Leaf rumors finally pleasing me…

Every deadline there are at least a few hundred Leaf rumors floating around. The thing that scared me is that most of them were for soft players like Kovalev. My preference in players is a Canadian who can hit, an American ain’t so bad either, but I like the North American game.

Alot of trade deadlines I’ve heard rumors of Kovalev, or someone of that nature, and I get very scared. Now eventually, this fear stops, because the Leafs generally get who I want them to get, I’m very good at calling trades. JFJ and Pat Quinn both prefer North Americans, it’s obvious. They took Nolan over Kovalev, Leetch over Gonchar, they always get the guy I want.

But alot of the time, there are still rumors of players who play a skill and no hit style of game, who are from nowhere near here comming to play for Toronto. Now, I don’t mind European players, I don’t mind them being on the Leafs, I wouldn’t want to see Sundin, Steen, Tellqvist, or Kaberle go right now, but like many Leaf fans, I like the players from around Toronto.

These players include Wellwood, Stajan, Colaiacovo, Lindros, Allison, O’neill, McCabe, Kilger, Domi, and Harrison.

I’ve pretty much got my wish. I haven’t heard a single European to the Leafs rumor this year. I’ve heard alot of crazy Leaf rumors as every deadline, Murray, Richards, Roenick, Blake, Tanguay, Arnason, and many more, but they seem to be going in a direction I like.

Wouldn’t it be cool if a team could put together the first all-Canadian cup winner since 1974? I wouldn’t want the Leafs to do it. It would suck without Poni, Steen, Kronwall, Klee, Telly, and Sundin.

I don’t mind the Europeans, but getting Canadians pleases me…