Leaf jersey's forbidden in Ottawa?

The Ottawa Senators have officially become the lamest team in sports. Apparently they have passed a bylaw which forbides anyone from wearing Leaf jersey’s at the Correl centre. Anyone wearing a Leaf jersey will be made to pay small fee, which is a donation to the local food bank.

Disclaimer: I don’t have a source for this article, I heard it from a friend, who heard it on the radio. And I have no clue what station. (HTR NOTE: Source – RDS.ca)

This has got to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. What a waste of tax money, do the politicans in Ottawa have nothing better to do with their time?

I mean I realize that most people at Sens and Leaf games at the Correl Centre are Leaf fans…but this is just so lame. If you want more Sens fans at games, why not try marketing your team more?

I’ve never heard of any other team in sports ever, doing something so utterly stupid, lame etc…

What’s next, fining people for chanting ”go Leafs go”?

And I wonder will the Leaf players have to pay the fee too? I mean they will be wearing Leaf jerseys.