to Hamilton before being moved to the 4th line in Montreal.  His skill is scoring not checking, it would be really quite pointless to have him on the only real checking line of the team.  It really doesn't matter who is on the second or third line right now as it seems they are both getting about the same amount of ice time.  And if Kovalev and Plecs play better without each other then there is no real problem.  Grabovski is also possibly the fastest person on the team, why is it a big deal that he plays with two other offensively talented players where he can be of most use.  Plecs is a two way center, its better to have him checking someone and helping out Gui who is not as great in his own end.

  12. habsoverserver says:

    I have seen Plecs play well without Kovalev.  I have not seen Kovalev play well for about a year. 

    The problem is that Plekanec can score 25-30 goals with decent linemates.  He scored 20 last year.  I don't see how Grabovski can score 20 goals. 
    You are right, Plekanec plays good two way hockey and if the team was stacked at center, he should play third line.  But given the centers Montreal has in the system, Plekanec is the only long term choice for the second line. 

  13. ferron says:

       I think that most of us CAN'T and NEVER will understand why Plekanec who's one of our top player is playin on the 3rd line? Listen I'm not the habs coach and will never be but I think that the biggest problem in MTL is Carboneau, I totaly agree with you ,why in hell is Grabovski who CAN"T win a faceoff if his life depended on it is playing on the second line? Your absolutly right Plek should be on the second line , Smolinski on the third and beside his speed "Grabovski" Can't do nothing else, he is a one dimentional player and IMO will never be better than a guys like Ribiero, Bullis or Zednik! As for Latendresse I think we should trade him now since he still has a little bit of value, cause lets face it Latender will never become what everyone is expecting of him, the guy cant skate, he doesn't uses his size and look very lazy and unmotivated at times, Players that age should not have to be constently  reminded to put effort night in night out. Also I though Begin looked terrible in his first two game and I think it's time to give Begin's spot to someone with the same heart but with some talent(Chipchura) and Latendresse's spot to someone who is ready to do anything to help his team even if not as talented(Lapierre), Brisebois sucks against the leaf and should not be playing on the second pairing defensemen but more as a 6th or 7th dman, Streit has proven for a while that he can be a top 4 dman on most of NHL teams.

  14. Milohabs says:

    I think you're looking at it the wrong way. they really want to try and have 3 scoring lines this year, and 1 checking line. Carbo is hoping that Pleks & Latendresse on a 3rd line can add more depth and scoring to the roster. Problem is that while Kostopoulous works like a horse out there, he's not a finnisher and Gui has looked simply awful from pre-season until the Toronto game. he just hasn't shown up. If him and pleks get rolling, the habs could have a very well balanced attack. Don't look at it as a demotion.

  15. habsoverserver says:

    The habs barely have one scoring line, forget about three.  I'm not sure how reducing Plec's ice time and giving him poor linemates is going to help him blossom from a 20 goal scorer to a 30 goal scorer.  And there is no way that Grabovski on the second line contributes even 10 goals this season.  All I see here is a way for Montreal to score fewer goals, unless Kovalev takes off.  Kostitsyn has great chemistry with Plekanec. 

  16. Rico71 says:


    I doubt Grabs will last more then 10 games in Montreal. The guy can't win a faceoff. He was 3 for 15 !!! in Toronto. You can't have him take an offensive or defensive faceoff. Might as well put Kovalev in the faceoff circle. He will be sent back to Hamilton soon and either Pleks or Smoly will get 2nd line duties between Kovy and Kost. Personally, I would try Smoly there. He's got experience and actually is pretty good defensively. That would help the 2 russian.

    It is too bad that Pleks gets 3rd line duties…but that's how it goes in Montreal. Kovy seems to not like playing with him, so he gets demoted. If only Latendresse wakes up from his self-induced coma, it will help. Kostopoulos is simply not on the right line. He's at best, a grinder and small-time hitter. Put him on a 4th line with Chipchura and Bégin. Lapierre should be called up if Grabs goes down. I would much prefer seeing Lapierre with Latendresse and Plekanec.

    Lines would be:


    Though Dandy has done a really good job on the 4th.


  17. prairiehab says:

    What exactly is wrong with trying to balancing 3 scoring lines and a checking line? If a team can run all 4 lines effectively throughout the season the players are not going to be as worn out when they get to the end of the season.
    And if you take a look at this: Balanced ice time is exactly what is happening.

    Pleks is not losing any ice time to Kovalev's line. Think of it as lines 1 and 2a-2b.

    Besides when Kovy is happy, he plays well, also if he is happy he may want to give some of his knowledge to the players he does like(Kost and Gabs),
    Even though Kovy has a bad or Lazy attitude whenever he is Bored and unhappy, No one can say the guy doesn't have loads of talent.
    So if Carbs can instill the attitude of Hard work and effort into the 2 young guys, and then add Kovy's Skill and knowledge of the game into the 2 young guys aswell. Then you have 2 young Kovy's without the attitude and laziness.

    But if you don't beleive that could happen. Then move Pleks to the 2nd line, Now he has chemistry with Kost, and scores 30 goals (yay). Kovalev is unhappy and becomes a cancer in the locker room again. (boo).
    Grabs goes to the 3rd line and tries to play with Lats and Kost. (that line ends up being -9000, because Lats never learns how to put in the effort that Pleks could teach him and Grabs never wins a faceoff because he is on a 3rd line(no longer 2b because you can't give this line as many mins as you could with pleks on it) So now it is a typical 3rd line, trying to check the other teams 1st or 2nd line and getting killed.

    So instead of having 3 lines that can all go at a good pace.
    You have 1 and 2/3rd's of a line and 10 more goals scored by Pleks, a Kovy Cancer in the locker room, a demorilized Grabs and Lats becuase they got schooled everytime they went on the ice and now have absoutly no confidence.

    The fact of the matter is you can't trade Kovy right now, so do the best you can and make him happy, if he stays interested and happy maybe you get some points out of him.
    Pleks is good and aslong as he doesn't have signifcantly less mins then the other 2 lines he will still develop, maybe giving him another winger with some offensive skill could help. Smoke can play wing he has done it before. Maybe move Begin to center drop Kosto down to 4th line, and move Smoke up to wing with Pleks, the effort put out by both Pleks and Smoke has got to wear off on Lats or else bench him.
    Grabs will get better in the faceoff circle just give him time to adjust to the NHL, gawd.
     The last thing to mention, when you have 3 lines with the potential to score it means less pressure and more room for Koivu's line.
    We can only work with what we have, give it time.

  18. habsoverserver says:

    gazette is saying pleks back to second line grabovski sits, chipchura plays on fourth line, smolinski centers the third line and price starts. 

  19. prairiehab says:

    Price to start his first game in the home opener against Crosby and the kids….
    talk about getting thrown into the fire.

  20. prairiehab says:

    Oops, I guess it is not the home opener.

  21. XOXOHTH says:

    These kinds of things happen when you play a scoring forward in a defensive role. Latendresse is a scorer and a (hopefully, someday) power forward. You just don't play those types of players on 3rd and 4th lines. Gui played well in the top line role last year and until he gets that opportunity again I don't expect much better from him.

  22. rob121 says:

    Latendresse looks confused. Is he a scorer/power forward expected to improve on last years numbers or a checking line forward expected to pay attention to defense first? Is this coaching staff trying to turn Latendresse into an all around player or are they just biding their time before some player movement opens a space for him to become a more integral part of Montreal's offense? Time will tell but between that and the "Sophmore" jinx, be patient.

  23. habsrock99 says:

    ok, before someone actually says it because it has been implied. Latendresse is here to stay. Their is no demotion to Hamilton in his sights. If, for some f***ed up reason, Montreal wishes to send Latendresse down, he'll have to clear waivers, something he WILL NOT DO, and he'll turn around and bite Montreal in the ass much like Desjardins and LeClair did when they were traded for Recchi. I have a feeling Latendresse's eyes will open up during the Pens game.

  24. prairiehab says:

    He is not in a checking line role though, just because he is the “3rd” Line doesn’t mean he is checking, if you take a look at the ice time all 4 lines are getting equal playing time, Koivu’s a little bit more but not much. The Plan so far has been to give Koivu’s Plekanec’s and Kovalev’s Lines equal playing time, and the 4th line happen’s to get close to equal time due to checking resposibilities.
    People think Lats should be on the 1st line and Pleks on the 2nd, now if they are together on the 3rd with equal playing time as the 2nd line, does that not make them a legit 3rd Scoring line? the only problem is that Kostolopulos doesn’t have much if any Offensive potential.
    It has only been 2 games some time will tell.

  25. XOXOHTH says:

    I didn't say checking line, and he most certainly isn't getting the same playing time as Plekanec and rightly so.

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