Leafs after Rucinsky? Lindros wants out? Daze in Colorado?

I hope this gets posted because this is big news for Toronto and Colorado fans. Close sources are saying JFJ is in big talks with the Rangers and Rucinsky is the one they’re after….1. The Leafs have reportedly offered Karel Pilar, Kyle Wellwood and a pick, for the rugged veteran.

In my opinion, this would be a great addition to the Leafs giving them depth and able for them to roll four lines in the playoffs. The Leafs are known for pulling trades on deadline day, just like they did last year aquiring Doug Gilmour, Glen Wesley, and Phil Housley. With Sather unloading stars like Kovalev, Nedved, Leetch, and Malakhov, you’d think Rucinsky would be the next to go.

2. Also I bet this won’t happen, I just wanted to post it because i think it sounds interesting. The Score has reported that Lindros went up to Sather in person and said straight up “I Want Out”! Sather was then found 10 minutes later talking on the phone with, lets see, take a guess…….Toronto. Everyone knows that’s where he wants to play but because he’s injured I’d say this is a no go for the Leafs. But who knows, maybe the phone call was about Rucinsky?

3. In other news the Chicago Daily Herald reports that the Avs are in heavy talks with Chicago for the big towering winger in Eric Daze. The Avalanche might just get him because Peter Forsberg is nursing a groin injury and Colorado will be cautious about his injury and may not bring him back until the playoffs, while Teemu Selanne is playing like he’s overpayed and Paul Kariya has only played about half the season. So knowing Pierre Lacroix, he might just pull this one off to get something clicking on the third and fourth lines.


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  1. wheresthesoda says:

    now i dont think sather would do this deal.

    i think he is going to try and get a 1st round pick out of rucinsky if he trades him.

    i dont think he’ll get traded, but i also said the same about leetch

  2. Stuv_Dogg says:

    Uhhh, now are you giving up a veteran, a young NHLer and a top prospect for Rucinsky, when you only gave up two mid-level prospects and a couple of picks for Leetch?

    If the Leafs pull this, they have overpaid huge. Given the way trades have been pulled this year, I’d say Rucinsky for Pilar straight up would be about fair. You get rid of Rucinsky and his contract (how much longer is he under contract?) and you get a young d-man with NHL experience and a significant amount of potential. Forget about the rest.

    I guess the injury to Niewy puts a bit of pressure on pulling this off, but I think if the playoffs start today, Niewy is in there at top form. I still have concerns about goaltending. Any word on if the Gerber rumors will go anywhere?

  3. Wills says:

    I think Rucinsky is going to Vancouver or Dallas. I don’t think anyone is dumb enough to take Lindros unless he’s cleared in a medical test.

  4. LondonK says:

    Rucinsky is not worth a 1st round pick. He hasn’t scored 50 points in 7 years. And Pilar, Wellwood, and a pick is still too much for him.

  5. Scott24 says:

    He didn’t say that they are going to give up Pilar, Wellwood, a pick and a rugged veteran for Rucinsky.He said that they were going to give up Pilar, Wellwood and a pick FOR the rugged veteran.

  6. bpanther83 says:

    How about pilar + berg? Or Pilar and a Late pick?

  7. Serdy says:

    Now you have me all worried T.O is gonna pick up Lindros, I would be sick if they gave up more then a bucket of pucks for him. He is useless and would just be taking up someone elses spot that they deserve. As for Rucinsky, I dont think its worth giving up to much for him, I am satisfied with what we have. I just hate giving up tons of youth..While I am here, I might as well comment on Pronger. This is not the type of player you trade for, any team who trades for a player of his magnitude is asking to be raped of everything. This is the type of player you need to draft, and unfortunately T.O has not had a reputation of good draft picks (see Convery, etc)..I can see T.O picking him up when hes around 36 though..


  8. bigair900 says:

    I think the leafs should be persuing Salei and Gerber. They’re probably going to give up to much for rucinsky and they need more defence help.

    If there was a cheap foward left that would make an impact, pick him up.

    So the most important pieces to the puzzle would be; a stay at home d-man ( Salei ) and a back up goalie ( Gerber or Fernandez ).

    If JFJ only trades for a foward, the leafs are screwed.

  9. GOBLUES63128 says:

    ******Larry Pleau is close to closing a deal for Martin Ruchnisky and Brendan Witt. He will give a 2nd rounder and a front line player and Brice Salvador.

  10. 24cups says:

    Rucinsky never stood up with the Habs. He’s the kind of player you don’t want on your team. Maybe that’s why he was doing well with the Rangers. He’s always a dissapointment. He’s no big deal!!!

  11. caulky says:

    A better player would be if Toronto went after Marchant from Columbus, he would be a great third liner for Toronto, I think he may be the sleeper tradable this year! Rucinsky as good as he is, I think will go to NJ. Daze may go to Colorado but Chicago needs players not draft picks for this to work. Lindros can go ride snowmobiles loaded with his brother in Northern Ontario!!

    Go Leafs Go

  12. Diego says:

    Thefourthperiod.com says Montreal might also be in the race for Dazé. Both scouts from Colorado and Montreal were at the last game in Chicago.

    Imagine Dazé, 6’6, the power forward we always needed, a pur natural scorer. And I think he shoots right to. I’d be great, what do you think? He has the shape of Pierre Dagenais with a superior talent.

  13. jacosta says:

    What if Lindros is pulling a Gonchar, and as of tonight a Grier and Kolzig, meaning he may be fine but used the shoulder injury to give him that extra week of rest and to maybe tell the one team he wants to go to Toronto that he is okay and was just resting.

    Could that be possible?? I don’t see why not. You see if Lindros came back in that game against Pittsburgh and played well, then some people would have come calling. Maybe Detroit, Colorado, whatever. But by him claiming his shoulder his hurt then everyone drops out. He then can call the leafs and tell them that he is okay and that they should make a deal for him.

    Sather, who has no other option trades him to the leafs for this years third round pick.

    Crazy??? Crazy like a fox I say.

    peace out.

    And isn’t Rucinsky a winger?? Leafs need a centre, maybe one who can play wing as well. Someone with good face off numbers and good defensively.

    I say go for Rob Niedermeyer. Hell make a block buster for Niedermeyer, Salei and Gerber.

    Although I think the leafs would be better off getting Fernandez. Since he is a UFA he could be had for less.

    Lindros- for future considerations or a 5th rounder

    Niedermeyer, Salei, for Pilar, and Antropov

    Fernandez for a prospect.

  14. hockanatior says:

    I’d take lindros for a bucket of pucks but sadly hes not the same guy who would not play for quebec. As for Rucinsky hes going to vancouver for a 2nd rounder and jason king. back to old eric im sorry but for me to take him you would have to pay his salary health benefits and give me jagr for free as well Lindros needs to hang up the skates thanks for reading

  15. hockanatior says:

    I’d take lindros for a bucket of pucks but sadly hes not the same guy who would not play for quebec. As for Rucinsky hes going to vancouver for a 2nd rounder and jason king. back to old eric im sorry but for me to take him you would have to pay his salary health benefits and give me jagr for free as well Lindros needs to hang up the skates thanks for reading

  16. Dozer says:

    I think Daze would look great in a Leafs uniform!

  17. Beckfan5 says:

    Ruchinsky a rugged veteran? Dude are you stoned?

    Thats like calling Oleg Kvasha a power foward.

    And what good did Housley and Gilmour do for the Leafs last year?

  18. garyroberts7 says:

    What’s with you? Maybe rugged is the wrong word in your perspective. And I didn’t say Housley and Gilmour did well I just said that’s the players the Leafs got at the deadline. Ya can’t blame a guy for getting an injury they happen ok! Maybe you’re the one that’s stoned!

  19. Beckfan5 says:

    Gilmour and Housley were like what 40?

  20. seinfeld says:

    The Leafs shouldn’t go for Rucinsky, he’s crap, and not what they’re looking for. The leafs need a centreman, a defenseman, and not necessarily a backup goalie, but if thats there, hey why not.

    The leafs BETTER NOT trade Stajan, Steen, and Colaicovo. Trade these guys, and they’re screwed.

    DON’T TRADE Antropov and Ponikarovsky, each are having amazing seasons, and I wouldn’t ruin the “Skyline” if i were JFJ, that line is smoking. The offensive puck cycling and chances produced by that line is amazing, keep that chemistry.

    Ruslan Salei would be a perfect fit in Toronto. A big rugged stay at home defenseman is exactly what they need. Trade Wellwood + a combination of picks or someone like John Doherty, another big d man.

    I would like to see Lindros in T.O. He’ll play his ass off here, and we all know it. Remember when Eddie came to Toronto? And everyone booed him? Now, everyone is in love with the guy. I doubt that’ll be exactly the same, but expect him to be booed, then liked when he finaly plays like he did, and he will in Toronto – guaranteed!!

    Ofcourse, if he’s injured, get to the know the medical facts before anything, if not..then the leafs are screwed again.

    That’s all i gotta say, Lindros and Salei will be good pickups for the Leafs at deadline, and it won’t even cost them much. ooooo babay!!

  21. hockeyhead6868 says:

    NJ and the NYR have never has a trade in history together. Players who played on both teams only were able to becaause of free agency. So he’s not ggoing to the Devils I can tell you that much.

  22. hockeyhead6868 says:

    Your crazy man. Linndros isn’t playing sick and calling Toronto. Do you even knoww what kind of a lawwsuit that would be, not to mention his contract might becoem null and void. A few years back when the Rangers wanted Keenan while he was still under contract of Florida here was almost a big problem. I caan assure you is nott the case. If the injury is aa faake then it is under the guise of Sather, and Sather is doing the shopping andd he willl send tat injury prone baby where he wants to send him. This is not the old Lindros who can make such claims and get away with that crap. His stock value has plumeted. Also, if he is traded even if his market has dropped he willl go for more that a fifth pick and future considerations.

  23. scottyboy says:

    As long as Lindros is healthy, even if he’s at 80%, he’s still better than the majority of the players in the League. Plus he can probably be had for a low draft pick and futures. Rucinsky is a decent player, at best, a third-liner on a good team.

  24. Aetherial says:

    Don’t want Lindros

    Don’t want Rucinsky

    Don’t want to give up Pilar

    May consider giving up Antropov?

    I heard that the player the Leafs were inquiring about was De Vries.

  25. Enigma says:

    same here (about De Vries)….but my question is, if the leafs didn’t want to pay De Vries that kind of money when he was a u.f.a. why would they want to pay that salary now when he has underachieved so far.

  26. LeafsNation says:

    Hey jacosta? You know what? I never thought of that Lindros is pulling a Gonchar… but you might have a point!!

    Lindros- for conditional draft pick (depends on his health), have him play against the Flyers or Devils, would be worth it.

    Niedermeyer, Salei, for Berg (this guy is just dumb and has no upside, Karbele is at least capable of getting some points) and Antropov

  27. JeffBurnz09 says:

    Age doesn’t matter, wearing a Leafs jersey automatically increases your skill level by 100%….thats why guys that arn’t that good are always seen as superstars to Leaf fans…

    maybe thats why every player’s dream is to play for the Leafs…

  28. beefer says:

    I’m not sure how you can say he underachieved. Now the team he plays for, thats a whole different story. He is a plus 12 on a horrible defensive team.

  29. matrix2003 says:

    Devries is one of the best defensive Defenseman in the league (I met him once). He can even play good defensively in New York (Rangers)!!

  30. Jack_Laviolette says:

    Absolutely. He’s never been a ‘star’, that’s for sure. In Montreal, he was more of an under-acheiver. Maybe he’s been kind of hot lately, but I doubt he’ll keep it up. And I can’t see him fit in with the Leafs, reminds me of Hoglung. But if TO wants to trade away whathever’s left of their future for him, I don’t really mind.

  31. 24cups says:

    Exactly what I tought…


  32. wayne2 says:

    He shoots lefthanded but yes he would be a great fit

    in Colorado.

  33. wayne2 says:

    I forgot also Colorado just got Barnaby.

  34. bleedingblu says:

    Dude, I think you have made the most sense out of everybody!

    You’re right don’t trade away our best prospects or the Skyline.

    Salei is a good fit for this team and you’re right again with Lindros. He would definitely place his ass off here in T.O.

    He knows how the fans are here…. no room for slackers and whinners!

    Good posting!

  35. Stuv_Dogg says:

    My silly. All those big words confuse me.

    Won’t happen again.

  36. skandelousHABSfan says:

    I have been saying for at least two years that the Habs should add Daze. But hasnt he been injured all year? and isnt he very injury prone?

    You know if we get him he will somehow get hurt and be out all season.

    but the habs are looking good, and would look even better with him

    go habs go

  37. Marco_Sturm says:

    my opinion is that the sharks are going to acquire rucinsky, because of season ending injury of marco sturm

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