Leafs and Bruins to make a deal?

The Boston Herald is reporting that the Bruins may be looking to make a trade with the Leafs.

It is rumored that the bruins have interest in the Leafs Kabrele and it is reported in the article that “One rumor had the B’s offering last year’s first-round pick, Denver University forward Joe Colborne, their 2009 No. 1 pick and a third-rounder for the multi-talented Kaberle.”

It is also noted that a deal such as this would fir in with “Chiarelli’s stated desire not to risk upsetting the chemistry of the team by trading away an incumbent player.”

HTR believes that a deal such as this may work for both teams. The Bruins would not have to give up any immediate roster layers and the Leafs would benefit from prospects and picks.

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