Leafs 2009 Draft

It looks like because of a number of wins in the last month the leafs will end up drafting in the 5-8 range. Who would you take around here. In my opinion the leafs should pick Brayden Schenn. He is a good 2-way player. He is physical and would only get better playing with his older brother. Who would you pick.

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  1. lafleur10 says:

    draft the best player available at the time of the pick! don't focus on 1 just take the best guy available!

  2. LiveBlueAndWhite says:

    Agreed 100%, people have to understand that, most of the top 10 draft picks. if not all have the potential to be a franchise player. Brayden Schenn is only being sought after because of what Burke did with the Sedins. I think that at this point if Burke thought the Schenns would be like the Sedins it would be made clear that he feels Brayden is a player he would like to go after because of his skill level. Assuming we draft between 5-8 overall pick the best player and dont make the pick as overhyped as Pogge, or else we will see the same struggle happen.

  3. Kenny878 says:

    This may be a stupid question but is there any way that possibly the Leafs could keep the 7th overalll pick (Brayden Schenn IMO) and get Tavares? Let me know what you think

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