Leaf Press Conference Called

The Toronto Star reports that the Maple Leafs have called a press conference for today, in which they are expected to be announcing that Pat Quinn has stepped down as general manager, they also expect that Bill Watters will announce that he has been let go.

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  1. big_booty says:


  2. wrightstuff77 says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you but I wouls assume anyone would be interested in a change in General Manager, considering this is HTR, and the G.M. largely makes those decisions.

    If they are saying quinn is out, I wonder who’s in? It’s a shame they’re treating Watters so poorly, typical Leafs don’t have a lot of class in these decisions.


  3. Hockeyguy9 says:

    Good its about time that Pat Quinn steps down as GM. He wasnt that bad of a GM but he also coached at the same time which can and was very stressful for him. It really showed alot during his final 2 years of being a GM especially when he was hospitilized during last years playoffs. But this is a step in the right direction nontheless but i wonder who is going to be his replacement???? That Tambellini character sounds like he’d fit well here in Toronto but yunno the Leafs always full of suprises so we’ll just have to see!!!

  4. tharock098 says:

    im not completely sure of this, but both tsn and the toronto star didnt say anything about announcing a replacement, im not sure if he will, but dont count on it.

  5. Leaf_Expert says:

    `~`~”Real Thugs Get Down,,,,On Da Flo….On Da Flo….”~

    `~`~”Real Thugs Get Down,,,,On Da Flo….On Da Flo….”~

    “Like A Pimp”….

    STCP- New Alliances Are Coming!

  6. swedishvoice says:

    Al thow it might be harder on the devils if the leafs get a REAL GM, I gotta I’m happy for you guys. May be the hopes for a cup is not so far away now, just have to wait fore Quin to fail as coach when he is not GM and that will take like half a seson. Then he’l be saced…

  7. Rampage_Winger says:


  8. TML51 says:

    Indeed…YAWN. I can’t wait for July 1st to pass. Hockey news is getting a little lean.

    I listened to this press conference, and all it turned out to be was the Leaf brass telling us about changes that we already knew were happening.

  9. BabyLeaf says:

    I thought that Ken Dryden was suppose to get fired?

    Well glad Pat Quinn is only going to be the coach now!

  10. calflyers says:

    Here’s a “cut and paste” for ya Leaf fans…

    “the Original Six club hasn’t won the Stanley Cup since 1967”

    bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

    Eat it Leaf_Novice!

  11. MantaRay says:

    The purpose of this post?

    I can’t wait for the next post that Pat Quinn had a bowel movement. Relax Leaf fans, no one has forgotten about you.

  12. Pokecheck89 says:

    hey, who cares, we needed someone to post something about the Leafs. We havnt had a post since Wednesday and it was titled “Realistic Options for the Maple Leafs”

    Go Leafs Go

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