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Spectors hockey and Mojo radio (in Vancouver) report that Mike Keenan was at a recent Canucks game. Nonis denies the rumors of moving star players…But according to the spectors hockey trade rumor website, a package including Bertuzzi, Jovonovski, and Cloutier might be offered to Florida.

Sounds like too much for just Luongo obviously, so there might be complications as to what else goes back to Vancouver.

Very interesting rumor if true. Something to keep an eye on anyway.

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  1. gg_idiot says:

    Ah shit you are right, he is 2 years off UFA

  2. turkey says:

    I said in June!

  3. shauno says:

    are you on crack? luongo’s the best in the league. marty in the past has, but marty’s gonna lose his starting job for canada when he lets in crappy goals like he is this year. marty’s turning into belfour and luongo’s gonna take over. he won’t start for canada but soon enough. and how can you put wins on the board when you got so many shots. he’s taken more shots than a target at a police academy. every team should be trying to get him.

  4. Tweek says:

    im sorry, thats just wishful thinking, he’s gonna want AT LEAST 6 million a year and heatley was coming off a bad year and at the time nobody knew if he could actually regain his form…the canucks do need a goalie but I think nuck fans are becoming like leaf fans in that they are starting to believe every trade rumour they hear…

  5. lukeleim says:

    cloutier and cooke for luongo and weiss???… tell me something would you trade cooke for weiss straight up? weiss has so much potential, he just hasnt found his stride yet. Luongo is easily one of the best goalies in the NHL to this day and your telling me that Cloutier would even this trade out, a struggling playoff goalie for the vancouver canucks.

  6. habs79 says:

    By then maybe Luongo has already been moved.

  7. Adam_0486 says:

    Fair enough, but hear me out,

    The sedin twins were drafted 1 round 2nd & 3rd overall, considering that and compaired to other players drafted both below them and in the same position in previous drafts do you think the Canuck twins are delveloping well and matching expectations?

    This is a subjective question, in my opinion they’re not, so i thought that since their stock (like you mentioned) is up this year the canucks should try and swing a deal to get someone that will help them fill other more important voids. This is because offence has never been a problem with this team and with the acquisition of Carter & Park they can afford to send at least one of the twins in a package to get a crutical piece of a winning team in return (like a goalie, defenceman etc.). But thanks for the tips/hints i will definitely try it out.

  8. Scruffy05 says:

    Sorry to slag on you so hard, I’m just used to people coming on here and spouting off without looking at a stat sheet or watching a game. It goes to the old “He’s on Team A, I hate Team A so he must suck.”

    It will be a pleasure posting with you in the future.

  9. Mullet says:

    weiss is an absolute bust. Too bad, he had alot of potential he just had to learn from a crap franchise. The best he’ll ever be now is a Nelson Emerson type player.

  10. Adam_0486 says:

    Wow, all that was missing was some romantic music in the background. LOL I’m only kidding your the first non-butthole I met on this site. Congratulations!!!

  11. Captain_Howdy says:

    Don’t say that!!!! If I ever hear you compare Canuck fans to Leaves fans again, I will hunt you down, and tattoo a blue maple leaf on your forehead. Leaves fans live in their own fantasy world, where all their players are the greatest, and that other teams must want them. And, seriously try to justify suggesting that it the Leaves offered up Jason Allison to Pittsburg, they could get Crosby, and Fleury…and they believe that’s a fair trade. Canuck fans on the other hand, at least are reasonable as to what trades are possible. A rumour I heard was Jovo and Cloutier for Bouwmeester, and Luongo. Like my buddy said, If he were the GM, and that trade was offered, he would jump on it so quick, the Panthers wouldn’t know what hit them. Remember though, stupid trades have been made in the past…..Barry Pederson for Cam Neely. Alex Stojanov for Markus Naslund. So, it that offered was offered, I would be suprised, but I would be very, very happy. And, not delusional like fans of the Leaves.

  12. Captain_Howdy says:

    and Loungo’s playoff stats?

    0 wins, 0 losses, 0.00 gaa, and .000 save pecentage.

    What the hell has he proven? And why is everyone stroking his weiner?

    That being said, I wouldn’t mind having him on the Canucks…but still, he hasn’t even been in the playoffs, let alone proved that he could handle the pressure.

  13. drunknsailr says:

    Bertuzzi isnt going anywhere, GUARANTEED! However losiong Jovocop is not too bad and to get an elite goalie like luongo and a team that wants to get rid of him happen once a century, the nucks have to jump on it and GET LUONGO!!!!

    Cloutier and Jovo for Luongo, just get it done so the Avs dont get him!!!

    drunkn out

  14. Captain_Howdy says:

    I don’t understand everyones fascination with calling Luongo a great goaltender. He is 7 and 11 this year. And he has never even played in a NHL playoff game, let alone won anything. So, until he has actually done something in the NHL, everyone should quit saying how great he is.

  15. Hewlett says:

    I like the Boumeester/Luongo for Cloutier,Jovo and Bertuzzi rumour. Boumeester is a good young defenceman although not in Jovo’s league yet. If Bertuzzi is just going to skate around making cute passes and not playing like a Cam Neeley they may as well use him as bait for the goalie they need, plus it frees up cap room for what Luongo will cost them next year. It’s either make this trade or shake the team up with a coaching change. Yes they’re still high in the standings and have a great home record but they’re struggling on the road and roll over every time they see Colorado. Some change should be made now and let the team have 3/4 of a season to gel with the new players.

  16. Hewlett says:

    True, but what has Cloutier done for the Canucks?

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