The latest NHL trade rumors

There are two months left until the 2018 NHL trade is over. For some people, this might seem like a long time, but the team’s managers know that they cannot waste their time. The NHL trade rumors are building up and some of these rumors are expected while others are surprising. We will use this article to highlight some of the latest NHL trade rumors.

Hutchinson to Oilers?

Sometimes the managers are impressed by the play of some of the opponent’s players that they express their desires to see specific players in their time right after the match. In other cases, they see some gaps in their own team and they are following other teams and players to look for players that can fill this gap. The Edmonton Oilers are doing well this season and they had a great result against their rivals the Montreal Canadiens. However, Nick Kypreos, the famous ex-hockey player, and current hockey analyst claims that the Oilers are thinking about hiring Michael Hutchinson, the goaltender of the Jets – Michael Hutchinson.

This is not a big surprise because the Oilers have an excellent attacking line, but their goaltender can do more. Of course, their current goaltender, Laurent Brossoit, is doing fine, but the truth is that Hutchinson is among the top three goaltenders in the AHL in the last couple of years.

What makes the situation even more interesting is that there are few other teams that would like to see Hutchinson as part of their squad including Pittsburgh Penguins and Florida Panthers. This is the reason why the Edmonton Oilers are looking for other options too including Petr Mrazek, the successful Detroit Red Wings goaltender.

Ottawa Senators are facing difficulties

It is no secret that the last season was difficult for the Ottawa Senators. We are not talking only about difficulties related to their results, but also with their financial situation. After all, according to the odds in many online casinos are very low for those planning on placing bets about who will end up in the last place this season and select the Ottawa Senators.

As a result of these difficulties, the team is looking for every option they have to stabilize. As you are probably aware, Erik Karlsson is their most successful player and one of the players that keep the team together even in difficult times. However, this didn’t stop the management from thinking about selling or trading this player. He has a no-trade clause and the management has asked the player to provide a list of ten teams he doesn’t want to go to.

This move doesn’t mean that Karlsson won’t stay in the Senators. The team had a similar situation in 2011 when they’ve asked many players to do the same thing. Just three players were traded that year. In addition to Karlsson, Senators have requested this type of list from 9 another players.

The experts are divided – some of them believe that the Senators should make the trade while others think that they should keep Erik Karlsson.

An unlikely, but possible trade

There is another trade rumor that involves the Edmonton Oilers and the Montreal Canadiens. Rumors are that these two teams are prepared to trade their key players – Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Max Pacioretty.

This is an unlikely trade for many analysts because these two players can trigger other trades in the abovementioned teams. In other words, a change like this will require additional investments and changes and this has proven to be very complicated.

Of course, these are just some of the many rumors out there and we will have to wait and see how this would turn out in the end. In any case, the NHL trade deadline is slowly coming to an end and ice hockey fans should stay alert.

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