Leafs asking too much for Sundin?

The Toronto Sun is reporting that the Toronto Maple Leafs are asking way too much for Mats Sundin.

According to the article the asking price for Sundin is presently ridiculous. The teams who have apparently been asking about Sundin include Detroit, Vancouver, San Jose, Anaheim, Montreal and Dallas. Although Sundin would be a great pick up for any team that is willing to make a push for the cup any team that make a move for him will also have to balance any possible transaction against the teams future. For example, although Vancouver has many young players it is highly unlikely that players such as Elder or Kesler will be moved for a 30 game rental player.

Another item that is mentioned in the article is that although many players on the Lefs have no trade clauses Fletch will not talk to them about waiving their non movement clause unless a deal is actually in place.

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