Latest Hockey Rumors and News for July 17th

Jiri Hudler’s future remains murky

Peter Chiarelli quiet on Phil Kessel rumors

NHL has plenty of questions for Balsillie

Jiri Hudler’s future remains murky

Ted Kulfan / The Detroit News

Jiri Hudler’s immediate future with the Red Wings could depend on his salary arbitration hearing.

Alexander Medvedev, president of the Kontinental Hockey League, told The New York Times on Thursday his league will abide by an NHL arbitrator’s decision regarding Hudler’s status with the Wings.

Hudler signed a two-year deal last week with the KHL’s Moscow Dynamo worth $10 million.

The Wings and Hudler, a restricted free agent, are scheduled to go to arbitration July 31. Should the arbitrator rule in favor of the Wings, Medvedev’s comment indicates the KHL wouldn’t register Hudler’s contract and Hudler would remain Wings property.

If the arbitrator rules for Hudler, the Wings could walk away from Hudler’s award — he’s believed to be asking close to $4 million — thereby freeing Hudler to go Russia.

The Wings are believed to be offering $3 million in arbitration.

General manager Ken Holland said Thursday he still is with Hudler’s representatives in hopes of working out an agreement without going to arbitration.

Holland offered Hudler a long-term contract averaging $3 million per season before Hudler signed with Dynamo. The two sides could conceivably still agree on a new long-term deal.

Holland was in Vancouver on Thursday for Canadian Olympic meetings. He said he heard about the New York Times story but had little comment on it.

Peter Chiarelli quiet on Phil Kessel rumors

Dan Duggan / Bruins Notebook

Mum was the word on Phil Kessel trade rumors at yesterday’s press conference to announce the Bruins Flyers Winter Classic game at Fenway Park on New Year’s Day.

“I don’t comment on rumors,” B’s general manager Peter Chiarelli said.

The right winger’s name has been floated in potential trades for a second straight offseason. The most notable this year was a draft night deal with Toronto that would have sent defenseman Tomas Kaberle to the Bruins.

The 21-year-old Kessel became a restricted free agent July 1. He has stayed in Boston this summer after undergoing shoulder surgery following the B’s Game 7 second-round playoff loss to Carolina.

Center David Krejci, who is rehabbing from May hip surgery, has spent almost every day with Kessel this offseason and hopes the sides can reach a contract agreement.

NHL has plenty of questions for Balsillie


An NHL expansion team in Hamilton could be worth between $225 million and $265 million, according to do*****ents filed yesterday in the bankruptcy case of the Phoenix Coyotes.

The dollar figure is cited in a “Coyotes Confidential Information Memorandum” but came to light through a publicly available NHL letter as the league is demanding to know every detail of Canadian billionaire Jim Balsillie’s business plan if the Coyotes are allowed to move to Hamilton.

The value of a franchise in Hamilton is important because it would form the basis of how much Balsillie would have to pay – on top of his $212.5 million (all figures U.S.) offer for the team – in indemnity and relocation fees to the league and the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The NHL letter to Balsillie’s company outlines 23 specific pieces of information the league says it needs before it can approve Balsillie as an owner including “all data, information and/or sources used in calculating the estimated value of an NHL expansion fee ($225 million – $265 million).”

The NHL has never put a price tag on an expansion fee for Hamilton.

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