Leaf Gm should have been more patient.

I’m a die hard Leaf Fan,I do have some doubts as to why Fergie jumped the gun so quick on some of the contracts. I understand him wanting to keep this team together perhaps for 1 more year but I don’t understand the urgency in giving out these contracts the way he did. Starting out with Eddie,yes he had a great year & yes he’s very important to our team, a 2 year contract plus an option for a 3rd?,sorry but that was not very responsible for a guy who is 39 with a wonky back. I would have signed him for 1 year plus an option & if he didn’t accept I would have gone after Weekes when he was available. Secondly, Klee signed a 2 year 5 million dollar contract? Fergie signed him before July 1st didn’t even play hard ball with him. Yes I like Klee but there is no way he would have gotten 2.5 million a year on the market this year. Roberts & Nieuwendyk are great, I still think that Fergie gave especially Roberts too much at 3.75 million.Roberts took a pay cut but showed last year in the playoffs that he will no longer be carrying the team physically.Nieuwendyk only made 2 million last year so I do somewhat understand the raise to 3 million this year.

Lastly Tomas Kaberle gets a raise for a sub par year. He is now making 2.9 million a year for what? He should have let it go to arbitration & walked away if the price was too high. I’m hearing rumors that Fergie is going after Marchment & Dafoe.If they sign Marchment when is Coliaccovo going to play?. I do agree we do need toughness on the blue line maybe he should have thought of that before he resigned Berg & Kaberle.A guy like Cullimore would have been a good fit here I think.Dafoe?,I understand it’s for insurance purposes if Eddie is aching but why sign Dafoe when you could sign a guy like Potvin or Schwabb for even cheaper than Dafoe who still thinks he’s a starter.Those are my thoughts!