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The Maple Leaf’s lost 5-1 to the Sens. The first half of the game saw an uninspired team go down 4-0 to the Sens and it took a time-out/goalie-switch/and major vending spree from Paul Maurice to get this team back to life although they still came up quite short losing 5-1.Instead of 10 forum topics appearing this week on blowing the leaf’s up, firing Maurice/JFJ, complaining about the Raycraft/Toskala, complaining about goaltending, Leaf trade rumours, etc… we’ll dedicate this thread for all Leaf fans to post/rant on.

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  1. I-BE-LEAF says:

    The vending machine at work only sells beverages.  I wish it sold cookies.  Okay, I'm done venting about vending…

    Sorry… couldn't resist.

  2. cartino says:

    Man! what was I smoking when I created that “Vending” thread?

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