Latest Rumor Roundup – Bertuzzi, Sykora, Zhamnov

Is Sykora on the verge of being traded to the Canadiens? Are the Canucks really about to deal Todd Bertuzzi? Are the San Jose Sharks done dealing? The Hawks are shopping a few players so this week’s edition of Hockey Trade Rumors is bound to be a good one.For the past several weeks the speculation has been running crazy that the Anaheim Mighty Ducks are trying to wheel and deal Petr Sykora off the pond. The teams that are rumored to be most interested include the Montreal Canadiens, New York Rangers and the Ottawa Senators. If the Canadiens don’t step up their offer soon the Florida Panthers may step into the middle of things as they are in the midst of a huge loosing streak. Mike Keenan has never been one to stand by and watch his team loose without making a deal and he could be willing to ship out some of his underperforming players such as Martin Gelinas

The Todd Bertuzzi sweepstakes in Vancouver are at an all time high, fueled mainly by the media which is reporting that Bertuzzi wants out. As I said last week, Bertuzzi is not going anywhere. The Canucks have been waiting for a player such as Bertuzzi to play on their team for the past 25 years. They will not ship him off to Florida for prospects such as Horton, he is not going to the Rangers for prospects he is staying in Vancouver. If the Canucks are going to make a deal look for them to shop Matt Cooke around the league as part of a package with Cloutier to try to acquire an all star type goalie. Another Canuck player who could be on his way out is Brendan Morrison who has been underachieving grossly to this point of the season.

In Boston one would have to wonder if Alex Zhamnov has already worn out his welcome. In 13 games he has only collected 5 points and is once again not living up to promised amount of scoring production. One of the rumors is that he could be moved to the Montreal Canadiens if they are unable to acquire Sykora. As this would be a salary dump the Bruins may be looking for draft picks in return.

Speaking of Zhamnov, his old team the Chicago Black Hawks are looking to move an number of names out of town. Two names that are repeatedly in the middle of rumors are Eric Daze and Tyler Arnason.

The San Jose Sharks are looking to climb back into a playoff spot after making the huge deal to get Thorton. The problem with that deal, if there is one, is that the Sharks were left with a hole of defense. One name that has been mentioned is Brandan Witt who has been the center of rumors in Washington.

On another note, Mario Lemieux announced on Sunday that the Penguins are on the endangered list in Pittsburgh if they are not able to come to an agreement to build a new stadium. To me this sounds like Lemiuex is playing poker with the fans in that town to ante up for the replacement arena. There would be no shortage of takers for the Penguins if they are on the move. Cities such as Winnipeg, Quebec, Kansas City, Hamilton and Portland would all welcome the Penguins to their city.

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  1. Marky2Fresh says:

    LOL Brodour, I have a better chance of scoring with Jessica Alba.

  2. bammer91 says:

    k morrision is a for sure gone he is playing horrible….problably will go back to new jeresy for 2 expensive players

  3. jets07 says:

    Good point. Also that 15015 is expandable, and with franchises literly giving away tickets, like phoenix, and florida, their draws are more like 10,000 per game. GO JETS GO!

  4. jets07 says:

    The Jets leaving was more complex than just them shipping them out, so have your two cents back!

    Look, with the new economic structure, and the absence of the large TV contracts that the NHL lost, the game has become more gate driven. Winnipeg will consitently draw more fans to games than teams like Phoenix, Nashville, Carolina, Florida, Pitt, and Anahiem.

    Buying a team is a complex process, and once one rises to the surface, don’t kid yourself, Winnipeg will have the NHL again.

    Winnipeg, weather you believe it or not, is home to some very wealthy people. The Aspers are the most recognizable, and now that Izzy has passed away, don’t put it past the sons who love their sports. They helped save the Bombers.

  5. tml87 says:

    are you brothers with ‘NORDIQUESANDJETSLIVEON”? u know, its so shocking to see so much genuine creativity nowadays

  6. tml87 says:

    why are people endlessly ripping on leaf fans when our last major rumor was at least 2 weeks ago, and not on the suggestsion that luongo, jokinen, weiss, brodeur, gomez, rafalski are coming to vancouver for mediocrity (comparatively)

  7. Rickler says:

    Rangers set sights on Sykora

    December 12 @ 10:04 AM

    The New York Rangers and Anaheim Mighty Ducks are discussing a deal that would send Petr Sykora to the Big Apple, according to a report in the New York Post. The paper states Rangers assistant GM Don Maloney was in Montreal Saturday to scout the 29-year-old winger. In Anaheim’s 5-3 win over the Habs, Sykora registered a goal and an assist.

    Sykora, who fell out of favor early with first-year coach Randy Carlyle, has also attracted interest from the Canadiens and Boston Bruins as well as the Ottawa Senators.

    Sykora’s remaining 2005-06 cap charge equals $1,964,435. The Rangers are 9-1-1 in their last 11. They currently have approximately $4.5M of cap space available.

  8. JannettyTheRocker says:

    You know, I like the Canucks. But both of your trades heavily favor the Canucks, and you guys aren’t giving up enough………….It’s nice to dream though.

  9. habs_punk says:

    Boston won’t trade anyone to Montreal. Montreal has got to be much more interested in wingers than centres. We’re missing Kovalev for awhile still, and we haven’t had a winger staying on Ribeiro and Ryder’s line either.

  10. Mikeyribs says:

    Right now, Dagenais is the best player on their lineup.

  11. BigCanuck says:

    I am a huge fan too. But, come on, we have to be a LITTLE more biased than that. Maybe the Devils trade, minus Rafalski. It would have to be someone like Malakov instead.

  12. BigCanuck says:

    Exactly! Very well put.

  13. neilios says:

    Montreal sucks they wont make the playoffs,and the Leafs are lucky to make the playoffs they might sneak in this year in the 8th spot where they will get knocked out by Ottawa in 4 games.

  14. wheresthesoda says:

    exactly what it said in he post…well very similar

  15. 93champs says:

    your joking right….I would be happy to get a roll of tape for Ribero and Dagenais in a trade….It’s the NHL, you have to know how to skate and Dagenais has no clue!!!! He’s hack….Ribero weighs a buck 45 wet, he has one goal in his last 18 games….and people wanted him over Koivu as our number one center…what a joke

  16. Rickler says:

    “first an nhl team will never be in winninpeg for the foreseeable future for many reasons..”

    give me 4 reasons.


  17. habsoverserver says:

    Well Gainey only had 18 months to fix that glaring hole on second line wing. Considering the horrible defensive play on that line, you would think by now someone would have the brains to put a defensive player like Bulis or Sundstrom on the second line.

  18. habsoverserver says:

    And the reason the Devils would give up an HOF goalie, their top playmaker and best offensive defenseman is……….?

  19. habsoverserver says:

    Correct. Sykora is another Bonk, no physical presence and a lousy shooting percentage.

    They could use someone like Raffi Tores or Mike Leclerc – a left wing who can hit and score 20 goals.

    But I don’t see how they get someone like that.

  20. SoBaZzZz says:

    If what your smoking makes Dagenais look good, then I want all of it.

  21. mcpickl says:

    ive actually heard it here fourth, dont hurt your arm

  22. crome54 says:

    To those of you not close to the Pittsburgh Arena situation, Mario is not toying with the fans at all. He really is playing hardball with the local and state government. The current govenor of PA (Rendell) is extremely pro Philly and really does not care too much about the west side of the state. He has friends who he is trying to give the slots license to and by doing this he is really trying to stick it to the Pens. Part of the requirments to receive a slots license is that the plan accepted will be the one that will give the most back to the community. The Pens only want enough money from a license to build the arena. They then plan on redeveloping an entire section of the city that is worn down. The people who Rendell wants to give the slots to only want to build a new Casino and then pocket all of the profits. Rumor has it that Rendell is pushing the awarding of the slots licenses back another year so that way the Pens will already have had to decide to leave town so his buddies will be the default winner of the license.

  23. stormy5656 says:

    News on Vancouver talks about Felix Potvin may come in to provide leadership to the two young netminders. This would stop all the trade rumors in Van.

  24. Rosco88 says:

    C’mon now, don’t you think it’s unfair that we don’t give Auld a chance? I mean, he almost got us past the Flames without any Playoff experience at all! Trading for a better goalie i.e. Broduer, Luongo would show we have no trust in the youthful core that our team is blessed with (Allen, Auld, Kesler, Baumgartner). I think Auld will mold into a superb goaltender if we just keep playing him and allowing him to receive substantial playing time for a top-notch Canuck team. In Auld I trust!

  25. imbonitz says:

    You’re nuts! This league is on life support, and the only reason for that is all the Canadian teams. Make no mistake, an Ottawa/Calgary final would be the equivalent of Hiroshima to the NHL. The best thing Bettman could do would be to move every Canadian team to the US and maybe give Canada a few farm teams, but without any national tv exposure of course.

  26. Mullet says:


  27. AngryDad says:

    I hope that was sarcasm. If it isn’t you are f**king stupid.

  28. solace242 says:

    hehe, another funny toronto trade. what a bunch of garbage.

  29. solace242 says:

    you honestly think that any team will trade away players with actual potential and skill for a bunch of garbage? toronto’s problems will not go away that easily.

  30. skidragoon says:

    too bad there isnt going to be another canadian team in the nhl SUCKER

  31. skidragoon says:

    Expect the new team to be in Houston or Kansas, no BS in Quebec they are going to attempt to leave anyways and all that crap again and Winnipeg, the fans will show for the first month and then disapear, as for Hamilton the world doesnt need another break off of Leaf fans to claim they are the best and be little annoying pests like the poor Sens. The new team will be in Kansas or Houston.

  32. hockey_expert1 says:

    lol Bonk is a great player for Montreal. He’s their strongest forechecker and one of their best defensive forwards – he doesn’t need to score.

    But Montreal doesn’t need Sykora that’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard. The whole reason Burke’s trying to get rid of him is because the guy’s got no heart, which is something Montreal needs.

  33. hockey_expert1 says:

    These could quite possibly be the worst trade rumours I’ve ever heard.

  34. habsoverserver says:

    You lost me. Sykora has no heart. Montreal needs a player with heart. Therefore Montreal needs Sykora?????

  35. cecilturtle says:

    Where have you heared this??? Obviously, This is your own oppinion. A “Empty Headed” oppinion. Based on no facts, just your ignorent ideas! As far as “Has not played much”… This means Leetch missed quite a few games. The games he plays in he loggs about 30 minuets of ice time. But when he does not dress for the game his ice time droppes to ZERO! Ya see average ice time does not take into account the 0 minuets logged for games missed. Understand? Wow check out the B’s website… With many opinions like this… Maybe boston is not a hockey town nor a bruins town?

    Cecil Turtle

  36. oglethorpe says:

    it’s “putz”. The Pens won’t end up in Winnipeg that would make too much sense. Instead Bettman will see to it that Sidney Crosby gets to thrill crowds in Houston.

  37. oglethorpe says:

    forgot to say that I think the Peg deserves a team more than any other city.

  38. oglethorpe says:

    hey I do so. And Gary and I have decided to replace the third period with sudden death goalie-on-goalie beach volleyball-we’ll call it “THE SPIKE OUT!”

  39. oglethorpe says:

    Someone should write an article on how to take “caps lock”off your keyboard.

  40. oglethorpe says:

    thanks for the info. Is it also true that the state and city governments helped with the financing of new stadiums for both the Steelers and the Pirates?

  41. oglethorpe says:

    sadly you’re right on the money.

  42. PoolhallJunkie says:

    MTS Centre (Winnipeg’s New Arena)

    Not quite NHL size but here are some stats about the new arena:

    Building Dimensions

    Building Footprint: 131,000 sq.ft.

    Interior Area (all levels): 440,000 sq. ft.

    Fixed Seats

    Club Seats: 936 seats

    Lower Bowl: 8812 seats (includes private suites, party suites and club seats)

    Upper Bowl: 6203 seats

    Private Suites: 1032 seats in 46 suites

    Party Suites: 88 seats in 2 suites

    Seating Configurations

    Centre-Stage Concerts 16,345

    End-Stage Concerts 16,170

    Hockey/Curling 15,015

    Rodeo/Motorcross 13,198

    Concert Bowl 2,200 to 8,097


    Women’s 15

    Men’s 12

    Food Concessions – Fixed

    Main Concourse 6

    Upper Concourse 6

    Mobile Carts

    Main Concourse 8

    Upper Concourse 15

    for further information about the facility you can go here –

    I hope this helps clarify the status of the Winnipeg arena situation.

    While there are people that beleive Winnipeg will never aquire an NHL team again, people also beleived that about Minnesota. With the new CBA anything can happen and only the next year or two will tell the story of whether teams can survive in small markets. The heart in Winnipeg for a team is more than incredible. There was nothing like sitting in the Winnipeg arena when the Jets were in the playoffs, white everywhere, deafening noise from the crowd. Winnipeg is a hockey city and the NHL will return here one day soon. I’m betting by 2008.


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