Latest Rumors from around the League…

Here are the latest rumors that are circulating around the league…All of these rumors have been reported on

– The Toronto Star has reported that Sabers owner Tom Golisano has been so impressed with his team’s play lately that he is ready to approve a pursuit of Washington defenseman Sergei Gonchar. Gonchar is currently injured, but is expected to return on Feb. 12. Other teams interested are the Leafs, Avs, Rangers, and Boston.

– The Calgary Sun has reported that the Flames are working on a deal that would send Denis Gauthier to the Habs for either Yanic Perreault or Niklas Sundstrom. Perreault has been on the market for a long time. This trade would help both teams. The Flames have been looking to add some help to star right winger Jerome Igilna. Montreal are looking to add some depth at defense and a second line center.

– The Blue Jackets are apparently looking to unload defenseman Luke Richardson. Richardson’s value has gone up as so many teams are looking to add a defenseman. The Rangers, Flyers and Panthers have showed interest in the veteran blue-liner. The Blue jackets have already traded former Star Darryl Sydor to Tampa.

– After seeing his team turn their season around, GM Doug Armstrong said that his team will be a buyer. They are looking to add a tough big forward and a left-handed shooting defenseman.

– The New York Post has reported that the Devils have offered left winger Jeff Friesen for Hurricanes center Rod Brind’Amour. The Devils are trying to obtain a scorer, while the Canes are looking to dump some salary. The Canes’ Jeff O’Neill and Ron Francis are also on the market.

– With both Esche and Hacket on the injured list, Flyers GM Bob Clarke is seriously shopping for a goaltender. Clarke has apparently targeted Olaf Kolzig of Washington, Phoenix’s Sean Burke, Lightning’s Nikolai Khabibulin, Sabers’ Martin Biron, and Minnesota’s Manny Fernandez.

– Phoenix GM Mike Barnett has shopped goalie Sean Burke around. He wants a young prospect in return. According to the Ottawa Sun, the Rangers have offered Jamie Lundmark, while the Stars have also called in as they are looking to add a back up goaltender behind Marty Turco.

– Many sources in St. Louis have indicated that the Blue are in serious talks with the Hurricanes about 27-year old center/right winger Jeff O’Neill.

– The Canucks are believed to be the front-runners in the Alex Zhamnov sweep stakes. Several reports have said that the deal would go down during the 7 day All-Star break. Things got hot when Zhamnov caught a flight to Florida right after the Hawks game with the Leafs. Maybe it will be my last game,” Zhamnov told the Chicago Sun-times. “My focus has been on just playing and trying to do my best. Then we’ll see what’s going to happen.” The Canucks have reportedly offered Fedor Fedorov or R.J. Umberger.

– The Bondra sweep stakes are getting even hotter. The Devils and Senators continue to pursue the star forward. The Senators have apparently offered young center Antoine Vermette and defenseman Brian Pothier, while the Caps are interested in Devils’ defenseman David Hale.

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  1. Leafs88 says:

    Kidd makes a great save at the buzzer to save the game… Overtime

  2. Leafs88 says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNN SCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOREEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They win…. What a come back… Came back from 4-0 to win 5-4… McCabe 4 assists…

  3. rojoke says:

    So if Conroy centers the second line and Ribeiro moves to the wing, who gets pushed out, Dagenais or Zednik? That whole line is playing pretty well together, so I don’t see Julien breaking any of them up. So, if Conroy does come to Montreal, he would center the third line, and Juneau would move to the fourth line, or be traded away.

  4. rojoke says:

    Gonchar to Sabres? Maybe for one of their goalies? Throw in some prospects or picks, but basically it would be Gonchar for Biron/Noronen/Miller (my pick would be Noronen).

    Habs need a 2nd-line center? Yeah, that Mike wassisname is a real bust, ain’t he? That must have been a rumour from last season.

    Richardson out of Columbus? More than likely. St. Louis would be my pick, with Jackman and MacInnis done.

    Friesen for Brind’amour? What is Rutheford waiting for? He’s getting back a speedy winger, who’s still got a lot of hockey ahead of him. And Brind’amour is just the type of guy that Pat Burns would like to get.

    Clarke looking for a goalie? Still? Take Khabibulin’s name off the list, at least until after the playoffs. Feaster has already said as much.

    Burke to the Stars? Not as a back-up. He’ll end up in either Manhattan or Philly.

    Zhamnov to Vancouver? For King, Kesler, maybe. For Fedorov? Don’t think so. Not with Mike Smith gone.

    Bondra to the Devils? I don’t think so. And given the Devils defensive game, I doubt they would deal one of their Dynamic Duo of Martin and Hale, at least as rookies. In a year or two, I could see it.

  5. Beckfan5 says:

    Why? That wasnt funnny.

  6. GretzNYR99 says:

    That’s why I don’t see Conroy going to Montreal.

  7. kingbobert says:

    Montreal will not touch it’s first 2 lines cause they are hot…koivu, bulis and RYDER are working great, well maybe bulis not as much but still contributes

    RIBEIRO, dagenais and zednick is perfect, two wingers who love to shoot a center who can get the puck on their tape to do so…

    Now, here’s a prob, juneau is going to be a big problem because he’s probably retireing so looking for another big center is wise but i mean who are you going to bench right now Juneau on the 3rd or Begin on the fourth….definetly not begin..we need him…

    look for another center in the off season get some gritty wingers to play on the 3rd line and another goon on the 4th

  8. Jack_Laviolette says:

    Ribeiro is the best playmaker we’ve had in a long time. Conroy, with his 2 goals this season, is clearly more defense than offense, and if traded, would have no choice but to play where Julien wants him to.

  9. Jack_Laviolette says:

    I totally agree.

    I say we find our third line center right now, bench Juneau or put him to the wing and use it on the 2nd PK unit. This way we have a better playoff run and start next season (if it comes to be) with a more gelled team.

    With the first two lines working, all we really need is grit and defensive soundness on the two bottom lines, like adding a strong 2-way center who can generate goals. Maybe when Gratton is ready we can move Bégin up to the third line – this guy is like Barnaby with a brain / Tucker without psychosis.

  10. Jack_Laviolette says:

    It’s funny, but not ha-ha funny.

  11. swedishvoice says:

    HEY!!! Let’s take that disscusion on the Devils rule forum…


    no realy…. for O’neal I’ll give up Bergy as one of the Prospects… But as saied earlyer Bergy for Bondra… No fucking way.

  12. chanman says:

    I dont see gonchar coming to buffalo. He has a large paycheck and a terrible minus rating. No doubt he wont finish the season in Wash. though.

    Martan Biron would not fit in Philly. His inconsistant play is simalar to that of one roman chechmanek, Clark’s biggest scapegoat.

    I hope someone picks up O’neill and Zhamnov soon. they’ve been rumored to about every possible team already.

  13. danielg33 says:

    Some of you obviously talk to fast? Leafs suck eh? Watching the way they faught back last night… looks like we’ve got a team here in Toronto. I understand that Ottawa was shorthanded big-time.. but what an effort by the Leafs. I would still like them to pick up a young defensemen that can help them in the future… Jay Boumeester? And a tough d-man as well… Denis Gauthier? Anyways, I want to wait for Almo to come back and see how the lines play out…

  14. Captainspoon says:

    Why? what has berglund done for us?

  15. rojoke says:

    Quite frankly, neither do I. But, I ran with the premise.

  16. rojoke says:

    I think they’re pencilling in Jason Ward for the third line. He kills penalties, is big, works hard, and does have some offense in his game, but he hasn’t shown it in Montreal yet.

  17. GretzNYR99 says:

    That’s why I don’t see him going to Montreal, he won’t play on a 3rd line, not when he can put up 2nd line numbers, and be a Selke candidate at the same time.

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