Leafs add 3 to Marlies

Tellqvist, Perrot, David Pszenyczny join the Marlies

John Ferguson JR. has picked up foward Nathan Perrot from waivers as well as David Pszenyczny as they both signing a tryout contract with the Leafs. Tellqvist was also moved to the Marlies, as for some reason, Aubin replaces him as a second string goalie.

Perrot coming from Dallas back to T.O. after being traded for a fifth round pick, is ready to use his grit and speed with the Marlies.

David Pszenyczny spent four OHL seasons with Sarnia, Mississauga and Barrie as he racked up 133 points (51 goals, 82 assists) and 555 penalty minutes.

any opinions?

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  1. Kraut182 says:

    I thought they should have kept Telly around, even if they didn’t give him a game, at least until Aubin had another game. Aubin was terrible against Jersey, but I think it was already decided that he was the #2.

    On the other hand, I think if Aubin bombs it is likely that Telly would clear waivers and the Leafs could get him back to the big club.

  2. Oley says:

    yeah i know Aubin couldn’t keep his legs closed like a 10cent hooker

  3. mojo19 says:

    Tellqvist, Aubin. What’s the difference really? Both are decent back ups, we’ve seen both play really well, and really bad. One of them had to go down, and to me, it didn’t matter which one.
    As for Perrott and that other guy, I don’t know what the Marlies really looked like but I guess JFJ, the General manager of the Marlies and occasional GM of the leafs decided the Marlies needed more toughness.

  4. wingedim says:

    Yeah but neither could Brodeur….

  5. wingedim says:

    If the send Aubin down shortly yes I agree, however, with the ‘months end’ approaching, I think you’ll start to see inquiries about backups coming shortly.

  6. wingedim says:

    Pszenyczny and Perrot were signed to tryout contracts with the Marlies not the Leafs. Although both could conceivably be signed to the Leafs if the need arises.

    Telly was sent down on a conditioning stint, not full time. Therefore he didn’t have to clear waivers to be sent down. Much like Hasek was sent to the Griffons while in Detroit. I think it’s a 30 day stint (?) before he has to be brought back up or he is automatically placed on waivers.

  7. wingedim says:

    Actually I think it’s 14 days not 30.

  8. leaflova says:

    i checked and this guy is defence, he is pretty good, accept for all of the penalties but he has had 51 goals in 261 games and is 21, if you ask me he is pretty good, if he wouldt take all the penalties

  9. LeafsLegacy says:

    my bad.. sry for the marlies

  10. mojo19 says:

    Is he a big guy? Maybe the penalty minutes are including a lot of fighting majors? I have no idea.

  11. leaflova says:

    his 6 foot and 190 pounds

  12. wingedim says:

    PIM is not necessarily a bad thing. Shows the guy plays with an edge. If they are dumb minor penalties then yeah I agree. The fact he can seemingly find the net with some consistancy, is a good sign.
    Sidney Crosby isn’t an angel…look at his PIM and his points…

  13. 92-93 says:

    yeah this is good but its not really a big deal. along with Pohl, Westrum, etc. this is just JFJ trying to round out a rather shallow system that is slowly being rebuilt. more positive for the Leaf organization and for the Marlies is the play of Earl, Tlusty, and Harrington.

    on a completely different topic. The Leafs need to make some decisions in the coming weeks on players like Belak, Telly/Aubin, Gill, O’Neill, Antropov, and even Peca and Tucker. Combined these players take up close to 10 million in cap space. some are free agents at the end of the year and would deserve more money, others dont belong in the NHL, others need to be let go because of performance, etc. but what is really interesting is what is going down in Phoenix. with the start they are having there are a lot of players on that squad who are going to be available – the most prominent being Doan and Nagy. With questions surrounding whether Sundin will return or not, and with all that cap space that could be freed up with the players mentioned above, the Leafs should take a serious look and a serious run at Doan and Nagy.

    yes, both are free agents at the end of the year and will be looking for 4-6 million each. but they are both wingers, and we all know the leafs have loads of centremen but no wingers. with these two guys around – and with Steen moved to the centre spot, the leafs have an opportunity to load their wings and cut some cap space/trim the fat at the same time until they can develop their own talented wingers from the AHL (Tlusty and Earl are a ways off and there will be more drafting necessary).

    this would inevitably mean that the leafs will have to trade a guy like Sundin at some point.

    just speculating at this point, but this is the kind of stuff that the leafs have to consider.

  14. 92-93 says:

    so what is to be done?

    1) trade Gill to anybody for anything.
    2) trade one of Aubin or Telly if possible
    3) say goodbye to Peca in the offseason – along with Belak, Antropov (if a trade is available for any of these guys, then go for it).
    4) and yes, trade Sundin – preferably for a first rounder but more realistically, to another team like the Coyotes who are also dumping salary. so:

    Sundin, Coliacovo, Antropov and a 1st rounder to Phoenix for Nagy and Doan and a 2nd rounder.

    5) make a decision on resigning Tucker and O’Neill – the leafs will probably be able to afford Tucker for 3-4 million and O’Neill for 1.5-2 million after moving the likes of Sundin, Gill, Aubin/Telly, and Peca.









    ————————-[Aubin or Telly]—————————–

    Doesn’t seem so good? well the cap space will be increased. the team will be made that much more younger and will be decentralized (well, the big bucks are still with McCabe, Kubina, Kaberle, Doan, Tucker, and Nagy – but that is still more good players than what is on the team right now).

    and look at the subtractions and additions:

    subtractions: Sundin, Antropov, Coliacovo, Peca, Belak, Gill, Aubin or Telly.

    additions: Doan, Nagy – and more prominent roles for Steen, wellwood (both moved down the middle), Williams, Suglobov, Harrison, Woz, and Kronvall (given a spot on the team), and Bell/White (given a top-4 D-spot).

    and, most importantly, in the meantime, the leafs will buy themselves more time to develop and rebuild their farm system – which takes time.

  15. 92-93 says:

    Lets assume the leafs a) resign Tucker for 3 million a year, b) resign O’Neill for 2 million for one year, c) resign Doan for 5 million and d) Nagy for 4 million.

    Let us also assume that they qualify/resign White, Bell, Kronvall, Harrison, Woz, Steen and Poni and do not resign Peca.

    The payroll:

    McCabe – 5.75

    Kubina – 5

    Kaberle – 4.25

    White – 900K

    Kronvall – 700K

    Wozniewski – 475K

    Bell – 700K

    Doan – 5 million

    Nagy – 4 million

    Tucker – 3 million

    O’Neill – 2 million

    Steen – 1 million

    Poni – 1 million

    Kilger – 900K

    Stajan – 800K

    Wellwood – 800k

    Williams – 550K

    Suglobov – 550K

    Pohl – 450K

    Raycroft – 2 million

    Aubin – 525K

    Assuming the depatures of Gill, Antropov, Belak, Telly, Peca, Sundin, take place – and Harrison and Westrum are signed to two-way deals and begin the year in the AHL, the total payroll would be 40.35

    That means the club is even younger, cheaper than before both on the blueline and on the forward lines and that the only veterans they have are the young veterans. but here’s the thing, the Phoenix-Toronto trade is a little unrealistic. i am trying to think of what else Phoenix would want besides Sundin, Colaicovo, and a 1st rounder (in other words, who would Toronto replace Antropov with that would make the deal more enticing? – Suglobov? Ponikorovsky? Perhaps even Tucker?)

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