Leaf bashing…fans of 29 other teams favourite past time…

As I read almost every article on HTR.com as time permits; I find it hilarious that somehow Leaf / Leaf fan bashing squeezes its way into every article or response. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Leaf fan but it doesn’t hurt me to hear what others think about them or Leaf fans in general; this is more to create conversation and discussion. 

I have read articles about predictions for the playoffs when the second the Leafs are seen in the 7th or even 6th seed anti-leaf fans lose it and begin the “you have to be an idiot to think the leafs will even make it”. I have also read our recently discussed post about why I dislike Don Cherry, somehow bashing the Leafs squeezed into that too.

So I’d like to start by asking one simple question….why do you hate the Leafs and/or their fans? Is it because you think they think they’ll win every year (Montreal fans are no different there) so you focus on looking for every opportunity to jump and attack them? Is it because you dislike Toronto because it is the “business” centre of Canada (like it or not, it is) and it annoys you? Is it because you have a friend who likes the Leafs and you enjoy having a rivalry with them? Or maybe it’s because 80% of the Leaf fans out there are only Leaf fans and not NHL fans. It’s true Toronto might have the most solid fans base in the league (please realize I used the word “might” and not “do” before you jump on that one) but most of them would not pay any attention whatsoever to the NHL if Toronto somehow lost its team. But I also point out that in order to write an article like this I must do things like say “please realize I used the word “might” and not “do” before you jump on that one” in order to tame the Leaf bashers out there who are ready to attack me if I slip on even one sentence.

I ask this out of sheer curiosity, I’m not “crying” about it or “whining” or any of that, it’s sheer curiosity. But I’m sure someone will crack on me just because I cheer for my team in Toronto.

So again, I ask you “What is it that makes you consistently ready to pounce on the Leafs and their fans?”