Latest Rumor Roundup – Bertuzzi, Sykora, Zhamnov

Is Sykora on the verge of being traded to the Canadiens? Are the Canucks really about to deal Todd Bertuzzi? Are the San Jose Sharks done dealing? The Hawks are shopping a few players so this week’s edition of Hockey Trade Rumors is bound to be a good one.For the past several weeks the speculation has been running crazy that the Anaheim Mighty Ducks are trying to wheel and deal Petr Sykora off the pond. The teams that are rumored to be most interested include the Montreal Canadiens, New York Rangers and the Ottawa Senators. If the Canadiens don’t step up their offer soon the Florida Panthers may step into the middle of things as they are in the midst of a huge loosing streak. Mike Keenan has never been one to stand by and watch his team loose without making a deal and he could be willing to ship out some of his underperforming players such as Martin Gelinas

The Todd Bertuzzi sweepstakes in Vancouver are at an all time high, fueled mainly by the media which is reporting that Bertuzzi wants out. As I said last week, Bertuzzi is not going anywhere. The Canucks have been waiting for a player such as Bertuzzi to play on their team for the past 25 years. They will not ship him off to Florida for prospects such as Horton, he is not going to the Rangers for prospects he is staying in Vancouver. If the Canucks are going to make a deal look for them to shop Matt Cooke around the league as part of a package with Cloutier to try to acquire an all star type goalie. Another Canuck player who could be on his way out is Brendan Morrison who has been underachieving grossly to this point of the season.

In Boston one would have to wonder if Alex Zhamnov has already worn out his welcome. In 13 games he has only collected 5 points and is once again not living up to promised amount of scoring production. One of the rumors is that he could be moved to the Montreal Canadiens if they are unable to acquire Sykora. As this would be a salary dump the Bruins may be looking for draft picks in return.

Speaking of Zhamnov, his old team the Chicago Black Hawks are looking to move an number of names out of town. Two names that are repeatedly in the middle of rumors are Eric Daze and Tyler Arnason.

The San Jose Sharks are looking to climb back into a playoff spot after making the huge deal to get Thorton. The problem with that deal, if there is one, is that the Sharks were left with a hole of defense. One name that has been mentioned is Brandan Witt who has been the center of rumors in Washington.

On another note, Mario Lemieux announced on Sunday that the Penguins are on the endangered list in Pittsburgh if they are not able to come to an agreement to build a new stadium. To me this sounds like Lemiuex is playing poker with the fans in that town to ante up for the replacement arena. There would be no shortage of takers for the Penguins if they are on the move. Cities such as Winnipeg, Quebec, Kansas City, Hamilton and Portland would all welcome the Penguins to their city.