Leaf to be… BR

OK I’ve read some reports that Bobby Ryan won’t be speaking to Anaheim for the rest of the season about his contract and have read that the leafs will be keeping a close eye on his progress this season as he is a rfa at seasons end..
Everyone says we wont be able to get him do to the lack of picks we have and prospects, but i have a proposal…
To Anaheim:

White or Hagman

To Toronto:

Bobby Ryan
Brett Festerling

what do you guys think??

Grabo- signed for reasonable price and young but spot to be filled by Bozak
White- depending on what Anaheim wants he is def. a top 4 defenceman.
Hagman- i think they would take him over white but again top 6 forward signed..
Stefano- gotta through in some youth and has to be him or possibly D. Mitchell

2 Responses to Leaf to be… BR

  1. kesselleafs says:

     it would suck suck and suck

  2. Magleaf says:

    ya i wouldnt want to loose white or hagman

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