Leaf rumors finally pleasing me…

Every deadline there are at least a few hundred Leaf rumors floating around. The thing that scared me is that most of them were for soft players like Kovalev. My preference in players is a Canadian who can hit, an American ain’t so bad either, but I like the North American game.

Alot of trade deadlines I’ve heard rumors of Kovalev, or someone of that nature, and I get very scared. Now eventually, this fear stops, because the Leafs generally get who I want them to get, I’m very good at calling trades. JFJ and Pat Quinn both prefer North Americans, it’s obvious. They took Nolan over Kovalev, Leetch over Gonchar, they always get the guy I want.

But alot of the time, there are still rumors of players who play a skill and no hit style of game, who are from nowhere near here comming to play for Toronto. Now, I don’t mind European players, I don’t mind them being on the Leafs, I wouldn’t want to see Sundin, Steen, Tellqvist, or Kaberle go right now, but like many Leaf fans, I like the players from around Toronto.

These players include Wellwood, Stajan, Colaiacovo, Lindros, Allison, O’neill, McCabe, Kilger, Domi, and Harrison.

I’ve pretty much got my wish. I haven’t heard a single European to the Leafs rumor this year. I’ve heard alot of crazy Leaf rumors as every deadline, Murray, Richards, Roenick, Blake, Tanguay, Arnason, and many more, but they seem to be going in a direction I like.

Wouldn’t it be cool if a team could put together the first all-Canadian cup winner since 1974? I wouldn’t want the Leafs to do it. It would suck without Poni, Steen, Kronwall, Klee, Telly, and Sundin.

I don’t mind the Europeans, but getting Canadians pleases me…

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  1. The-President says:

    Listen up, stop patting yourself on the back, I dont know why people respect you so much as a Leaf Fan, When you post things most of the time it sounds retarded, and you stated the other day that your reasoning behind your lineup in an article was because it seemed to work on NHL 2006 that is the most rediculous thing I have ever heard! Your not the most knowledgable Leaf Fan, Their are plenty better then you, including myself, You wanted 2 players in Nolan, and Leetch, well hate to tell you but Kovalev probably would have been better, Nolan was a bust, and Leetch, he was good for like the 12 games that he was here. Face it at the time of those trades Gonchar was a better player then Leetch, dont deny it, as of now I know all of these players are struggling, but just because you wanted 2 players and the Leafs got them, did you know who they were going to give up? Probably not, do you regret giving up Boyes, Mccauley, and a 1st for Nolan, Because I know I do. How about Leetch, a 1st, Kondratiev, and Immonen? Well if thats what you wanted then your clearly dumb! Ok thats all I have to say, stop acting like your awesome

  2. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Yes, we got jipped on both deals, but I’d rather have had them for the short time they were here then Gonchar, for a couple weeks (for Shaone Morrison, decent player) and Kovalev because those two can’t hit. Before you knock someone else, submit some articles for yourself.

    As I said, the “be the GM” articles are all based on fantasy trades and what not, at least I’m not like some Leaf fans, a first round pick for Hedjuk, most of them are examples of how things could go if I ran the team. Please, just shut up and get your head out of your ass.

  3. The-President says:

    Dude, Your 13, go back to class; the one article I wrote is much better then all of yours combined, reason being, I’m more knowledgable then you, in life and hockey, you play your video game and come up with possible trades. Of course you wouldnt say the Hejduk trade because that wouldnt work in your video game. YOu need to stop bragging about how much you supposedly know, and now your acting like Cleo the psycic, like you called all the trades, bullshite, Kovolev and Gonchar would have put our Powerplay over the top that year, and I bet you that, and I am very optimistic about this, if we got those players, we would have won the Stanley cup, The team back then was very good, along with those two additions, we would have been over the top. Did you see how cheap Kovalev came for during that trade deadline? Same with Gonchar, we paid more then the teams that aquired them for garbage.. Do me a favor and educate yourself alittle more on the Leafs, but I understand, your only 13…

  4. Oley says:

    yeah man that was a stupid post. euros r just as good as any1 else. please before you post think about what your posting because like what that other guy said most of ur posts r stupid. think b4 u post.

  5. The-President says:

    Good to know somebody else agrees.

  6. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    You see, Oley, what I’m trying to say is isn’t it more fun to watch a team of guys who grew up in Toronto? Cheering for the Leafs. I’d rather have Eric Lindros who grew up dying to be a Leaf, then Alex Kovalev, who grew up dying to be a Moscow Dynamo.

  7. toyuu says:

    Did that have a point to post? You are saying that u dont like Europeans players but you dont want to get rid of them.

  8. The-President says:

    No because, we never get to see Lindros play, hes always injured!

  9. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    You got me there…

  10. TML51 says:

    What kind of arrogant post is this?????

    Sincerely…who are you to make comments like this? “Leaf rumors finally pleasing me…” ” My preference in players is a Canadian who can hit, an American ain’t so bad either, but I like the North American game.”

    It’s bad enough that Leaf fans are viewed as sub-intelligent, but who are you to make quotes like this? If anything, it borders on racist and demonstrates poor sportsmanship and tolerance within hockey…at least by you.

    I don’t often get angered by reading posts, but this is just plain ignorant. And for the record…who cares what pleases you. I’m sure the Leafs are just waiting by the phone for your personal approval on their next aquisition.

  11. PTack says:

    I’m a big leafs fan and all but can you guys at HTR please shut down this leaf rumor section because all of these articles are making me embarrassed to be a fan of the blue and white. I actually think its bringing down the quality of this site. At the very least could you be more selective and only post well written articles. Clean it up…

  12. whitee_boi says:

    You dipshit we didnt CHOOSE Nolan over Kovalev. Nor did we CHOOSE Leetch over Gonchar. Weo got Nolan becasue we didnt want to get rid of Antropov and we got Leetch becasue Gonchar was traded to Boston before we could make a move. Get your facts straight and stop disrespecting the European players. Last i checked 4 out of the tope 5 goal scorers this year are European.The leading point getter is non north american.

  13. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    You have got to be kidding, hockey is hockey no matter where its played. theres no point to your argument other than a racist comment

  14. PaulK123 says:

    Leafy McLeaf doesn’t know anything and is probably a 10 year old kid writing random things!

    I don’t know how this crap even gets on HTR! This

    person should be banned from posting anymore articles!

    By the way Leafy, u r an idiot. Europian Players are on the top of the NHL scoring race! Your basically saying you’d have Sakic over Kovalchuk!

    You don’t know anything about hockey! NUM-NUTS!

  15. 92-93 says:

    totally agree. the leafs rumours section is making it open season to make stupid comments and posts.

    i’d rather have all leaf articles approved and submitted to the main page like before. at least there is some onus on the writer to submit something intelligent.

  16. masarume says:

    You are seriously brain dead. I don’t usually bash posters, but honestly, what was your point?

    There aren’t any rumours… this is an opinion piece w/o an opinion. You say that you want North Americans, but you want Mats and Steen to stay… and then you switch to our horrid trades?

    Learn to write an article before you go on a rant.

  17. masarume says:

    “Of course you wouldnt say the Hejduk trade because that wouldnt work in your video game. “


    I know your point. You prefer North American style hockey, but currently the NHL relies on speed a lot more than grit. I can’t say that for the playoffs, because we haven’t started those yet, but the speedier, skilled players are dominating once more. I love power forwards, and if you wanted me to choose between iggy or kovalchuk, I would probably take iggy over a proven scorer. This however, doesn’t give me the right ot bash European players.

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