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Richards could be star name on deadline day

Toronto’s primary need remains a defenceman

LA interested in Hemsky, Richards or Booth
1. Richards could be star name on deadline day

SI is reporting Trades that make the biggest news usually involve the biggest names. For example, Alex Kovalev – who hardly burned up the league during his two seasons with Ottawa — grabbed lots of headlines when the Senators dealt him on Thursday back to the M*A*S*H* unit also known as the Pittsburgh Penguins. Kovy is still a premier name in the NHL, but largely because of talent he doesn’t use. He’s thought of as a potential impact player although he hasn’t really had an impact since 2007-08 when he skated for the Montreal Canadiens. With the trade deadline looming on Monday — we’ll be live blogging here at Red Light starting sometime around 10 a.m. Eastern time – one big name seems to be hovering over the proceedings as the impact player most often mentioned as likely to change sweaters. Whether he gets traded or not, he will also provide the biggest drama. That would be Dallas Stars center Brad Richards. There are so many contingencies surrounding Richards’ status that he may well end up going nowhere. The factors that favor him moving begin with the Stars’ unsettled ownership situation. He is a pending UFA and while the Stars would like to keep him, their ownership uncertainty makes negotiating and signing a contract extension equally uncertain. Richards has seen this movie before, or something like it, in 2008. That’s when the ownership of the Tampa Bay Lightning decided to get out of the hockey business and started jettisoning players in advance of the team’s sale, hoping for a cheaper roster that might still make a playoff run (it didn’t). Richards, who was in Year 2 of a five-year contract with the Lightning worth $39 million, was shipped to the Stars at the deadline. That deal is now coming to an end.

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2. Toronto’s primary need remains a defenceman

Tsn is reporting Toronto’s primary need remains a defenceman, more than a forward, and many wonder if the Leafs or Colorado will find common ground at the last minute on Monday for defenceman Jean-Michael Liles. Florida centre Stephen Weiss, assuming he would waive his no trade, is a player of some interest for the Leafs, but as I said, defence is the priority and a Weiss acquisition now would limit Toronto’s free-agency efforts in the off season so he may be a long shot, at best.

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3. LA interested in Hemsky, Richards or Booth

Edmonton, of course, is also continuing to listen hard to offers for Ales Hemsky and Los Angeles continues to be the most aggressive suitor. The Kings putting Marco Sturm on waivers on Friday opens up lots of budget space if necessary, but everyone seems to be just guessing on what the potential Oiler yield would be on a deal with the Kings. L.A. has also been in on Brad Richards and David Booth, amongst others.

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3 Responses to Latest Rumors

  1. toronto77 says:

    I'd give up our first and third from philly for Liles to colorado, that's a decent trade if Liles is going to be long term and since that first round may only be a 27th-30th overall pick.

    As for Weiss, apparently Talon is asking for Kadri, which is way to high. If i'm Burke than I am offering Boston's first and our third pick or prospect. That first pick could be a 22nd-28th overall pick. If Talon asks for anythig more than he's dreaming.

  2. canucks4thecup says:

    I agree with the first and a third and would go after Liles before Weiss.  Leafs need someone big down the middle and defence is more of a need right now.

    Apparently Burke wasn't willing to part with a second rounder which Colorado requested, not sure why…
  3. dumbassdoorman says:

    Burke won't pay that much for Lilies when he could go off season shopping for free.

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