On draft day the leafs are going for a higher pick but who wll they trade to get it? Well there are a few they need to move like, Nik Hagman With a 3 Million dollars a season should be traded, Boyd Devereaux could go due to the fact the leafs are set in the Center Spot, Pavel Kubin can with they big money contract isn’t playing at the level he should, Tomas Kaberle can go if there is a trade for a pick but he is still good.
Now the leafs have some great young guns for next season witch are, Christian Hanson good puck mover can improve over time, Tim Stapleton was a sniper this season in the AHL (would be very dumb to move), Nikolia Kulemin played good could pick his play up, Jiri Tlusty will be great next season (cant be moved), John Mitchell showed he can score and pass with skill, Jeremy Williams HAS TO PICK IT UP HE CAN BE A TOP PLAYER IF HE PICKS IT UP! (wouldn’t be a leafs fan if moved), Ian White showed up this season, Phill Oreskovic is a force and can score (top d-man next season), Luke Schenn has to pick it up to stay with the team in the 2010-2011 season (wrost trade in history if moved this year), Aton Starlman did great (shouldn’t be moved), Jay Harrison could go any where this year, Tyler Bozac will have to play in the AHL before getting a chance( i am not sure about him yet). The Leafs need a goal guy like Spezza or Kovalev.