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There is a rumor floating that it is Brendan Witt and a 2nd rounder coming for Kronwall and Antropov can anybody add to this or anyone know about anything else to help our blueline I like this deal but think that the blue and white need more than just witt

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  1. goose says:

    i think this is agreat trade but the leafs after should trade a draft pick for another defenceman or somebody to help out.

  2. burnz30 says:

    Where did you hear this??? If it’s true, it sounds pretty good. Just getting rid of Antropov is am improvemnet!! One less guy to take stupid penatlies!! Kronwall is good, but Colaiacovo, Harrison and Wozniewski are better, and show more promise. If they have to, Kronwall would probably be the one they would give up. They need to make trades, but they also need to not mortgage the future. I think that Kronwall is probably the most attractive player that the Leafs would be willing to part with given the players that are ahead of him. The Leafs can’t afford to move guys like Wellwood, Steen, Stajan, Harrison, or Colaiacovo.

  3. The-President says:

    Forget Witt, we do not need his slow ass, and despite all of Antropovs critics, he is a good part of the team right now. I know he has his flaws, but besides that he plays good, just forget how high we drafted him, and you will see a pretty good player not worth what we drafted him at but still good. He has great chemistry with Ponikarovsky too.

    Kronwall will never be good enough for the Leafs at best he will be a #6man

    This should be their line up

    First of all trade Allison, Wellwood and a 1st for Gaborik

    Then trade Belfour, Pogge, Klee, Kronwall for Giguere and Salei

    Then trade Khavonov, Wozienewski, Domi, Czerkawski for Jackman and Malone

    Then trade Stajan and Coliacovo to NJ for Langenbrunner and Martin

    Waive Belak and Berg

    Heres the lineup










    This team would be a contender no doubt about it

  4. The-President says:

    Wozienewski is not better then Kronwall.

    Wozienewski wasnt even drafted, and hes 26 years old, the guy isnt even a #Dman, but he is better then Belak, I’ll give you that

  5. The-President says:

    goose, you know nothing, I have read your past articles, and posts, and all I have to say is Give up, you can’t write, all of your ideas are bogus, but aside from that GO LEAFS GO!

  6. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Why trade Kronwall??? Give ’em Ian White, he’s never gonna do anything here, and he’s pretty good.

  7. Aetherial says:

    Would rather not give up Kronvall for Witt.

    Antropov has actually played pretty well lately. Obviously they should trade him if they get decent return… but he is not as bad as everyoen makes him out to be. He shows some pretty good creativity in the Offensive zone and playes with some grit also.

    Witt is just not all that great frankly. He is benefitting from being in a league starved for decent D-men.

    A really *good* defense would have him in the 5-6 spot. Sadly, the Leafs would have him 3-4… which is the problem with the leafs in a nutshell.

    They are not alone in the league in this regard. A lot of teams have a lot of holes.

  8. The-President says:

    Kronwall is overrated just as Witt is…

    Witt would be a waste

  9. leaf_luver says:

    Leafs Trade Looming

    Aki Berg is back skating in full equipment. However, it is doubtful he will return to the lineup (he could return for showcasing purposes), as John Ferguson Jr. has him in a proposed trade where a 2nd round draft choice would be coming in return. I have heard a number of teams have interest.

    Nik Antropov would be packaged, possibly with Staffan Kronwall, to Washington for Brendan Witt, only if Ferguson can sign Witt to an extention.


  10. bingob0813 says:

    I am a big Maple Leaf fan too, but all the trades you mentioned are unbelievable. I would love to be on whatever you were when you wrote this. not one of those trades make any sense for the teams. Then you mention Antropov to be a good part of the team. Do you actually watch any Leaf games? He can only skate for 15-20 seconds, any longer and he has to hook the other player and takes a dumb penalty. He is way too slow, and for his size one of the weakest players out there. Next time save yourself the embarassment and don’t bring up trades that can never happen.

  11. The-President says:

    Who the hell are you, you don’t even contribute to this site, This is like the first time I have seen you write, and these trades are not embarrassing, because they are not totally far fetched with the salary cap, and the players skills

  12. bingob0813 says:

    I read a lot of what comes on here, and haven’t really replied too much at all, but when I read what you put up, I had to say how bad every single trade is. Check your head, all of those trades are embarassing and no GM of any of those teams would do a trade as dumb as any one of those. The skills do not match on any of the trades, and the salaries might be close, I will go over the figures, but everything else is just a fantasy that must have come to you when you were on some amazing drugs.

  13. bingob0813 says:

    By the way, here are the two articles I have put up here, as I am also pretty new.

    the one with realistic moves for the Leafs, I am wrong about Modano with the C on his chest for Dallas, it was Hatcher. My Stanley cup choices are Detroit, Edmonton. I also don’t believe Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver have a chance to make it to the cup finals.

  14. Realistic says:

    I like Antropov (and thinks he is bashed unfairly…at least this season) and Kronwall. Nik is the guy that once traded, will make you wish you had kept him…he’s a really big guy and realy big guys take time to figure out there bodies…he has lots of time, but I think it would be silly to give up on him now that he is looking pretty good. Kronwall is solid and while I do not see a Norris on the horizon, his big bro in Detroit is supposed to be awesome, so maybe he might too.

    All that said, keep in mind that a 2nd rounder from Washington is almost the same as a late 1st – pretty good! Witt is also a solid dman who would make us better, but he is a UFA so I am not so sure this would be a good trade.

    I suggest we sit back, try to trade Khavanov, Klee, Berg, Czercawski, Allison, etc. if we can get something for them and sit back and let this all play out. At the least, trade the veteran dmen to let the kids get experience. If we let these kids play, we may not need to trade for dmen for years!

  15. The-President says:

    My Stanley cup choices are Detroit, Edmonton

    There in the same conference??

  16. NemiNA says:

    thats just a TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD unrealistic.

  17. toronto77 says:

    This is an awesome trade for the leafs, only because they would get a 2nd round pick from one of the worst teams in the nhl.

    But here is wat i suggest, this isn’t their year to win the cup anyway so why not keep coliaicovo, kronwall, wozniewski, harrison on the roster into the playoffs it will give them some much needed experience especially for steen, wellwood and stajan. trade berg, khavanov, klee and antropov and it will free up some cap space to get some offencive players that can score.

    with all those 4 players gone that frees up around 6 million in the salary cap. now we can go get some players

    to washington: antropov, berg

    to toronto: 3rd round pick

    to fla: khavanov, klee

    to tor: roberts, 3rd round pick




    wellwood-lindros-kilger,domi, wilm




    those offensive lines are horrible but i couldn’t figure anything else out

  18. toronto77 says:

    Leafs should go after Brad Boyes, but Boston would be asking too much for him so we might as well wait till the off-season, just keep that in mind.

  19. sidleaf says:

    Don’t give up Kronwall if your gonna let Witt walk at teh end of the season…leafs don’t need rentals…Dumping Antropov would be nice though…and when it comes time bring Witt back, we shouldn’t give him a pay raise. As he will probably want one.

  20. sidleaf says:

    Don’t give up Kronwall if your gonna let Witt walk at teh end of the season…leafs don’t need rentals…Dumping Antropov would be nice though…and when it comes time bring Witt back, we shouldn’t give him a pay raise. As he will probably want one.

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