Leaf Trade Offer

During the broadcast of an nhl game on tsn, Pierre Mcguire stated that burke has made it known that another gm offered him a lottery pick in this years draft for defenceman Luke Schenn,

Burke turned down this trade and i am willing to bet that the gm was Brian Lawton of the lightning. The lightning are in desperate need of defence and i cannot see Burke turning down this deal from Atlanta or New York who are in position to pick Victor Hedman and John Tavaras.

Assuming that this offer was from Tampa, would you have made the deal?

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  1. dumbassdoorman says:

    No, I would not have made the deal. It is still a gamble and really who replaces him? There is no way to know you will end up with either. If you wind up with Hedman better offence yes, defence probably not. Also, there is no way to know the replacement pans out, or if they go on a roll and you wind up out of the lottery. What do you do then?

  2. leafmeister says:

    Why would Burke trade a guy who has all but proved that he will be an anchor for a blue line for years to come, for a draft pick? If that same trade were offered after the picks had been determined and it was number 1 or 2, than Burke could consider it, but Schenn is 19, and has passed every test thus far.

  3. LuKeScHeNn95 says:

    i would decline hands down for this one i mean schenn is a shut-down defencmen and is literaly a moster on the ice and not knowing what you would get from tampa, maybe they can slip up the standingd and past the mapleleafs and then that would just simply make no sense at all.think about it this year hte draft is really great after i say the 11th-13th pick and the leafs for sure in the top 6 wpuld be wonderful to get the pick they want ant ans knowing who they are ganna pick. if u agree…thanx 4 agreeing.

  4. DJTOKid says:

    Tampa throwing in Leacavalier and their 2010&11 first round picks as well? Then I would deal Schenn, Not straight up for their first this year.

  5. HABSSTAR says:

    Assuming that it actually even happened I wouldn't, regardless of who made the offer.  Schenn is a keeper.  Why trade for something that "might" be better when you apparently have the real deal already? 

    I doubt however that it happened.  This sounds a lot like Burke being Burke and spreading his BS around. 

  6. Leafmonkey says:

    i dont think i would take any of the picks for schenn as tavares would be the only player better then him (no i dont like hedman) so possibly the isles pick but why would they trade away schenn(5th overall) for (7th overall a second and third) then trade back for him likely the first overall pick

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