Leafs acquire Wesley from Hurricanes


(tsn.ca) – The Toronto Maple Leafs have acquired defenceman Glen Wesley from the Carolina Hurricanes, TSN has learned.

All that remains for the deal to become official is for the two teams to go through the standard trade conference call with National Hockey League officials but that is expected to happen shortly.

Sources say the Maple Leafs have given up a draft pick for the veteran blueliner from Red Deer, Alberta, who is expected to join the team in Edmonton later tonight and likely play against the Oilers on Monday night.

Wesley, 35, has been one of the Hurricanes most reliable players in a disastrous season. He has just one goal and eight points, but a respectable -5 rating on a team with a losing record.

Wesley was the third overall pick in the 1987 NHL Entry Draft and quickly became one of the Boston Bruins’ best players. He made the All-Rookie team and was an All-Star in 1989.

After posting a career season in 1993-94 with 14 goals and 58 points, Wesley was traded to the Hartford Whalers for three first round picks. Wesley never again approached those offensive numbers, but has been a solid player for the Whalers and Hurricanes ever since.

In 1,165 NHL games, Wesley has 124 goals and 497 points. He also has a lot of playoff experience, counting 15 goals and 50 points in 139 postseason games. Last season, he had two assists in helping the Hurricanes reach the Stanley Cup Final.

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  1. Leaf_Expert says:

    I’m tellin yuh, Miller is there top priority..Doesn’t mean there not talking for Zhitnik, just mean they know Miller will be cheaper to acquire, and he can handle the bigger forwards in this league..Something the Leafs need and if they can get in my opinion will win the Eastern conference untouched,

  2. Robert says:

    talking about long rung, hence mentiopn of stanley cup.

  3. amazing_jesse says:

    For good reason I think Jacosta. The last thing the Leafs need now is more testosterone – and cheap play.

    I am convinced this is why Tucker is gone. Quinn realizes that the crazy train has returned to the station. Now they need more talent (which they have with wesley and Nolan + Zhitnik?) and fewer penalties.

    Nolan, Antropov, McCabe, Roberts, Domi and Corson will get their fair share of penalties by playing on the edge. The last thing they need is to have Tucker and Belak on the ice.

  4. amazing_jesse says:

    I agree that they consider Miller as the elite rent a player out there, but I just don’t know they will pay the price for a second rental. Tampa is reportedly offering Modin and a high pick. If LA does not want Tucker, then what does Toronto offer that can compare? No way do they give up Coli for a rental.

    Besides, I think it is all academic because LA and Miller are very close reportedly. I don’t think he’s available dude.

  5. amazing_jesse says:

    All evidence is that the Leafs are still in the market.

    The rumors are: Miller, Boughner, Regehr, Ninimma, Whitney, Thornton, and Zhitnik.

    Here’s my take:

    Miller is gone. Based on reports I think he will be resigned by LA.

    Regehr and Boughner will not be traded because of the instability of the Flame management. The Flyers may be able to secure Iginla though for Gagne, William, Woywitka and Seidenberg. I think they would be crazy but that would be the only kind of deal that could get Iginla out of there under the current regime.

    Detroit wanted Numminen and he is gone. Wesley is gone. Marchment is gone. Damphousse will go to Colorado.

    Detroit, the Flyers, Washington, and Tampa may start getting desparate for D men. NYI, and Filly may become desparate for forwards, although not as much.

    The early dealings for Wesley and Nolan are going to look very very wise.

    I think the Leafs will go hard after Zhitnik and Ninimma for sure. Tucker is the key guy in the trade. In fact Tucker is gone for ANY top 6 D man on the Leafs today.

    Whitney or Thornton will backfill Tucker only if the D man they sign is not a top 4 type D man. If they can’t get Zhitnik or Ninimma or that type of player then they will get a bruiser type and Whitney or thornton.

  6. amazing_jesse says:

    Berg and Tucker will not be enough to land Zhitnik unfortunately with the likes of NYI and Filly in the mix.

    Don’t be so sure about Edmonton. Maybe Ninimma will not be traded, but I think the Leafs would do almost anything to land him and get rid of Tucker at the same time.

    Wellwood should be enough to land Thornton or Whitney if they were so inclined. Wellwood is playing great, but the leaf brass has concerns about him being too small.

  7. amazing_jesse says:

    I think o too. And the Leafs will use him as leverage against McCabe duting his restricted negotiations this year.

  8. TC_4 says:

    Ok, tell me why you f’n say that??? And what the hell does “LOL” mean anyways? I think you spend a little too much time on the internet. If this team wants to take a serious run at the cup, they still need to make 1, 2, or even 3 more moves to solidify there lineup because there isn’t a big name d-man out there. I didn’t say that they WOULD make those moves, I said that those moves would make them the team they want to be.

  9. TC_4 says:

    Look, I don’t know if you just don’t care what players go on what wings, but if you do, then why is Mogilny on the left side and Roberts on the right? Mogilny is a right winger, and if your thinking putting them on the opposite sides so there on the off wings, Mogilny is a left handed shot. But again, I don’t know if you care about the wings as much as your just trying to give people a look at the lines.

  10. Freeze says:

    That’s funny. I’m a Red Wing fan and I don’t recall Wesley being gritty or, for that matter, being much of a factor at all against the Red Wings in the Stanley Cup Finals last year when Wesley was a year younger.

  11. Freeze says:

    Two wrongs don’t make a right. Explain to all of us the impact the Wesley had for the Hurricane in the Finals last year against the Red Wings. I didn’t see “gritty”. I didn’t see shit from this guy when he was a year younger!!!

  12. Leaf_Expert says:

    Miller’s situation will go to the wire..The Leafs didn’t want to take any chances, so they got a for sure thing in Wesley

  13. cwhockey says:

    As that was just speculation, I could be wrong in my assessment. And you could just as easily be wrong in yours. Neither of us really can tell.

    The past usually isn’t a good predictor of the future, because circumstances change and people learn from their mistakes. But in looking at the Leafs I’ve seen so many promising players turn out to be huge disappointments. In some cases, a change of scenery can change a young players outlook, but there are quite a few Leaf prospects that got shipped away who still haven’t done anything. Either the Leafs have been horrible at drafting players who will grow into NHLers or their organization has a bad program for development. Not good either way.

    Who knows? Maybe this crop of young players they have will work out well for the team. I can’t say, you can’t say; hell, even the best scouts in the business can’t say. But based on what I’ve seen from the organization in the recent past, not much leads me to believe that the Leafs have got a good many future NHL players on their way up. Especially if it is the organization that is hurting their development.

  14. cwhockey says:

    Read what I wrote above, about how it could be the Leafs organization that hurts the development of their prospects. If that’s the case, all the talent in the world will not help if the team does a poor job in trying to make them into NHL players.

    Most of what I ever post here is not an absolute. None of us (and I’m including every person who has posted on this site) knows the ins and outs of the game like the teams themselves. We get to see very little of what actually goes on, and we base our speculation on that little bit of knowledge. In other words, we don’t know a damn thing. And to speak as though our opinions are even close to absolutes is pretty ignorant, and arrogant.

    I have no illusions. Whatever I say on this site has a fair chance of being wrong. I’m willing to admit that, but there are more than a few around here that won’t. Would be a hell of lot easier to converse around here if at least a few others would realize that. I also wouldn’t have to write something like this, which I’ve done more than a few times before. This isn’t a slight against you, I just wanted to explain. Take my opinion for what it is, an opinion. Whether I’m right or wrong in the end, so be it.

  15. TC_4 says:

    So your saying that the Leafs didn’t need Wesley or Nolan? You gotta sacrifice something to get something. If Boyes dosen’t pan out, then Toronto wins that deal. And I think getting a solid d-man for a low second round pick, that’s a good trade for both teams. Espically if the Leafs re-sign him.

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