Leafs About to Re-sign Tucker

According to the Toronto Star, the Toronto Maple Leafs and forward Darcy Tucker are close to a new multi-year deal


The deal appears to be for 3 years at $3 million per season with a possibility for a 4th. There also appears to be a no-trade clause.

This signing at these terms is indeed far better than expected for the Leafs. With the recent signing of Shane Doan in Phoenix to a big multi-million dollar deal and the talk of Ryan Smyth in Edmonton asking for roughly $5 million, a player of similar ilk like Tucker could have demanded the same in the summer.

But getting this done early, at a very cheap price, without it being for very long term would be an excellent move by the Leafs. If not signed, Tucker indeed would command greater dollars in the open market where a likely bidding war could ensue which could have taken the Leafs effectively out of the running for his services.

Instead the will get Tucker at a reasonable price. Tucker will double his earnings, but the deal will not cripple Toronto’s Salary Cap for the near future. If he continues his ability to play with his heart on his sleeve and chip in 25-30 goals with his powerplay prowess, it will be a fair deal for both sides.

With the way things have gone on so far leading up to the trade deadline, Tucker indeed would have fetched a great deal if moved. While that is a bit of an opportunity lost, it is much easier to swallow if the terms of the new contract are indeed what the Toronto Star has speculated.

With about 30 hours remaining until the trade deadline it will be interesting to see what else John Ferguson has up his sleeve. The team is counting on the 4 regulars, Tucker, Michael Peca, Kyle Wellwood and Pavel Kubina, to return by the playoffs to help them in the spring, they need to get there first. Therefore Ferguson should definitely try to add some help.

The grocery list hasnt changed:

a) a scoring winger for Sundin
b) someone who can score in the shootout
c) Grit up front

It is unlikely the team will make a huge splash like the Thrashers have, but players such as Jamal Mayers have been on the Leafs radar to add depth. Lets hope the team does not deplete themselves in the process if they choose to add bit parts to the roster.

Ferguson has not yet added a warm body to the current lineup, but if he gets Tucker signed at that price, that will already be a job well done regardless if anyone else gets added by Tuesday.

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  1. bleedingblu says:

    TSN.ca reports:

    Tucker has verbally agreed to 3Mil/yr contract for 3 years. The deal is currently tentative.

    I think this is a good price for Tucker. I glad to see he wasn't being greedy he truly is a Leaf for life.

    Come back soon Tucks!

  2. leaky37 says:

    I also welcome this deal… Tuckers deal does indeed show that he wants to be a Leaf, and I can't wait for his return to the lineup(which will probably be soon since he is skating again)…But also this desire to stay in T.O. could of been a way of making the team better, with how deals are going down as of late…

    Lets say JFJ could of made an agreement with Tucks to be traded for a prospect and a high pick in this years draft and then have him sign with the Leafs again come July 1st… This would of been a excellent senerio for the leafs…

    But all in all, I think this was a good signing by JFJ


  3. polastem says:

    3 Million per season? 100% accurate and fair. Glad to see Tucks staying home 🙂

  4. 92-93 says:

    for all of my harping on and on about trading Tucker – if this deal is as it is reported – for 3 years and 3 million a year – then at least one can say that this is NOT a repeat of the McCabe situation last year.

    the difference?

    McCabe was overpaid. Tucker is not. McCabe's term is painfully long, Tucker's is not.

    of course i cringe at the no-trade clause, but we have to give credit where credit is due here. if JFJ wasnt or couldnt trade Tucker for prospects/picks at the deadline, the next best thing was to sign him to a reasonable deal BEFORE THE DEADLINE (unlike last year where he waited until after to deal with McCabe and then McCabe had all of the bargaining power since the threat of a trade no longer existed).

    good for JFJ for learning from his mistakes.

    again, i cringe at the no-trade clause, but the term and length sound very resonable and this is right up there with the Kaberle signing in terms of one of the best signings JFJ has made. 


    as for the trade deadline, i dont think there is much JFJ can do – certainly nothing big. his #1 and #2 priorities should be to continue to draft well and try and trade one of Kubina, Gill, McCabe (despite no-trade clause), along with picking up the option on Sundin and finding a back-up goalie who can also be a #1. He is not going to get any of that done before Tuesday obviously. He might be able to trade for Roberts (with Bell and a mid-round pick going the other way), but i think Roberts is going to Ottawa and its not a huge need anyways.

  5. 92-93 says:

    i dont really think the leafs need that much grit up front. they just need their larger players (poni/antropov) to continue trying to use their size to their advantage. Tucker, Kilger, Battaglia, even Sundin is playing nastier.

    the grocery list should be adjusted i think and should be extended into this year's offseason:

    a) a scoring winger for Sundin 
    b) sign a better back-up goalie/potential #1
    c) try and trade one of Kubina, Gill, or McCabe (despite no-trade) to free up cap space

    finally, i'm very anxious to see Woz and Williams play for the Leafs down the stretch. I think both of these guys should be on the team right now and will definitely be on the team next season.

  6. BurtTurbo says:

    Great deal for the Leafs. Almost makes you think Tucker's taking a pay-cut just to stay in Toronto; he coud have fetched more on the market this summer. But all this proves to me is that the Leafs could have rented him and re-signed him. This is an opportunity lost for the LEafs. The ridiculous prices payed for rentals already would have been very similar for Tucker/Sundin. They could have ended up with THREE FRIST ROUND PICKS next year, two new prospects AND another draft pick, re-sign Tucker and Sundin in the off-season and be well on their way to re-building with youth next year. Now they're being foolish and thinking they can win the cup this year. Good luck.

  7. the_word says:

    Absolutely amazing deal.  A quality winger who will score in the neighborhood 25-30+ a year for 3 million.  Look around the league you'll be hard pressed to find a better contract.  JFJ played this one perfectly right, perhaps he was due.  If the Leafs could somehow land Hjeduk, we'd that a very respectable top two lines. 

  8. Aetherial says:

    Even I can't complain too much. It is a pretty good signing in light of the fact that he likely would have received more on the open market.

  9. Toonces99 says:

    If this deal is as being reported, l will have to give credit to both JFJ and Tucker for hammering out a deal that is "FAIR" for both sides……maybe things won't be as bad as we are thinking…now if only the NHL could give the same decision to TO for Sundin as they did for the Devils then we could free up some additional cap space for next year and keep Sundin….(fingers crossed)

  10. Toonces99 says:

    I agree,….l think it would take a current roster player (Stajan, a pick and a prospect) to land Hejduk….he's got 2 years left at 4 mill per, could the leafs afford this? I'm not sure how. Thoughts?

  11. Toonces99 says:

    Sundin has a club option…..whom ever he may have been traded too could exercise that option for him to remain there.

  12. curtman96 says:

    wow, I posted a comment a few days ago sayin how id love to see the leafs sign tucker for an average of 3 mill a year for 3 or 4 years……good signing for sure, his character and grit cannot be replaced.

  13. curtman96 says:

    I heard somethin on tv today too that made a bit of sence. They said with Domi's buyout this year and Tucker's salary this year it will average out to about the same for next year with out the buyout to Domi and Tucker's raise. So its not a big hit on the cap, plus there will be an increase in the cap again. Not too bad of a situation.

  14. dstntml says:

    No, this isn't a great deal for the Leafs, Tucker is worth 2.5 million max. And personally I would just trade him and get some good picks or prospects. And I'm hearing JFJ may have been retarted enough to give him a No Movement Clause? Get used to it Leafs fans, there isn't going to be another cup in Toronto for a long, long time.

  15. Toonces99 says:

    Since you seem to be the expert…….who would you sign for the 500k difference  between your 2.5 and the 3 he got?…….If we are benchmarking, Anson Carter got 2.5 million are you trying to tell me Tucker would not be worth 3….?  All reports indicate that he got a no trade clause only valid in the last year of his deal…..I can't stand people like you that make no sense……if Tucker got 4 to 4 1/2 then l think we would all say it's a crazy deal.,,but you seem to be making a big deal about 500k,…if you're looking to split hairs go do it somewhere else…..

  16. leaflova says:

    I completely agree, i thought he was asking for way higher, like in the 5 millions, but 3 wow, can't believe im gonna say this but, good job JFJ. I would like to add another thing, there was something said about him having a no trade clause, and im ok with it, beacause Tucks is the kind of player who plays with his heart on his sleeve no matter what kind of money he is being paid(unlike Mccabe), go Tucks can't wait to see you back!

  17. leaflova says:

    I agree here to, but im really starting to like Gill, he has amazing reach with his hockey stick and i think our pk would be even worse without him.But for kubina and Mccabe, trade away.

  18. the_word says:

    Caps going up possibly by four million, I don't see Peca getting more that 1.5 next year if he resigns, Sundin's option is for 4.8 million so there is close to two million of space and Domi's buy out is coming off the cap. So there is some room and we'd send some contract(s) Colorado's way in a possible trade. It all depends on the price. Trading a first round pick is out of the question. Stajan or Steen, Bell, a couple of mid round picks? Throw in Suglobov maybe.

    I see the Leafs picking up a winger for Sundin, probably not until the off season though. With Tucker signed they have, for better or worse the core of this team for the next three or four seasons locked up. So no one should expect JFJ to trade Kubina, McCabe, Sundin, Tucker, Kaberele, Gill (although they probably walk away from him after next year). So what the Leafs need to do is bring another winger and IMO a more consistent goalie (although we're probably stuck with Raycorft until we see what Pogge becomes) to compliment this core. After those needs are addressed the Leafs hold on to their pick for the next couple of seasons and build the farm system so that when this core is broken up, the Leafs with have plenty of young talent and cap room. 

  19. the_word says:

    UFA = over paid.  This is a league where Samsonov make 3.5 a year, and Tucker's scored more goals in 39 games than Sergei will all year.  Tucker current contract, dollar for dollar is one of the best in the NHL this year and will be next year as well.

  20. Hoondog2 says:

    Maybe Tucker is taking less because he doesn't want to leave T.O. and therefore would not have come back in the offseason for that price.

  21. DJTOKid says:

    Tucker is a STEAL at 3million year, your crazy to think other wise. Look at the recent signings of Sturm and Modin and try to tell me Tucker is overpaid. Your crazy! First good move I've seen out of Leafs managment in along time.

  22. The-President says:

    Ehh, its a pretty good signing, but I would have rather traded him away for a great return. I mean look at how its been going, with these trades lately. The Leafs have been doing fine without him as of late it would of been fine to trade him but oh well…

    A trade that I think will push us into a playoff spot for good is acquiring Hejduk from the Avs.

    Maybe something like this,
    and a 1st or a 2nd pick, hopefully a 2nd..

    Just imagine these lines, they would be awesome, and with Tucker, Wellwood, Kubina, and Peca coming back it would be like 5 acquisitions at the deadline.





    Pretty solid if you ask me, what do you think?

  23. Gryphon says:

    You forgot Jeff O'Neill who should be on that 3rd line at least! And Stajan is too valuble to trade!

  24. drewblue says:

    good to see tucker sign.  although i wasn't a huge fan when he was a travelling road show, he has matured into a great leader and contributor.  hope to see him back in the lineup very soon.  Has anyone heard when Wellwood is comming back?

     I don't want to seem like i'm crying but whats been up with the officiating this past little while?

  25. Blueandwhiteblood says:

    First off, Finally JFJ has made a move we can be proud of. I was really worried he wouldn't get this finished before the deadline and then we'd be up shit's creek again. 3 mil a year for Tucker is completely reasonable, the guy was on pace for at least a 40 goal year before his injury woes. Now let's look to try and fill some holes before our playoff hopes are dashed once again!!!!!

  26. Toonces99 says:

    Your trade idea makes sense, BUT, l believe that the AVS would want a player like Steen instead of Stajan, (more offensive upside) and Woznewski (sp?) instead of Bell (size and has more raw talent) and hopefully a second rounder….if they did go for your proposed trade….hey, in a heartbeat, but l think a trade to get Hejduk will be extremely difficult.

  27. libralounge says:

    you've gotta be a habs or sens fan to have that opinion…thus making your opinion null & void. it's about tucker giving the leafs a hometown discount…it's about a player that bleeds blue & white…it's about tucker knowing he could get a million more if he tested the market, but wants to stay loyal. the only other player that fits this mold is ryan smyth who'll stay with the oilers.
    no way did the leafs overpay….mc cabe & kubina…yes.
    not with tucker!

  28. libralounge says:

    well…there ya go!
    you get my vote to replace JFJ…probably do a better job too!

  29. 92-93 says:

    Sundin's option is not at all settled at this point. in fact, the status quo as of right now is the NHL's refusal to grant JFJ the right to reshape his contract. Right now Sundin will cost the Leafs $6.3 million if the Leafs pick up the club option (or, 6.3 million will count against the cap regardless of the option being $4 million plus). If they do not pick up that option, then the Leafs lose all rights to negotiate with Sundin and he essentially becomes a free agent.

    … agreed about the need for a winger and an upgrade to the back-up goalie position. hopefully one of Gill, McCabe, or Kubina can be traded in the next couple of years to free up cap space – but it is not likely for obvious reasons.

  30. the_word says:

    Ya, I realized after shortly after I posted this, that Sundin will still cost 6.3, it was wishful thinking my part I guess.  We'll only have Gill for one more year and then one of our young defensemen should take his spot.  We're going to have to make peace with the fact we have McCabe and Kubina for a few years.

  31. mojo19 says:

    No we won't have to make peace with having McCabe. I booed Larry Murphy out of town (oops) and I can do it to McCabe. But I'm just one man, I need all of your support to get this guy out of here.

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