Leafs and Coyotes talking trade?

According to “Spector” there are rumours going around that Cliff Fletcher has been trying to work out a deal with Don Maloney that could involve the Leafs acquiring a first round draft pick/draft picks. The other rumour is that their could be a deal in the works involving Ian White going to Phoenix.

http://spectorshockey.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&catid=34%3Aarticles&id=205%3Anhl-rumors-october-14-2008&Itemid=55There could definitely be validity to the Ian White rumours as the Leafs are currently carrying 9 defensman with Kaberle, Schenn, Kubina, Colaiacovo, Frogren, Van Ryn, Stralman, Finger, and White. With Jeff Finger on IR they aren’t exceeding the NHL’s maximum allowed roster of 23 players, but he is due back in a week or so. Even if Luke Schenn is sent down after 9 games (when the first year of his entry level contract would kick in), the Leafs would still be carrying 8 defensman, which isn’t unheard of, but is also not very common.

White has been a healthy scratch in each of the first three games, even last game when Jonas Frogren was sidelined with a foot injury. With the Leafs blueline so deep and crowded coach Wilson gave White another oppurtunity to make the line up by trying him out as a winger during the last couple of games of pre-season, but White could not take the spot away from any of the Leafs forwards at camp.

Obviously if Fletcher felt White had no place with the team he would have waived him along with Devereux and Bell as the pre-season ended, but he chose to keep White up, perhaps knowing that White would not pass through waivers and that White maybe had some trade value to some teams seeking a tier-2 puck moving defensman. This should be something to keep an eye on, Cliff Fletcher told Sun media yesterday that “trade talks usually don’t heat up until about mid-november.”

As for acquiring a first round pick… if there is any truth to this rumour I wonder what player or players Phoenix would be looking at. What does Phoenix need?
Defense? Could Colaiacovo or Stralman be on the move?

A big body up front? Could Antropov or Ponikarovski be on the way to Phoenix?

Anyway’s there’s your hockey trade rumour for the day. I’ll also mention that Malik has signed a one year $1.2 million deal with the Lightning since its been mentioned but not officially reported here on HTR.

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  1. shine_bulge_twine says:

    Paying 5 million for a 2nd round pick essentially? Whoever they would pick with that pick better be gold because ownership will be able to say we bought you for 5 million bucks. For sure Khabibulin has value if his pay is greatly reduced, I don’t know if Toronto is willing to buy 2 or 3 picks that are not 1st rounders for 5 million bucks. Poni isn’t good defensively imo.

  2. cam7777 says:

    yea, you're right, it's a lot of money for a pick…BUT, there are other things that pick could be used for.  As of now, it is unlikely Pittsburgh will be able to ink Jordan Staal to an extension.  He doesn't want to play second fiddle anymore, and he'l llikely command more than the Pens are willing to pay.  
    Similarly, rumor mongers are claiming Stastny might sit and wait for an offer sheet.  I doubt it's true, but the point is, attractive RFA's could be available next summer, and without re-attaining our 2nd round pick, we are helpless to get involved. 

    Plus, it's the Leafs.  Money is not a concern.  If there were no salary cap, they would be spending far more.

  3. DoubleDown says:

    so let me get this straight. toronto is going to pick up khabibulin for nothing. then, khabibulin is going to bounce back and forth between the AHL and NHL so he can mentor Pogge. then, despite being unclaimed on said waivers, he's going to be dealt to a contender, even though one of the league's worst team's had no use for him? and this is going to make him happy? i'm sorry, but this is a ludicrous suggestion that is way, way out of the realm of possibility.

  4. cam7777 says:

    well, i was more referring to sending cujo down to the ahl for a couple months.  khabbibulin has already been placed on waivers, and no one wants him, so he would go unclaimed.  it also doesn't matter what makes khabbibulin happy.  he signed a contract, and he is obliged to honor it (however it is maintained).  does he really care?  considering he's making almost 7 million dollars. 

    And no, one of the worst teams in the league does have no use for him, because they have Toskala.  He could pick up a few games, obviously, but Toskala is the guy.

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