Leafs and Jackets interested in Sharp

The rumor mill already is churning with Sharp’s name being mentioned in several places. The 28-year-old center has two years left on his contract with a cap hit of $3.9 million, which is an attractive price for one of the game’s premier two-way players.

The Toronto Maple Leafs and the Columbus Blue Jackets are believed to be very interested in Sharp should the Hawks decide to move him. Sharp could bring the most in return for the Hawks in terms of a high draft pick or top prospect.

Sharp is a guy any team would love to have,” a league executive said during the Stanley Cup Finals. “He might not be an elite player, but he’s just a notch below. There are no flaws in his game.”

Nobody knows what Bowman and his staff is thinking when it comes to players they might look to move, whether it’s Sharp, Kris Versteeg, Dustin Byfuglien , Campbell or others.

“I heard all those rumors since the start of last season and took it upon myself to block them out of my mind and not read too much into it,” Sharp said. “I like to think I have a good relationship with Stan and Joel (Quenneville), and whatever happens is going to happen. I can’t make the decision on that.”

Based on Byfuglien’s difference-making play in the playoffs, his size and his versatility, the Hawks are likely to keep the winger, who has one year left on his contract at $3 million.

Kris Versteeg, has two years remaining on his deal at $3 million. There has been speculation the Edmonton Oilers would be interested in talking to the Hawks about the versatile winger.

The Hawks have big money tied up in Campbell , who has six years left on his contract with a cap hit of $7.1 million. There may or may not be a team out there looking to take on that money, not that the Hawks will be looking to move the speedy defenseman.

However, if you remove Campbell’s $7.1 million and Cristobal Huet’s $5.62 million cap hits from the books, the Hawks would be in much better shape.


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  1. leafstime says:

    Caputi for Sharp. Do it now.

  2. mojo19 says:

    Say the Jackets (or some other team) come out with a better offer, how high would you go for Sharp? Personally I love his game, I'd give up a bit more than Caputi, and I like Caputi.

  3. pezzz123 says:

    Sharp will not be moved.

    1. Huet
    2. Versteeg
    3. Byfuglien
    4. Andrew Ladd

    These are the ones that will be moved, in that order.

  4. mojo19 says:

    Even though he makes $3 mil I think they would wanna keep Byfuglien. He was a beast in the playoffs each of the last two years.

  5. inurface says:

    not happenin for just caputi alone

    maybe this would be better (maybe))

     sharp and sopel


    grabovski and gunnarsson??

    2.9 + 800k

    (replaces sharp somewhat and gunnarsson an upgrade on def especially since there blueline is thin with buff playin forward and sopel moved)

    u cant say caputi and gunnarsson unless kaberle gets traded for just picks/prospect … leafs cant take much salary if kaby gets traded for a young forward…

  6. Kev_Leafs says:

    There's a chance that Byfuglien is going to come to camp way out of shape.  Were I Chicago I would try to capitalize on how well he preformed by trading him this off-season – if they have to, that is.  If they could move Campbell, that would be a huge relief.  Huet is as good as gone (minors/anywhere)

  7. Dunski23 says:

    I know the Bruins are tight to the cap, but if they could get one of those three forwards in a deal i wouldn't mind. I know Sharp is listed a center, but I believe he played a lot of RW for the Hawks too. I know Boston is "stacked" at center, but if you look over the last two season + it seems the B's centers are all fairly injury prone. Getting players like Sharp and possibly Seguin in the draft could be beneficial. Anyway the only a deal like this could happen is if Ryder is traded (obviously not to the Hawks) how about

    At the draft

    CHI gets
    Wheeler's rights, 1st round pick(15)

    BOS gets

    Wheeler can be signed for around 2 mil and will score 20+ goals so the Hawks don't lose too much of Sharp's goal scoring for half Sharp's salary, plus he is really good on the PK, and they gain 15 spots in the draft. Boston gets a RW who can make the 1st line a lot better (we had *****ing Begin on the 1st line for at least 2 games…come on now)

    Then i figure trade Ryder to a team that has plenty of cap space next season. Ryder is in a contract year which in all likely hood will see him play balls to the wall for a new contract. He could really help a team with a low salary for the final year of his contract

    NYI get
    Ryder, 2nd round pick (32)

    BOS gets
    3rd round pick (82), 5th round pick (125)

    Islanders get a guy who adds some offense to a team that doesn't really have too much to begin with. They also get a really good second rounder to continue the rebuild.

    Other plans I have for the B's
    Trade Stuart's rights for picks
    Sign Boychuk 4 years 7mil (1.75 per)
    Sign Recchi 1 year 1 mil
    Sign Sobotka 3 years 2.55 mil (850K per)

    Lucic          Savard     Sharp
    Sturm         Krejci       Seguin – figured a 3.5 (2.65 Bonus)
    Sobotka     Bergy       Recchi
    Marchand   Whitfield   Thornton

    Chara     Seidenberg
    Boychuk  Wideman
    Hunwick   Ference


    That team has a cap hit of about 58.465 (assuming Sturm is in there opening night and his entire salary counts against the cap). Kind of shitty but if the B's can somehow move Thomas as well and get a cheap replacement (possibly Leighton) cap hit is closer 55 which isn't bad

     P.S. similar deal and scenarios for Versteeg

  8. Kramer says:

    Obama should talk about the Leafs when he addresses the nation tonight.

  9. reinjosh says:

    The cap devalues Sharp though. No team has any reason to give up something that good. But Caputi wouldn't be enough.

  10. reinjosh says:

    The cap devalues Sharp though. No team has any reason to give up something that good. But Caputi wouldn't be enough.

  11. reinjosh says:

    I would agree but Ladd has no contract so he really shouldn't be on the list. It should go Huet, Sopel, Versteef, Byfuglien.

  12. reinjosh says:

    I don't think that Sharp would help. He has pretty much played center and plays it a whole lot better than any other position. But even tossing that fact out the window, it still wouldn't help. Boston is going to struggle again without a primary goal scorer. You need to get that goal scorer. Versteeg would be an option but there are better ones out there.

  13. LeafsneedSteen says:

    Gunnarson stays put if case Kaberle is moves, need someone to move the puck.

    He's also a Brian Burke type player, nothing too fancy, fundamentally sound game.

  14. Boston_Bruins says:

    I think Seguin/Hall should solve the problem for our goal scorer, even in their rookie year. They won't pot 36 like Kessel but either one with any of the top 3 centers (they can even move him around to find the best chemistry) should be able to produce right away. And you know Ryder will probably come out flying in a contract year (not sure what that would translate to, but I'm projecting low to mid 20's).

  15. cam7777 says:

    To BOS: Malone, Smith
    To TBL: Thomas, Wideman

    To FLA: 1st in 2010 (BOS), 2nd in 2010 (TOR), Ryder
    To BOS: 1st in 2010 (3rd overall – Fowler)

    Malone – Savard – Seguin
    Lucic – Bergeron – Recchi
    Sturm – Krejci – Wheeler

    Chara – Fowler
    Seidenberg – Stuart
    Hunwick – Ference

    Rask – Smith

  16. cam7777 says:

    They'll find a contract that someone wants to get rid of, and trade it for Campbell, and then buy it out.  A perfect example might be Olesz.  No one wants him, but Chicago would much rather take him, throw him in Europe for a year or two, and then buy-out the last two years of his deal.  The only obstacle is Campbell's NTC, but you get the point.  Bad contracts exist, and they will find a more palatable one to swap Campbell for, even if they have to include a prospect and/or a pick.

    Same goes with Huet.

    After that, they are in pretty good shape, but will probably just have to let Ladd and Eager walk.  I very much doubt Sharp is traded.

  17. reinjosh says:

    Depending on Hall or Seguin could be problematic and even detrimental. Lets say they get put on the team (and wing) because the team needs the scoring because nothing else was done (which is likely with the way Chiarelli builds and makes moves, another issue I would love to discuss). The teams goal scoring gets pushed onto them by the fans whether Chiarelli, Julien or you like it because they need scoring. Either could take that and run with it or more likely they suffer from it.

    That couldset him back a couple years or a year (more likely) or it could cause serious mental (lnot like insanity, you should get what I mean) problems that could stunt his growth.

    I honestly think it would be better to get a guy like Horton or Neal to play on the top line to take the pressure off of Seguin/Hall. Plus it would just be better for the team. And its not like you don't have the assets to pull it off. You could probably dump Ryder off on them with the 15th and the Leafs second for Horton (maybe a prospect like Arniel too) and your laughing.

    The Bruins need to make moves for now otherwise they will be in the perpetual stage of almost winning but not getting anywhere worthwhile.

  18. lafleur10 says:

    give your head a serious shake and wake the ***** up!! put the crack pipe down and get a grip on reality your makING your self and other(respected leafs fans),like reinjosh,cam, mojo,leafy the leafsnation look like idiots with an assinine trade proposals!



  19. mojo19 says:

    I'd move Finger for Olesz

  20. inurface says:

    well yeah caputi alone wont be enough
     as well do u mean sharp value is low bc of the cap or do u mean its high? i didnt get wht u mean by tht..

    as for leafsneedsteen the tml need forwards not more def besides u already got beach komi scheen phan….as top 4 u don really neeed gunnar to be there as well ,, especially in this cap world def doesnt need to be stacked when u only have 1 legit forward so im willin to trade gunnarson and kabby this offseason for offense/future……… maybe they can sign a cheap 5 6  7th def and call up another marlie player if they so choose.

    (oh and i forget tht we get sopel and have finger aswell keep tht in mind
    my trade proposal is simply to cut spendin so much budget on def and have some off)

  21. inurface says:

    haha ur funny thts exactly i thought ( minus the crack part !!)

    u being too hard on tht guy, its not like all habs / sens / pens are proposing smart trade proposals lol

    but i do agree with ur point


    hey you ol troll how are you doing these days? lol…


    Thomas has a NTC, good luck on him waiving it to go Tampa Bay… plus Malone has Montreal writen all over him… Malone for Price ….

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