Latest Trade Rumor Roundup – Leetch, Boston Bruins, Leafs, Goalies, etc

The Boston Bruins net is crowded, Leetch could be on his way back to the Toronto Maple Leafs or the New York Rangers, Jason Allison is sick and tired of the rumors, the Blues may be looking to dump their high priced veterans and the Florida Panthers are eager to obtain some speed and talent upfront.

Since the waiver acquisition which saw the Bruins pick up Craig Anderson from the Hawks this past week the rumors have reached overload surrounding the Bruins goaltending situation. We all know that three is a crowd especially in hockey as only two goalies can be in a rotation. It has been highly speculated that the Bruins are working the phone in an effort to see what kind of offensive talent they can get for Calder trophy winner Andrew Raycroft. One theory suggests that the Edmonton Oilers are highly interested and that their interest will continue to grow as the trade deadline progresses. With so many goalies on the trade market right now the Bruins are hesitant to rush into a trade in which they could get less then fair market value in return. It is also speculated that the Oilers have expressed interest in the Coyotes Curtis Joseph.

Some of the goalies who may be available before the March trade deadline include Raycroft, Cujo, Biron, Theodore, Nabokov, Roloson, Weekes and possibly Olaf Kolzig.

Ironic for the Hawks speaking of goalies is that they are now in need of a goalie because Khabibulin has since gone down to injury and they just lost Anderson to the Bruins.

There are big rumors that both the Toronto Maple Leafs and the New York Rangers are interested in re-acquiring the aging Brian Leetch. We all know that the Rangers are in love with their former greats and as a result it makes it more likely that the Rangers would be the right fit for Leetch. He would be able to help add leadership to a team which has not seen the playoffs in many years. Look for the Rangers to offer a young defensive prospect for his services.

Speaking of the Leafs, they are in the middle of a huge meltdown. Their general manager iced a team that is built mainly on older veteran players and while they looked good at the start of the season the injury bug has bitten and it has bitten the Leafs hard. Without Lindros, McCabe and Tucker in the lineup the team has started to implode. Although Sundin was once a great player he is no longer able to carry the team the way that he was once able too. There has even been a call for the firing of Pat Quinn. How quickly people forget that it was Quinn who turned the franchise around and regained respectability for the Leafs in the league. This would be an idiotic move. A better move would be to offer a good package to the Bruins for Leetch who would be able to take some of the offensive pressure off of the defense since the loss of McCabe. Another move that the Leafs may be interested in making is re-acquiring Alex Moginly who has been spending the past while riding the bus with the River Rats. The only certainty with the Leafs organization is that Jason Allison is sick and tired of all the rumors. The likelihood of the Leafs trading Allison is very low because of the injury situation and his low contract.

Another team that could use some help is the Florida Panthers. Mike Keenan is badly in need of any offensive help . There is some speculation that he is inquiring about the availability of the Bruins Samsonov who is set to become an unrestricted free agent at the conclusion of this season.

The Black Hawks could be about to have a fire sale. Some of the names who could be on the move include the oft injured Adrian Aucoin (and his huge contract) Cullimore and Matthew Barnaby. The player who is attracting the most interest is Cullimore because of his huge size and the fact that he could add some much needed defensive depth to teams entering the playoffs. The Avalanche, Kings and Bolts are showing interest.

Finally, the Blues have been shopping Doug Weight despite his no trade clause, Keith Tkachuk and Mike Sillinger. Teams that are seriously interested in Weight include the Ottawa Senators, Detroit Red Wings, Edmonton Oilers and the Canucks. It should be noted that the Canucks are also expressing interest in Mike Sillinger because of his face off abilities.

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  1. neilios says:

    I think the Leafs and Canucks should try work outta tarde since the Leafs need a major shake up and the Canucks can use a C that can play with Nassy and Bert I can see a trade like this going down if these 2 teams ever traded with eachother.

    To Canucks-Sundin,Colaiacovo,Kaberle,and Czerkawski

    To Leafs-Morrison,Jovo,Bieska,adn Park

  2. 92-93 says:

    yeah that sounds pretty good. even Reinprecht could replace Kobasew too.

    Cap space – and JFJ’s ability to think about anything that would remotely benefit the leafs – could be the issue.

  3. JannettyTheRocker says:

    I agree that it’s Oil-Sens in the Cup Final, but it’s more like Oil in 4 in Edmonton…………just kiddin.

    But it would be kickass for these two teams to meet in the Cup Final.

    I hope we bring back Cujo and Weight as well, but I don’t know if we can do both.

  4. 92-93 says:

    what kind of stupid question is that.

    so all the 100 pt seasons, all the years that they have been competitive – means nothing?

    are you telling me that the hysteria going on in ottawa right now that involves a team that is way ahead in the standings are gloating over defeating a 9th place team … means that there is no respect for the leafs?

    try not to let you biases cloud your judgement next time.

  5. mcpickl says:

    bruins say thanks but no thanks to your lousy offer of a third round pick.

  6. fitzcalvin says:

    I’m confused. You indicate that the Leafs are in the midst of a meltdown because of the expected injuries to older players; in the next breath, you’re talking about them potentially acquiring Leetch (38 years old) or Alex Mogilny (36 years old, with the body of an 80-year-old). Sounds very much like yet another band-aid to try to squeeze an extra playoff round out of the current year, without any concern for the future at all.

    Leetch or Mogilny would both be serious, mind-numbing mistakes.

    Go Leafs / fitzcalvin

  7. habs79 says:

    I hate the Leafs, but even I have to say that would be a Horrid trade for the Leafs.

    Kaberle is better than Jovo and younger. Morrison only looks good cause he plays with Naslund and Bertuzzi anyone would take Sundin over him. Bieska is not a great prospect, Coli has shown talent when Quinn finally gives him a chance, Park maybe better then Czerkawski but is still at best a 3rd liner.

  8. neilios says:

    If they can get those guys from the Leafs and maybe try and get Sillenger from the Blues I think the Canucks would be ready to rock and roll in the playoffs.They can prob get Sillinger for King and a pick.The lines would be awsome after the trades if they can ever pull trades like the one I mentioned its prob only a pipe dream.

    Nassy Sundin Bert

    Sedin Sedin Carter

    Cooke Sillinger Czerkawski

    Ruutu Kesler Linden’

    Ohlund Salo

    Allen Kaberle

    Caliacaovo Baumgartner

    Auld ??????

    What does everyone think of these lines and if the Nucks can pull a deal like these off????

  9. solo14 says:

    I am a die hard Montreal Canadiens Fan…but lately I have been very irritated by the teams performance. Bob should trade half of the team!!! Hey maybe they should get that “Rapheal” guy who crashed their practice a few weeks back. At least that guy wants to play and give his 110%…unlike some players on the team right now.

    Raphael…can you play nets???

  10. nyrhockey094 says:

    why not? lundqvist has provedhe can handle it, and weekes has to be the streakiest goaltender in hockey. hes not gonna get a chance to redeem himslef with the way lundy is playing. I say let montoya play a game or two just to see if hes ready, if not then maybe keep weekes. But if montoya plays decently, i say go for it and trade him. maybe you can get a mid pick or something for him that could possibly used in a leetch deal? just wishful thinking

  11. toronto77 says:

    every ref in that game is a mother *****ing idiot…..the one game of the season toronto played way better than ottawa the refs spit in their face, their just like police officers, their when you don’t need them and their there where you don’t. sundin’s hooking penalty was not a penalty….the way the penalties were being called sundin’s penalty was like a pat on the ass,and the sens scored on it. redden’s delay of game penalty was definalty a penalty but then they disallowed it and in that 2 minute span ottawa scores. this game was a little fixed and the refs still don’t know wat the ***** their doing,they do not know how to call penalties.

  12. toronto77 says:

    i also forgot to mention, i am so proud of the leafs… matter how much the refs kept *****ing them around they still battled back to score two straight goals, and the refs blew up wat ever momentum they had, but the leafs found it again and battled back against all odds

  13. kicksave856 says:

    yawning is contagious.

  14. 92-93 says:



    (smiles and nods)

  15. leafs911 says:

    okay. now we need Leetch. Carlo is out.

  16. Tweek says:

    yeah that makes a whole lot of sense. they dont even know how bad carlos concussion is and now you are hoping they go after a aging blueliner? they dont even have a chance at the cup this year so face the facts, there is no point of getting him and deal with it.

  17. Stuv_Dogg says:

    I’m not arguing whether or not Leetch wants to come back to Toronto. What I am arguing is that he has no say in whether he is dealt to Toronto or not. Now, he may go to Bruins management and say that he will refuse to report to Toronto if he’s dealt here, but it says here that he’s too classly to pull that and that he’d accept the trade, play the season and sign somewhere else as a free agent or demand a trade in the off-season (not sure whether he’s an UFA or not).

    But what you’re saying is that if Toronto offered Colaiacovo, Ponikarovski, Telqvist, Wellwood, Steen, all of our first rounders for the next ten years and $100 million cash, the Bruins would politely decline because precious Leetch doesn’t want to play here? No, I don’t think so, either.

  18. AltersEgo says:

    and you’re an idiot…..

  19. GretzNYR99 says:

    And what they’ve failed to, but have been meaning to say is that not even Mike O’Connell is stupid enough to deal Leetch to a divisional rival. Why would Boston help out Toronto, even if JFJ was stupid enough to overpay for him?

    Leetch won’t be back in Toronto, so stop living the pipe dream. Hell, I think the Rangers chances of getting him right now are a gut shot.

  20. GretzNYR99 says:

    And what they’ve failed to, but have been meaning to say is that not even Mike O’Connell is stupid enough to deal Leetch to a divisional rival. Why would Boston help out Toronto, even if JFJ was stupid enough to overpay for him?

    Leetch won’t be back in Toronto, so stop living the pipe dream. Hell, I think the Rangers chances of getting him right now are a gut shot.

  21. GretzNYR99 says:

    And what they’ve failed to, but have been meaning to say is that not even Mike O’Connell is stupid enough to deal Leetch to a divisional rival. Why would Boston help out Toronto, even if JFJ was stupid enough to overpay for him?

    Leetch won’t be back in Toronto, so stop living the pipe dream. Hell, I think the Rangers chances of getting him right now are a gut shot.

  22. GretzNYR99 says:

    That’s the best O’Connell is going to get for a guy who’s past his prime and has been injured a lot in the last few seasons.

    I didn’t know you were the Bruins front office. Nice to meet you…

    Might I add, you’re not too smart. 😉

  23. Aetherial says:

    Well, really, I don’t think that would benefit them much *now*. I think that is a move to dump salary and prepare for the future.

    I like the move actually but I would be very wary of one thingif I was JFJ…

    Trade Sundin, and watch him catch fire, and lead the flames to a cup victory. Leafs fans will absolutely want his head on a pike if that happens and say it was the worst trade in history blah blah blah…

  24. Aetherial says:

    O’Neill is not doing much for the team scoring-wise and I believe he has the worst +/- on the team. I like him, but I think we have to admit that he has been a bust.

  25. neilios says:

    There could be a blockbuster deal between the Canucks and Leafs thats the buzz today the Leafs need a major shake up and the Canucks can use a true Cmen.

    To Canucks-Sundin,Kaberle,Carlo,and Czerkawski

    To Leafs-Morrison,Jovo,McCarthy,and Park

    It would be a great trade for both teams the Leafs can use a new captain in Jovo and plus Sundin and Morrison put up the same #s and the Leafs can use any D to help them out,and plus on Off the Record and Sporsnet News yesterday they said Sundins days where numered in Toronto.He would look good in a Canucks uniform and wake up nassy and Bert I would hope.

  26. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    F*ck off already with McCarthy and Park. Nobody wants those 2 losers involved in any trade. If they were any good, GM’s would have already made the trade. Enough allready!

  27. 92-93 says:


    and on top of that, whenever my trade suggestions are repeated by Bruce Garrioch … then i really get worried and wonder if i am being dellusional:

    “Moving Sundin to a contender with cap room shouldn’t be difficult. A couple of teams on the radar screen could be the Canucks and Flames. Both are looking for help at centre.

    Wouldn’t Sundin look a lot better with Vancouver’s Markus Naslund or Calgary’s Jarome Iginla as one of his wingers? Naturally, the Canucks would have to include centre Brendan Morrison in any deal, but it might be a nice package that could include goalie Ed Belfour if the Leafs drop out of the post-season race.


    Then, there’s the Flames. Calgary coach and GM Darryl Sutter has been searching all season for a centre to play with Iginla. Steve Reinprecht is a solid centre, but he’s not superstar calibre and Iginla has had some difficulties this year.

    Sources say the Flames are among a group of teams that has been dialling up Florida GM Mike Keenan to see if he’s going to move centre Olli Jokinen, who can become an unrestricted free agent in the off-season. However, the belief in NHL circles is that Jokinen will re-sign with the Panthers. That means Sundin could find himself being fitted for a cowboy hat in the next couple of weeks.”

  28. wingerxxx says:

    Colaicovo isn’t exactly the Leafs top defenseman. They need to just stick with what they have. Besides, it looks like it’s Jamie Rivers to the rescue.

  29. neilios says:

    You f*ck off already you piece of dog s*it your the loser asswipe if your a Leafs,MOntreal,or a Sens fan your a little ***** boy.Those 2 players I mention in trades are just to even the trades out dip s*it.

  30. wingerxxx says:

    Problem is, what is Lundqvist gets injured. Always a possibility. Especially since he is a rookie handling a big workload. 1 or 2 games is not enough to prove that he can be an NHL-ready backup. Are we going to leave the Rangers playoff hopes resting on Al Montoya’s shoulders? No chance in hell. A veteran backup is a must. We’re not going to the playoffs riding a bunch of “ifs.” Weekes is the better option over Montoya as a backup right now. And Montoya needs the playing time in the minors. He is pretty streaky himself.

    The 4th round pick we would get for Weekes isn’t worth putting our playoff hopes in jeapordy.

  31. flyersfan10897 says:

    well carter, richards, and umberger also play wing as well, so it wouldnt hurt to have forsberg handzus weight nedved and possibly primeau.

  32. suchafreakshow says:

    Heheheh.. this trade will never happen. The stupid Toronto Sun is ONCE AGAIN just being retarded and starting rumours. …Pretty sure Colovaccio isn’t much of a factor in any trade anymore after almost getting killed the other night. Wow are the Leafs ever brutal.

  33. triple_deke says:

    Ottawa will definetly get another defenseman… but Leetch would be far too pricy (and whatever talent we export should go towards weight)

    We need either Cullimore or Witt

  34. triple_deke says:


    it’s all the refs

    If you’re talking about the call that was retracted, read the rules

    A puck that goes in the bench does not count as delay of game

  35. HeardHere1st says:

    Looks like CuJo to Toronto will only get done if they can get rid of Belfour. Hopefully the career 3rd liner Antropov will be packaged …no one likes this guy or thinks he can develop in Toronto.

    I hear Canucks are interested in Eddy but he would have to be a backup there and wait to see if Auld flounders. If Eddy goes for it, this would be a huge lift for the ‘Cannots’ …they need a proven winner in goal …

    … Speaking of which, when will Bobby Clarke get the message he needs a goalie??? How many years now has the goaltender been their achilles heal??

    So …back to the Leafs … need depth at forward ..someone with some size to fill a roberts type role. Maybe Peca, Barnaby, Doan??


  36. deadheadjim says:

    Are there any rumors concerning the Philadelphia Flyers? I would appreciate any info

  37. Flamincheddar says:

    The Flames should be stayin away from Sundin… and focus on Richards and Jokinen

  38. Mcills says:

    HAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAHHHA WHAT!?!?! BRIAN LEETCH? cuz that makes sense to bring in another old guy whos past his prime. Whats the average age for that team 96 … 97? Wheres clarky, gilly and big dave and the cat … i hear there of age to play for these guys!

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