This is what i think could happen on draft day….
If by some miracle Tavares is still on the board after the Islanders pick hes a Maple Leaf…. If not and he is taken, the leafs will drop back and grab Zach Kassian…. This guy is good check him out, and the best part is the leafs will still get another pick or two when they grab him….. Look for teams willing to unload mistake contracts on Toronto….
Im hearing Schaefer from boston for a pick and or a prospect and the Rangers for Redden,hmmmm I think that would be interesting and would most definently solidify one or both kabi and kubi going in seperate deals, that one i could see Finger going for salary purposes… But I only see these things happenning if we get Tavares… I have a feeling Burke would be more involved with deals if he got what he went to the draft for, who knows he could still go after Kassian as well, highly unlikely…..And Gustavsson will be a leaf, he liked their pitch the best, it was more about hockey and the opportunity, agree…..

what you guys think…..

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