On draft day the leafs are going for a higher pick but who wll they trade to get it? Well there are a few they need to move like, Nik Hagman With a 3 Million dollars a season should be traded, Boyd Devereaux could go due to the fact the leafs are set in the Center Spot, Pavel Kubin can with they big money contract isn’t playing at the level he should, Tomas Kaberle can go if there is a trade for a pick but he is still good.
Now the leafs have some great young guns for next season witch are, Christian Hanson good puck mover can improve over time, Tim Stapleton was a sniper this season in the AHL (would be very dumb to move), Nikolia Kulemin played good could pick his play up, Jiri Tlusty will be great next season (cant be moved), John Mitchell showed he can score and pass with skill, Jeremy Williams HAS TO PICK IT UP HE CAN BE A TOP PLAYER IF HE PICKS IT UP! (wouldn’t be a leafs fan if moved), Ian White showed up this season, Phill Oreskovic is a force and can score (top d-man next season), Luke Schenn has to pick it up to stay with the team in the 2010-2011 season (wrost trade in history if moved this year), Aton Starlman did great (shouldn’t be moved), Jay Harrison could go any where this year, Tyler Bozac will have to play in the AHL before getting a chance( i am not sure about him yet). The Leafs need a goal guy like Spezza or Kovalev.

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  1. burkefan says:

    kaberle,Stralman,Stapleton, and the 7th for the second overall. (hedman)

  2. LeafsFan90 says:

    See this type of article is why many people blast off against leaf fans. Yeah who would take Hagman with that contract without swapping someone of equal pay or term. Hagman is good but overpaid no one would want his salary.
    Kubina played well last season he had the most points of leafs defense? and in todays NHL his salary isnt that bad, compared to guys like Hamrlik getting 5.7 for no reason.

     I love oreskovic's play but he won't even crack the top 4 next season let alone be the best. Stralman played below par, Luke Schenn played very well for an 18 year old.

    CALLING TO ALL LEAFS FANS: We need to think before we open our mouths. Think logically, unlike this post or the other posts on this article. Why trade kaberle stralman, a propect and our 7th for the 2nd? yeah lets trade a top pairing defense a journeyman who might be able to make it a prospect and our pick 5 spots down for someone who has a chance at being an nhl regular. The draft is never for sure, the asking price for the 2nd pick is stupid and should NOT be met.

    Also lets stop proposing trade like lecavalier for our 7th, kaberle and a prospect since they are ludicrous trades.

  3. Hockey75 says:

    Are you insane?!  Jeremy Williams has to pick it up!?!?  I remember when they brought him up from the Marlies and he was racking up goals.  Schenn does NOT need to pick it up either.  For an 18 year old last year, he played amazing.  Bozak will come right up to the NHL.  I don't think they will get Kovalev or Spezza, I heard they might get Vinny or Thornton.

  4. burkefan says:

    kaberle and stralman are not a top pairing. you should be the one thinking logically

  5. mcdivitt says:

    This one’s right up there on the crappiest-blogs-ever list.

    Of all the guys they need to move, Niklas Hagman is not at the top of the list my friend. If you’d watched more than a couple games last year, you’d see that he is very responsibly defensively, he’s fast, and he has a quite a bit of offensive skill. He scored arguably the Leafs sickest goal of the year against FLA. I don’t see Burke even exploring the idea of getting rid of him.

    What game did you watch last year where Hanson was a “good puck mover”? This kid is a project. He needs a lot of coaching and development. While I really hope he does develop tremendously, I see him as a third-liner at best; more likely a fourth-liner.

    You can’t ask much more of Williams, I don’t think. He needs to work on his defensive game, but he’s an offensive player…plain and simple. He came up and scored 6 goals in his first six games with the team. He’ll get another shot this year for sure at some point.

    “Luke Schenn has to pick it up to stay with the team in the 2010-2011 season (wrost trade in history if moved this year)”. This flat out doesn’t make sense; you’re contradicting yourself. In one breath you’re saying Schenn needs to improve so much that his viability as a Leaf next year is in doubt (which is completely asinine, by the way). In the second breath you say it’s the worst trade in history if he’s moved in the offseason. Good Lord.

    Jason Spezza is a playmaking centre. In his NHL career, he’s got 148 goals, and 270 assists. Yes, he does score goals, but he’s primarily there to set up others with his passes. And, NO, the Leafs do not need Spezza; he’s lazy and doesn’t play well defensively whatsoever.

    Alex Kovalev: same deal. 394 goals, 547 assists. He’s more of a playmaker as well.

    All in all: horrible, horrible posting. Pathetic.

  6. Leafmonkey says:

      I think all the trade rumors are a bit to much for the leafs to give up for Tavares.  Its only five spots up and whoever we get at #7 will be a great player.  Tavares is a great player but he is not a great skater.  I would almost rather trade for the 3rd overall pick and take Duchene.  The best would be if Tampa drafted Tavares and we traded for Stamkos i like him more. However his price tag would be much higher than Tavares. a trade for him might be something like Kaberle, 7th overall, Grabovski, and Kulemin maybe with somewon like Di Dominico as well or giving a salary dump.  This would leave Tampa with a Top notch low priced D- man, the 7th overall pick ho will be a great player, Two great prospects(who are good NHL players at the moment) and another good prospect. They still have two great NHL centers only now they have more depth at forward position so more people to play with those centers. I know people are gonna say that the Leafs giving up to little but everyone seems to think every Toronto player is worthless I think they are giving up a little too much but it would turn out good.  Then work on going for Taylor Hall next year. Then we have a Crazy Canadian Duo. This would never happen though i don't know why i just know it won't.

  7. andersmi says:

    Youre an idiot, oreskovic top dman next year? u need to watch games. Nuff said, nuff said.

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