Latest Rumors from around the League…

Here are the latest rumors that are circulating around the league…

1. The New York Times is reporting that the Rangers are shopping Brian Leetch and Alexei Kovalev. The Rangers’ playoff hopes are seriously fading a way. Should they trade the two super stars, it would mean the beginning of a new era in Ranger Land. It would mean that the Rangers will begin the process of rebuilding after seven years of paying big money to under achievers.

2. The Leafs are reportedly the front runner in the Gonchar chase. The stumbling block between the two teams is Carlo Colaiacovo. The Caps are insisting that Carlo should be involved, but the Leafs aren’t willing to bite just yet. If the Leafs hope to win the cup this year, they need to deal for a No.1 defenseman. The Avs, especially after the recent injury to Rob Blake, have jumped into the race.

3. Chicago Daily Herald is reporting that the Blackhawks haven’t received the kinds of offers they were expecting to get for center Alexei Zhamnov. Ottawa, Vancouver, and the Philadelphia Flyers might have interest in the Russian. Vancouver, after losing Magnus Arvedson, could increase their offer as they try to close the gap between them and the Avs. Ottawa are also interested in Bondra, but losing Bonk might mean that they may shift their search to a center. The Flyers had plenty of centers at the beginning of the week, but their depth at center has suddenly become very thin (Lost Roenick and Preimue to injury, and traded a way Comrie).

4. The Wild are seriously shopping goalie Manny Fernandez. Teams interested that maybe interested are the New York Rangers and the Ottawa Senators. The Rangers are also interested in Edmonton’s Tommy Salo and Calgary’s Roman Turek. I don’t think any of the goalies mentioned above can help lead the Rangers to the playoffs. I think the Rangers should plan a head to the next few years instead of putting themselves in more trouble. The first smart move they can make is fire Glen Sather.

5. Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel is reporting that Panthers GM Rick Dudley is shopping veteran forward Viktor Kozlov. The Panthers are trying to get a solid D-man that can run the PP. Edmonton’s Eric Brewer has been mentioned in talks. Although a Kozlov-Brewer deal would make sense financially (to the Oilers), I don’t see Kevin Lowe trading Brewer. Jason & Ryan Smith have both been mentioned in trade talks.

6. The Lang Deal: I don’t think it’s as close as you guys think it’s. I don’t think Lang will be dealt before Gonchar and Bondra. If the Caps can’t unload Bondra or they don’t get what they want for him, they will then shop Lang. I may be wrong, but an opinion is an opinion…

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  1. Jimmy2BallBagsFU says:

    Again you say shit about 9/11 you rubberneck bastard .say what you want about, teams ,coaches players, etc. You think mentioning that shit is funny I got something else thats funny.Have you ever looked at Mats Sundins head?I found myself doing this a couple of weeks back and I was shocked.I mean that damn thing must weigh 80 pounds at least.His forehead looks like a damned drive-in movie theater.Now Im telling you keep you fuckin mouth shut about shit like that.

  2. Dober says:

    i dont think the leafs need gonchar. What they need is a d-man like Carney or Smith. Or even Brewer if they dont have to give up Stajan and Carlo and someone else.

    Its gonna be interesting to see if Almo can stay in the line up when he does return. If he goes down again ( i hope to god he doesn’t ) they better look into O’neil. u know he would work like a dog in the playoffs.

    I also heard ( on The Score ) that Corson is makin a comeback.I know it’s not gonna be with the leafs, but i wish him the best of luck anyway. This guy was the best at shadowing someone in the playoffs.

    Anyway i don’t think the leafs should wait til the last minute to trade. As more players keep dropping to injuries the harder it’s gonna be to pick up what they need.

    go leafs go

  3. greatlife15 says:

    1. I do think that Rangers should stop throwing away money and they should fire Sather, but it would be sad to see Leetch leave, as he has been an important player in Ny for a very long time. Kovalev I couldn’t care less where he ends up.

    2. Leaf bashing isn’t fun anymore, it’s just some 40-year old 300-pound single guys trying to be cool eat pork rhines and digging an early grave. I hope that Fergie gets that deal done just to rub it in your faces.

    3. Hawks did overestimate what they would get for Zhamnov, but they can either hold him, which is highly unlikely or lower their bar.

    4. I think Fernandez might end up in Rangers Land, because that’s the stupid type of guy Sather is, he needs to re-build, or heads should start rolling.

    5. There’s a slight chance that Brewer will be traded but I think it is more likely that Jason and Ryan Symth will be traded, maybe one or both.

    6. Land is probably going to Detroit as I’ve heard, and it seems pretty close but we’ll have to see. Gonchar’s not going to go anywhere till he’s OK, and Bondra.. I HOPE HE DOESN’T END UP IN OTTAWA!!!

    P.S.- If there is any 40-year old guys out there, and they are not bashing the Leafs, all the power to you!

  4. nocuphere says:

    Big deal. I was stressing a point that the leafs and flyers are actually pretty close.

  5. jerzjayme says:

    dude thats not funny, and i hate the rags.

    if i ever meet you im gonna break your fucking face. stay in canada asshole.

    or come down to a metro area hockey game, tell me when and where, ill kick the fucking shit out of you

    this isnt “oohhh im 12 on the internet starting shit” no i WILL beat you down, homosaurus rex

    ALOT of people were affected by the events taken place in your little joke there, and myself being one.


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