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Ok, I would like to say, WOW! A lot of good trades today on Tues .Feb. 27 Trade Deadline Day. I know a lot is happening today, but I have to ask, what do you think the Leaf’ Lines will be, on the return of Wellwood, Tucker, Kubina, Peca, and the 3rd time Leafs, Perreult?

I think they would be like this:


Tucker Sundin Wellwood

Poni Perreult Antropov

Steen Stajan O’Neill

Bates Peca Pohl


Kaberle Kubina

McCabe Carlo

White Gill




I know your going to call me crazy, but think hard about it, we have a lot of players, which forces, good players, like Peca to the forth round. I don’t know what do you think, tell me YOUR lines!

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  1. Aetherial says:

    … will do when I get a chance thanks.

  2. 92-93 says:

    hey, i'm pretty quick when it comes to praising myself….  hehehe.

  3. 92-93 says:

    um, yeah … so you want to combine something i said last season (re: UFA season) with one this past season? thats smart thinking (Lol).

    so yeah, lets review:

    sign ONE of McKee or Mitchell. you have 3 … that is 1-2-3 … spots open for young players with McCabe, Kaberle, and UFA D-guy and 3 spots open for young players (White, Coliacovo, Kronvall/Woz).

    that is what i have said and always said.
    got it? good.

    to compare Mats and Gill is stupid. plain ol' stupid. Gill is not the captain, Mats is. it is part of his duties as a captain to bridge the gap between the team and everyone else.

    youre hilarious. yeah, if we cheered a little louder we'd have a winning team. LOL. so i'll bring my decible measuring device to the next leaf game: 'come on leaf fans, if we hit the 8.2 mark, the leafs will kill off this PK and Gill won't be beated to the outside on the next rush and McCabe won't give the puck away in the next 5 minutes.'


  4. 92-93 says:

    wow. someone actually reads on this site.

  5. 92-93 says:

    again, thanks. too bad the simple act of being literate and being able to read what i said and understand it with out distoring it is now on the same level as being something brilliant.

  6. 92-93 says:

    beated = beaten

    and by the way, its not loyalty i despise, its the fact that some fans cannot let other fans be critical of their team without calling them traitors or bandwagon/fairweather fans.

  7. tucksfan says:

    season lineup after tucker returns




    playoff lineups after injuries heal (providing they make the post season)


    D is same as season
    goalie same as season
    spares- bates-green-belak


  8. lukeleim says:

    fire John Ferguson Jr. Please!

  9. sufferingleaf says:

    As usual The Leafs make the same stupid move old guy for youth and draft picks. Wake up blinded Leaf fans Leafs arent making playoffs if they do there out in first round. Leafs are too slow(see perrault) look at the Buffalo they were missing 8 guys and the Leafs looked like they were standing still. I got no problem trading Bell but for draft choices or a prospect not some old guy. 

    Of course the proper move would have been to ged rid of Sundin and Tucker look at what teams got for worse players the Leafs could have rebuilt the proper way draft choces and prospects. The Leafs are never going to win a cup with Sundin and by the time there even close Sundin will be wey too old too play. AS usual the Leafs miss the boat Sundin will never be worth more than he is now the proper move would have been to trade him.  

  10. I-BE-LEAF says:

    my appologies for missing your posts last season.  i'll start reading the archives immediately (Lol).

    how did i compare Gill and Sundin?  i stated the facts.  however, let me make sure i get you straight… a reporter sticks a microphone in a player's face and asks about the "booing" and they should reply "don't ask me.  ask Mats.  he's the captain."  it's called an opinion and i'm proud of Gill for sticking up for his team.

    i'm glad you find me hilarious, 92-93 because something has to balance you off and you sir are a bad joke.  fans will always be a factor in any sport.  teams have and always will rally around their fan's energy.

    you know, for someone who constantly states in other posts that they don't want a pissing match, you sure behave in an antagonistic, sarcastic, and arrogant manner.  got it?  good.

  11. I-BE-LEAF says:

    apologies for behaving childish with the "bad joke" comment i made towards you, 92-93.  very poor on my part.

    Leafs rule!

  12. 92-93 says:

    not sure what you mean by 'balance me off.' i give credit where credit is due and i certainly dont mind letting people know that i had predicted things correctly (AND incorrectly in the past). thus, its not a matter of ego, its a matter of reviewing and revision.

    yes, you stated the facts, but you forgot the CONTEXT. facts without context – i.e. saying that Gill and Sundin said the same thing and not mentioning Sundin's role with the team – are useless.

    and yes you did compare Mats when you said to me 'oh so you disagree with Gill, well would you disagree with Mats'? you implicitly compared the two.

    sorry for the antagonism, but if you cannot take it, dont bother dishing it out in the first place (please review your initial response to ME to see where this began).

  13. 92-93 says:

    no prob.

    in the future i'll try to be less sandpaper-ish in my comments.

  14. leafmeister says:

    For Friday in New Jersey the lines should look something like this.

    The big line needs to be spit up. They have been doing nothing lately and Steen with O'neill and Sundin have had good chemestry in the past.

  15. I-BE-LEAF says:

    the "balance you off" comment was part of my poor behavior that i apologized for.  balance = i'm hilarious / you're a bad joke.  again, sorry.

    i disagree with the whole context retort.  yes Sundin is the captain and obviously his support for McCabe comes with the role but to say Gill shouldn't speak up if he feels the need to is crazy talk.  i think it's great that Gill has the heart to speak his mind on the matter.

    again, let me understand your comment about Gill shutting up and sitting down… that statement was directed at him because he isn't the captain?  or you believe anyone who questions the "boo-birds" after McCabe's performance should zip it up and accept it?

    pardon but questioning your position on the Leaf's defense wasn't antagonistic.  based on the posting you and i had in the past regarding the Leaf's D, it caught me off guard to read you taking a different stance on the matter.  how was i to know you only wanted one defensive blue liner during the UFA period?  we merely spoke of who the Leaf's should have gone after and how much Ferguson either paid or overpaid for them.

    [sigh] the sad part is, here we go back and forth over all this when in reality i agree with you.  part of the Leaf's defensive issues comes from the fact that they have been playing 5 offensive minded defensemen all season.  poor Gill is often hung out to dry when he's the only true defensive D-man that we've been playing all year.  still, when White and Colaiacovo play as well as they have, it must have made it hard to replace either of them with Wozniewski, Kronwall, or Harrison.

    for future reference i will try not to call people out on their opinion's.  i can see how that may only lead to head-butting and i certainly know better than that.

    "McCabe shoots… he scores!!!!!"  😀

    go Leafs, go!

  16. leaflova says:

    ya i agree, but he automaticaly gets to play so..

  17. Hoondog2 says:

    my playoff lines

    Poni           Sundin            Antro
    Steen         Stajan            O,neill
    Tucker        Perreault        Welly
    *Pohl          Peca              Kilger

    *Battaglia, Green, Devereaux, Belak

    Kaberle                    Kubina
    Colaiacove               McCabe
    White                      Gill


      I must admit booing Raycroft and McCabe will do no good at this point of the season,  it will only create a resentment towards the fans by the team.  Having said that, I also think JFJ needs to know how the fans feel about McCabe so he can make the proper adjustments in the offseason.  Like it or not McCabe is well liked and respected in the dressing room, and keeping him for the playoffs was the best move.

      As far as Sundin, and Gill defending their teammates after the game, it only shows that this room is pretty tight.  Of course they defended them, that's what good teammates do.

    In the offseason

    McCabe to Islanders for Satan-salaries are close and Satan has 1 year left.

    Gill to Sharks for Bell-salaries are close and Woz., or Kronwall can do Gill's job

    Do what ever possible to acquire a solid back-up that can handle spot duty as a starter if Raycroft begins to falter

    Ponik.          Sundin            Antro
    Steen           Stajan            Satan
    Tucker          Welly              Bell
    Battaglia        Pohl              Kilger

    Kaberle                Kubina
    White                  Colaiacovo
    Woz.                   Kronwall

    See what else they have in house during preseason to make these lines better Tlusty, Kulemin, Earl, Vorobiev, Stralman, Williams, Etc….

    O'neill, Peca, Perreault, – let them walk

  18. 92-93 says:

    Gill is a douche anyways. he feels the sting because he has heard Boston fans boo him countless times and he'll feel the leafs fans wrath soon enough. Gill can say whatever he wants, but telling fans to be fans via 'fan 101' is both presumptuous and simplistic. 

    fans are their to cheer, but they are also there to let players know their disatisfaction. if he doesnt like it, he should quit hockey. Sundin's response is much more measured – as is Raycrofts and even McCabe's. 

    again, i dont mind the Gill signing for 900K. he's effective SOMETIMES but is often ineffective as well. much of my bile is directed at JFJ for signing him and more with JFJ for signing McCabe to a no-movement clause and Kubina for $5 million.

    we also had a debate about Pohl (if i recall correctly), and Antropov, and both players – when they have played – have played very well and effectively. 

    by all means, call me out when you disagree with me. i'll try to be less corrosive in my response. but it is frustrating to type the same thing over and over and over again over a long, long period of time … then to have someone come back and say that i am talking out of both sides of my mouth. 

    there is nothing wrong with revising and updating ones own opinons and changing them – i have done that with my assessment of Antropov last year and O'Neill this year. but in terms of the defence, my stance has always been consistent. for example (and once again i'll lay it all out:

    White-Kronvall/Woz …….. younger, cheaper, more effective defence. 

    but instead JFJ wanted to be redundant and get more offensive D-men types – re: Kubina – AND go after a D-guy in Gill who has had some troubles adjusting to the new NHL with Boston last year (not to mention the term and amount of the deal he signed).

    and of course this kind of foresight is not limited to me by any stretch of the imagination. A guy like Aetherial has been saying the exact same thing as well as others. i've taken a lot of flack because i have been more ostensible and vocal about NOT backing off my initial assessments of these signings and players. so forgive me if i decide to be a little immature and say 'i told you so' when some other people on this site begin to realize what has been obvious for a very long time.

    McCabe will rebound. but he'll give the puck away – that is why his name is Bryan McGiveaway. Just like Gill will be beated to the outside on countless more occassions. the hope for me is the younger players really shine on the blueline and that the overall team defensive play improves to cover up for these guys' mistakes as much as possible … AND for Gill and McCabe to contribute in ways that they have already shown that they are capable of (re: PK and PP/offense, respectively).

  19. 92-93 says:

    1) play Aubin, Woz, Williams, etc. to give the latter 2 experience and to see if the former is worth resigning in the offseason. Compare Perrault's performance on both ends of the ice to Peca's overall game before he was injured in order to choose which one to resign.

    2) find a way to trade one of the 3 D-guys (Gill, Kubina, or get McCabe to waive his no-trade clause). 

    3) resign your RFAs (Poni, Steen, Coliacovo, Woz, White, Williams) and UFAs (Antropov, O'Neill, Battaglia, Devereaux) to reasonable contracts.

    4) decide on Peca versus Perrault – if the latter even wants to stay in T.O. if not, sign Peca but for no more than $2 million. if not, let Peca go.

    5) Let Aubin go, along with Green, and finally, please, waive Wade Belak.

    6) draft the right players at the draft

    7) sign a first line winger for Mats during the UFA period (my picks: Smyth, Blake, or Nagy if either one them is available). Sign an effective back-up and potential #1 goaltender (again, Nolan Schaefer for a 7th rounder would have been nice, but other options: Sanford, Backstrom, even Joseph if he signs for half of what he is making now, or resign Aubin).

    the key here is to try and trade one of the 3 defensmen mentioned above. Kubina and Gill are untradeable IMO, or at least until a GM makes a bad panic decision at next year's deadline. McCabe has a no-trade clause. good luck JFJ. the reason for this move is that, despite the rise in the cap next season, Sundin's contract will count for $6.3 million against the cap and the Leafs won't have much room to move once most of the resignings are made (UFAs, RFAs).

    if they want to make a serious bid for either Smyth or someone else, they'll have to clear some cap space, and saying goodbye to Peca won't be enough, even if Perrault is let go as well.

  20. 92-93 says:

    [extra: Battaglia, Belak, leafs will not waive Belak, they love him]
    [call-up: Williams, Newbury]

    Plenty of depth here just like this past season. but a front line winger is needed. Or, the alternative is to go after one of Datsyuk, Briere, Drury, or Gomez in the off-season, threby letting both Perrault and Peca go and neglecting the wings for another year:

    [extra: Belak, p.s. dont get panties in a knot over Sundin being on the 2nd line]
    [call-up: Williams, Newbury]

    Another big reason why hopefully Jeremy Williams will get some playing time: hopefully he'll prove one of Antropov or O'Neill as expendable for next season on the right side.

  21. Kraut182 says:

    I think Aubin is terrible, and its pretty obvious that Maurice agrees otherwise he wouldn't have played Raycroft 20+ games in a row.  Aubin played pretty well down the stretch last season, but it was magnified by the Leafs playing great and him getting a little luck.

    I hope/expect that JFJ (or whoever is in charge) will find a different (although similar in experience and pay) back up.

  22. leafsbabe says:

    You people are KILLING me!  IF RaySOFT begins to falter?  Has anyone actually watched a Leafs game this season?  Sure the guy will stand on his head and be great for a game or two, but even in those games he lets in those mouse fart goals.  That totally deflates the team, everyone plays worse because they know if the other team gets anywhere near the blue line the odds are in their favour the puck is going to go in the net.  He will make UNBELIEVEABLE saves, and then let a squeaker go between his legs because he rarely plays with his stick down to help block down low.  I can't see the Leafs making the playoffs, and the main reason is the goaltending.  He may be a solid backup, but thats about it.  My stomach turned upside down at the end of the deadline when we didn't even try to make a move for a better goalie.  Thank you JFJ for completely crushing any hope of making the playoffs! 

  23. justin_6 says:


  24. leafsrule31 says:

    and you just saved me from sharing my point of view on it.

    couldnt agree more. this team needs new management and a steadfast gameplan bad. i'm almost contemplating throwing in the towel before i suffer another 20 years.

  25. tmlfan03 says:

    ya dont break up poni sundin and Antropov

    i think the lines would be

    Poni sundin Antropov

    pohl Perreult Wellwood

    Tucker  Peca Bates

    Steen Stajan O'Neill


    Kaberle Kubina

    McCabe Carlo

    White Gill




    thts my lines in nhl 07 but bates isnt there but i am soo ya

  26. sufferingleaf says:

    Wellwood has proven he plays better with Poni and Antro he's a better playmaker than Sundin. Hopefully when we miss the playoffs this year the Leafs will wake up and trade Sundin get something for him while we can and free up cap space to aquire a good  young star something we havent had since Sittler Gilmour was older already when we got him. Supposedly there are Tampa players that will br available next year those are the guys we weant.

  27. lukeleim says:

    lineup for Friday's game vs. New Jersey:

    Steen – Sundin – Antropov
    Ponikarovsky – Perreault – O'Neill
    Kilger – Stajan – Green
    Battaglia – Pohl –  Devereaux

    Kaberle – McCabe
    Colaiacovo – Wozniewski
    Gill – White


  28. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    If I were Leafs GM, I would do




  29. polastem says:

    Leafs fans had every right to boo. You spend how much money to see a game for possibly the first time and they play like that? They're supposed to be doing the cup drive (cause they obviously didn't sell at the deadline for prospects and picks) and when they show up (or don't show up) then you have the right to critizise. Hell, I boo a movie I didn't like and it only cost me 7 bucks. This is like 200 dollars to see a game just for one person, I think they have the right.

  30. leafmeister says:

    good lines just make the 4th line the 3rd
     line and you got it

  31. shakrmakr says:

    Wellwood – Sundin – Ponikarovsky
    tucker – Perreault – O'Neill
    Steen – Stajan – Pohl
    Devereaux – Peca – Battaglia

    Out: Kilger, Antropov, Belak, Williams

    Kubina – Kaberle
    Mccabe Colaiacovo
    White – gill

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