Leaf Logo To Receive A Makeover?

The Maple Leafs have not yet seen the final product that the National Hockey League expects them to wear next season, but some are already anticipating a public backlash if the Leaf logo is tinkered with.

Reebok and the NHL will introduce the new uniforms, both jerseys, and socks, at the all-star game next week in Dallas. But word has it that they favor a more youthful modern day player.

The uniforms will be lighter and hold less water when the players sweat. There also is speculation there will be minor tinkering with the Leafs logo that could have the Leaf faithful up in arms.

What does Darcy Tucker think of the new uniforms?

“Don’t know, don’t care,” Tucker said. “Don’t even want to look at them until I put them on.”

One thing about the uniforms and possible logo switch… It can’t be any worse then Buffalo.

38 Responses to Leaf Logo To Receive A Makeover?

  1. mtlman2005 says:

    tucker is a retard…

  2. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    The sports news channel have done a poor job of covering tis. Is the NHL trying to change the leafs logo or MLSE

  3. Cleets says:

    Seeing as how the Leafs always dominate the Sens in the playoffs, shouldn't it be a Leaf crushing the head of a Senator?

  4. PhanufRoxs says:

    Hey the Sens don't get dominated in the playoffs by the Leafs. The last time they played, it went to 7 games retard, and even when they do "dominate" the Sens, they lose in the next round. It's been like that since 1967!

  5. LeafyMcLeaf says:


    Apr 12 Ottawa Senators 0 2 at Toronto Maple Leafs (Owned)
    Apr 15 Ottawa Senators 1 5 at Toronto Maple Leafs (Owned)
    Apr 17 Toronto Maple Leafs 3 4 at Ottawa Senators
    Apr 19 Toronto Maple Leafs 1 2 at Ottawa Senators
    Apr 22 Ottawa Senators 1 2 at Toronto Maple Leafs 00:14:47 OT
    Apr 24 Toronto Maple Leafs 4 2 at Ottawa Senators (Owned)


    Apr 13 Toronto Maple Leafs 1 0 at Ottawa Senators 00:10:49 OT
    Apr 14 Toronto Maple Leafs 3 0 at Ottawa Senators
    Apr 16 Ottawa Senators 2 3 at Toronto Maple Leafs 00:02:16 OT
    Apr 18 Ottawa Senators 1 3 at Toronto Maple Leafs

    Just… owned…


    May 2 Ottawa Senators 5 0 at Toronto Maple Leafs
    May 4 Ottawa Senators 2 3 at Toronto Maple Leafs 00:44:30 OT
    May 6 Toronto Maple Leafs 2 3 at Ottawa Senators
    May 8 Toronto Maple Leafs 2 1 at Ottawa Senators
    May 10 Ottawa Senators 4 2 at Toronto Maple Leafs
    May 12 Toronto Maple Leafs 4 3 at Ottawa Senators
    May 14 Ottawa Senators 0 3 at Toronto Maple Leafs

    Apr 8 Ottawa Senators 4 2 at Toronto Maple Leafs
    Apr 10 Ottawa Senators 0 2 at Toronto Maple Leafs
    Apr 12 Toronto Maple Leafs 2 0 at Ottawa Senators
    Apr 14 Toronto Maple Leafs 1 4 at Ottawa Senators
    Apr 16 Ottawa Senators 0 2 at Toronto Maple Leafs
    Apr 18 Toronto Maple Leafs 1 2 at Ottawa Senators 00:21:47 OT
    Apr 20 Ottawa Senators 1 4 at Toronto Maple Leafs

    The Toronto Maple Leafs are 16-8 versus the Sens in the playoffs.

  6. habskovalev27 says:

    Maybe Buffalo is ugly but at least, they are #1……

  7. goleafsgo16 says:

    This idea of bringing in a different kind of jersey is stupid. And so is the idea of changing the leafs logo.

  8. PastParticiple says:

    Ottawa in front of toronto … owned

  9. HotDogAllDressed says:

    why do these internet nerds always say owned

  10. turkel says:

    makeover to the leaf uniform? you idiots, why not a makeover to the leaf roster! why mess around with one of the sharpest logos in the league. would you mess around with the canadiens logo? blackhawks?  i would hope not, in my opinion original 6 teams logos should not be messed around with, and yes i realize the leaf logo has been modernized 3 or so times. you know what, untill i see the new one, then i'll decide. i heard from bill waters that the matching pants look ridiculous

  11. hattrick44 says:

    Oct 5 3-2 SO Sens Alfie 2 Goals
    Oct 10 6-5 SO Sens Spezza 2 Goals 1 Assist
    Oct 29 8-0 Sens Heatley 4 Goals
    Dec 17 8-2 Sens Spezza 1 Goal 2 Assists
    Jan 21 7-0 Sens Spezza 1 Goal 2 Assists
    Jan 23 4-3 Sens Heatley 2 Assists
    Mar 4 4-2 Sens Heatley 1 Goal 1 Assist
    Apr 15 5-1 Leafs Heatley 1 Goal


    Oct 4 4-1 Sens Heatley 2 Assists
    Oct 5 6-0 Leafs Emery 15 Saves 1 GA
    Oct 24 6-2 Sens Eaves 1 Goal 1 Assist
    Oct 26 7-2 Sens Spezza 1 Goal 4 Assists
    Dec 30 3-2 Sens Kelly 1 Goal 2 Assists

  12. TheDugg1er says:

    Well if the new logo is bad at least their uniforms will match how they play. I'm still celebrating the canucks crushing defeat over them last week, and you guys can't do anything about it unless you make it to the cup finals. Only way the canucks will lose this year is if they play minnesota in the playoffs, then we're screwed.

  13. EasternHockey says:

    Hey, how did they do in 2006 again?

  14. polastem says:

    How is his not caring what the uniforms are make him a retard? You're a dumbass, yeah… I don't need proof, but you're a *****ing dumbass…

  15. polastem says:

    No idea, but I hate them all.

  16. polastem says:

    Toronto didn't make the playoffs, so you can't assume anything based on their regular season performance. As a matter of a fact, if it were based on the regular season, wouldn't Ottawa have won the cup last year? Hmm, interesting. Regular season means nothing as long as you have a playoff birth, Toronto didn't land one, and while Ottawa spent years out of the playoffs drafting high picks, the Leafs have been blowing away their youth to do endless playoff runs. So now that the Leafs are slumping off, it will giv them the opportunity to rebuild their team as well. Guess we'll have to see in 5 years on who is and isn't "owned", ya damn tards.

  17. Archion113 says:

    Are you serious?

    Canucks aren't even a contender in my opinion.  They'll make the playoffs, but they're not making the 3rd round.

    Don't kid yourself.

    Nashville, Detroit, Anaheim, San Jose, and Dallas are all better teams, and i'm not just talking points wise.

    Northwest division is ugly.  Canucks suck, Flames are fun to watch but choke in playoffs, Minnesota is just lame, colorado has no goaltending, edmonton probally won't make the playoffs.

    Stanley Cup is going to the Atlantic division again.

    Atlantic vs Pacific

  18. woodsco85 says:

    Just to be clear it is not just the Leafs changing their style of the uniform, EVERY TEAM will wear the new uniforms unveiled next week. And it is the NHL interested in changing up the Logo

  19. rojoke says:

    The logos are the property of the individual teams, so Reebok doing anything to them would have to come with the approval of the team.  They can't just hand over a jersey and say, here's your new logo.  The league does have some approval over logos, but ultimately it's up to the teams to make a final decision.

  20. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Ya, and with what was like a playoff game, the April 15th game, the Sens having the chance to eliminate the Leafs mathematically, and guarantee themselves the first spot, they failed, and were owned…

    Too bad Tampa won that game later that night.

  21. NjDEVSFN says:

    i cant believe that the Devils are the only team (so far) to not endorse the idea of new jerseys

    now no one is 100% sure what aspect of the new jersey's the Devils have not endorsed, maybe it is something with the size of the logo, or perhaps the striping on the elbow/waist.

    i guess we have to wait until wednesday when everything goes on sale

    however, i cannot believe that ANY of the Original 6 would want their jersey's altered at all. i mean, the blackhawks uni hasnt changed since ive been a fan and neither has Montreals…some minor changes in the others (such as addition of worthless "3rd" jersey – they are all ugly)

    i hope the jersey's are more colorful like in the 80s when the Devils, Nordiques, NorthStars etc had beautifully colored away jerseys (sort of like Vancouver's home jersey/3rd jersey)

  22. habs_win_cup_2007 says:

    I find it funny, that this topic is suppose to be about the leafs logo changing, and there has been more talk about the sens and leafs playoff record against each other.

    Is it so hard to stick to the topic at hand?

  23. adambuffalo says:

    here is a link with the new uniforms:


    and here is a link believed to be the new leafs logo:


    The new uniforms are fine.  Not what the original change was supposed to be (how stupid would it have looked if they were tucking in their jerseys?)

    The new leafs logo doesn't look bad, but what exactly is the point?  Not enough of a change to bother with.  Guess the Leaf orginization just wants to sell even more uniforms.

    The NHL also stated that there will be no more third jerseys worn next year.  I agree and disagree with this.  I agree that teams shouldn't gesign a third uniform just to sell more jerseys.  I disagree because I think teams should be able to wear retro style jerseys as their third jersey.

  24. trakman says:

    Leafs should have a logo that is just a big FAT ZERO and the year 1967 in there somewhere to show how useless of an organization they have been and continue to be.

    Tucker is a retard yes.

    As for the logo – it sucks and always has.  I would prefer that ugly hockey rink and stick that vancouver had (which my 7 year old could design a better logo than that!).

    Leafs in last – where they should be…


  25. muckies says:

    Only problem with that theory is Ottawa has made the playoffs for 9 straight years while Toronto has missed them twice in that time, and  both teams have only been to the Conference Finals once, and now Ottawa's franchise is about 100% better positioned then Toronto. OUr Leading goals scorer is Called Heatley nad he's 24, your' si called Tucker and he's 31. Our #1 Center Spezza is 23, Sundin is 34.

    So we have youth, and some of the best in the league. You guys have a bunch of middling young guys like Stajan and Steen and Wellwood who aren't true star talents, and a goalie that looks like he'd be a back-up on most other NHL teams.

    Good luck with that

  26. KDP1316669 says:

    they post this crap and take long posting the real stuff

  27. Cleets says:

    Let's see….in 4 playoff series….the Sens have won…..0!

    I would say that's domination. Fully and completely.
    You lose a series 4-3 or 4-0…the result at the end of that series is still elimination….and seeing as how the Sens have beat the Leafs in the playoffs a total of zero, and I repeat ZERO!, times, they are DOMINATED by the LEAFS in the playoffs.


  28. muckies says:

    Yeah I know and hear that line from you Laugh Fans all the time,
    it if wasn't for your playoff success against the Sens, since 1967 you guys would have nothing, absolutely nothing to be proud of.


    You take your little 1st round victories to bed with you, I hope that makes you happy….


  29. Cleets says:

    If winning the stanley cup is your definition of 'accomplishing something', then the Leafs have accomplished just as much as the Sens.

    Yeah I know and hear that line from you Sens Fans all the time, we haven't been in the league since '67….but if it wasn't for you regular season success, you guys would have nothing, absolutely nothing to be proud of.

    All you can do is beat teams in the regular season and then *cough*, excuse me, CHOKE in the playoffs.

    You take your little regular season victories to bed with you, I hope that makes you happy.

    Bigger retard.

  30. muckies says:

    What do the Leafs have to proud of in the last 20 eyars, theye were apparent Stanley Cup Contenders every season, and what did they ever do. Didn't they get 9 shots against NJ when NJ eliminated them after Domi cheap shoted Neidermeyer. The season beofre that didn't they get 12 shots in the game they got eliminated in?

    What do you call that?  If that isn't chocking at it's best, what is.

    You take your little idea that Raycroft is great and your little JFJ trades to bed with you guy, have fun looking at other teams win Cups for the next 10 years because your team isn't even close to competing for a Cup.

  31. buds8 says:


    "Tucker is a retard!" ????????

    WTF??? That's all you got?  You Sabres and Sens fans better start sucking the *****s of Leafs nation, because if it wasn't for us you wouldn't have the only 4 sellouts (actual sell out where the fans are in the seats) to report on your financial statements!

    Just so you know, THOSE ARE OUR SECOND HOMES!  *****es!


  32. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    the leafs logo is better than the sens, Rangers, flyers logo's. IMO the sharks have the best logo, but the Leafs logo is great.

    useless organization eh, led the league in profits last year. how about the other 29 useless organizations that overspent and caused the lockout.

  33. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    if that is the new leafs logo, i will be pissed. that thing is hideous

  34. leafmeister says:

    Yeah and in the playoffs you fizzle every time.

  35. Cleets says:

    Can you stay on one argument at a time????

    1) First, I said the Leafs dominate the Sens in the playoffs.
    2) Then it was said they don't because the last series went to 7 games.
    3) I said, it is domination because regardless of the length, they still won 4 out of 4 series.
    4) Then you said the Leafs are unsuccessful and have nothing to be proud of because they haven't won a cup since 67.
    5) Then I said, well your definition of the Leafs matches the Sens since they have not won a cup either.
    6) Then you say the Leafs are contenders every year and I believe in JFJ and Raycroft.

    When in reality…

    I never said the Leafs were winning the cup….and contrary to your thinking, I don't think Raycroft and JFJ are the answer. The Leafs will be lucky to make the playoffs. That's agreed.

    In fact, it is OTTAWA that is always favoured to win the cup….and they too, still haven't done jack sh*t. So while I do look at other teams winning the cup…I'm still not seeing Ottawa win it either.

    But I'd rather have a team that over-achieved than under-achieved any day….which is usually the case with the Leafs and Sens respectively.

    As I stated from the start, the Leafs have the Sens number in the playoffs, where the real hockey matters. True story, case closed.

    …oh wait, what's your argument stupid?

  36. Garniss says:

    sounds like leafs are more focused on beating ottawa than winning the stanley cup…maybe if they switched there focus to something smart they wouldn' be in a 40 year drought

  37. Cleets says:

    Quite the reverse actually. I remember living in Ottawa and listening to the Fan 590 the morning after the Sens played a great game and easily beat a team. The fans calling in would talk more about how much they hated the Leafs than their own teams win last night….and the Leafs hadn't played in 2 days!

    So you tell me who's more focused on who.

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