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Ok, ok, ok … so the Forsberg talk is getting to be a little much at HTR these days but the reality is that it is our job to post the latest news and info so here we go……

The latest speculation is that the Dallas Stars are showing a tremendous amount of interest in Forsberg. The speculation is that Stars G.M. and Brett Hull (Stars Front office person) met with Forsberg this past weekend in Sweden in an effort to convince him to go to the Stars .. if he is healthy and ready to play of course.

Personally HTR believes that Dallas is an unlikely fit for Forsberg. We just can’t see why he would go to Dallas when he cold go to Ottawa (an awesome team) and play with his buddy Alfredsson, go to Detroit and play with Lidstrom (another awesome team) or go to Vancouver and play with a whole raft of Swedish players including his good buddy Naslund.

Read the article along with the speculation here

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  1. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    There should be a article based on the teams who aren't looking into getting into the forsberg sweepstakes, since there are probably a lot less teams, not going for him, then going for him.

  2. leafy says:

    They may as well go after Dick Cheney, since the two are about equally as healthy.  One plays like a horse, the other is as big as one.  But both are just as likely to end up in the OR at least once before the end of the regular season.  Although knee surgery is not quite as invasive as an angioplasty, they're equally likely to keep you confined to an easy chair.

    In short, unless Forsberg comes ultra cheap, you're pretty much signing a wealthy leper.

  3. dcz28 says:

    Not to be nit picking (although that is what i'm doing) but it's Lidstrom not Lindstrom.

  4. senators101 says:

    The sens are waiting for your signature.  Hurry up and sign!

  5. Rico71 says:

    Forsberg would never sign in Dallas. Coach Tippett and his coma-inducing tactics on the ice would never fit a guy like Peter.

    He would probably injure himself taking a piss in hopes of not having to play that style of hockey.

    As anyone seen this team play? Zzzzzzz….

    Poor Modano…to end his career on a sad note like that. They have some decent offensive players in Modano, Morrow, Ribiero, Lehtinen & Zubov.

    that's what happens when a team is coached by exNHLers would played a defensive game. Look at teams like Montreal, Dallas, Minnesota and even Edmonton.

    Who wants to see the Wild shut out 3 teams in 5 games? 1-0, 2-0 and wow! A fluke 5-0 game.


  6. UsedandAbused says:

    He is going to Philly people! Trust me!

  7. chanman says:

    Sabres could use some talent up the middle…

    Hey, Talllinder is a Swede. Seems to me enough grounds for a rumor.

  8. TheStryker says:

    You mean he's not signing with The Toronto Maple Leafs. It seems that the only required criteria is that the team has a Swedish player. Sundin is a Swede. Doesn't it only make sense that he would sign in the be all and end all of everything hockey ???

    Then place a call to Gary Leeman, Sergei Berezin to add more scoring deapth

    Give a call to Drake Berehowsky and Todd Gill to shore up the D

    Why not sign Allan Bester to a contract while you're at it

  9. neilios says:

    Forsberg will sign with his buddy Nassy in Vancouver I think if they can sign him to a big contract cause the Nucks have 4 million in  cap left or sign him to a small 1 million with shit loads of bonus's which I think he will do.I think Forsberg is the last piece of the puzzle for the Canucks for there Cup run,and if they lose out on Forsberg I guess Hossa from the Thrashers wouldnt be a bad fit in Vancouver either.

  10. leafy says:

    Don't laugh, I think Todd Gill would look pretty good on the Leaf blue line right now, considering how their D is playing.

    And Gary Leeman, aka the biggest bum in NHL history to ever score 50 goals, might be able to chip in a few more goals than Kilger and Battaglia.

  11. Radio says:

    Gary is too busy defending his murdering friend for pulling a Dany Heatley.

    There's no slack when you're retired. Gotta have those D and D's when you're still a sports icon.

  12. Radio says:

    Err, wouldn't include Edmonton in that list. The Oilers and the Lightning are like the only teams that do not consistently employ the trap.

  13. flyav says:

    Its not about scoring lots of goals its about winning games.
    If I was a Wild fan I would be very excited about what I have seen so far this season.
    I actually enjoy watching good physical defensive hockey as long as it is played with a lot of intensity.
    But I am sure that you, betman and all the nascar fans would love it if they made the nets the size of soccer goals and got rid of icing and offsides.

  14. rx79msg says:

    Can all you canadian dopes who think everyone wants to only play for your awesome teams realize he dosen't want to play with any of your teams. I will spell it out for you where he is going…. P-H-I-L-L-Y.

  15. rx79msg says:

    Its IR not OR!!!!!

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