Leafs asking too much for Sundin?

The Toronto Sun is reporting that the Toronto Maple Leafs are asking way too much for Mats Sundin.

According to the article the asking price for Sundin is presently ridiculous. The teams who have apparently been asking about Sundin include Detroit, Vancouver, San Jose, Anaheim, Montreal and Dallas. Although Sundin would be a great pick up for any team that is willing to make a push for the cup any team that make a move for him will also have to balance any possible transaction against the teams future. For example, although Vancouver has many young players it is highly unlikely that players such as Elder or Kesler will be moved for a 30 game rental player.

Another item that is mentioned in the article is that although many players on the Lefs have no trade clauses Fletch will not talk to them about waiving their non movement clause unless a deal is actually in place.

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  1. percussio says:

    Although I agree that Sundin is the kind of guy you want wearing your jersey … Im not trading away future franchise players, a deep first draft pick and 2 prospects.

    For a rental player ? Come on. Fletcher is just testing the market to see if anyone's dumb enough to go for it.

    I think GMs have learned in the last 2 years that jeopardizing your franchises future for a shot at 1 Stanley Cup just doesn't pay equal dividends.

    I know you guys love Mats Leafs fans but lets be realistic. He'll get something big but with everyone from Toronto refusing to waive their no trade clause, Cliff Fletcher will be up against the ropes and desperate.

  2. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    I hope to god that The canucks dont trade for sundin.

  3. BruMagnus says:

    You are missing the point. Two points, actually.

    The main point is that even Sundin or A-Rod wouldn't help a so-so team win a Championship. I think this much we can agree on. So unless a team IS Championship-calibre, they wouldn't dare give up their future for a rental that would give them limited, if any, success.

    As for A-Rod, not being able to hit in the playoffs is a HUGE problem. If it is indeed true, I doubt you could call him the best hitter in baseball, because once the regular season is over, that's when the REAL game begins.

    It's like Dan Cloutier getting three consecutive 30 win seasons, but being an absolute choke in the playoffs (and other such players). Sure they are good in the regular season, which helps their team GET to the post-season. But if they suck balls in the post-season, they really aren't that great.

    That's why people usually put Patrick Roy up there so high, because in the PLAYOFFS he tools on all others. Otherwise, Brodeur is the clear victor, for he tools on Roy in the regular season. Right?

  4. the_next_agent says:

    The Leafs are asking for a return like what Peter Forsberg got.  If they trade Sundin to the Ducks the Leafs can and will get Bobby Ryan, the oilers first round pick and maybe Francois Beachumin.  Peter Forsberg had just as many question marks about him returning as Sundin does, so look for him to be traded for a big return like this

  5. leafy says:

    Re your first point, that's clearly valid.  If I'm a GM, I'd only give up significant futures only if my team is pretty close to championship calibre.

    Re your 2nd point, A-Rod is definitely the best hitter in baseball regardless of his poor showing in the playoffs.  This is by wide consensus.  Why?  Who would you put ahead of A-Rod?  If there was a baseball draft of major leaguers, he'd be chosen 1st overall hands down.

    As for Roy, don't dismiss his regular seasons.  He owned most of the goalie records and still does.

    Anyway, we digress.  The point with Sundin is that his lack of success in making the finals does not preclude form the fact that he's among the best players of his era.

  6. tucker13 says:

    Well yeah there going to ask to much for Sundin, there trading SUNDIN what do you expect

  7. BruMagnus says:

    agreed, but for the trade deadline, I'd still rather take someone who is hypothetically a poor regular season performer but a monster in the playoffs (like Martin Gelinas) than someone who is excellent in the regular season but poor in the playoffs (Yashin?). I'm definitely NOT saying Sundin is poor in the playoffs! But I think the A-Rod point isn't strong, especially at the trade deadline!

  8. lafleur10 says:


  9. goose says:

    u *****en dipshit where did u hear or read thiS??????????????????????????????????????????????

  10. Barongoalie says:

    Actually this is completely untrue, the new and improved way to get better in this league is to do badly, get better draft picks, tue them with veteren leaders and start over. Young picks and veteren experince are both equally as important to get to the finals and creating a dynasty.

    Think of the last three stanley cups in a row:

    TAMPA BAY – Frontlined by captain veteren centre Dave Anderchuck along with major support from 1 overal pick in the 1998 draft Vincent Lecavalier. Phenominal Goaltending from goaltender Nikolai Khabibulin was the key to their cup run, who was traded to the team the year before. Not as big of notable deals at the deadline for tampa, but this was before the last cup before the salary cap.

    CAROLINA – Frontlined by captain vetren centre Rod Brind'Amour with obvious help from young star and 2nd overall pick on 2003 Eric Staal. Justin Williams and Cam Ward were amoung other key players who were first round picks on that Cup Winning team. They also picked up Mark Recchi, Doug Weight and a player from the last stanley cup winning team; Cory Stillman near the deadline that season. Recchi went right back pittsburgh the following season, but a the price of winning a stanley cup is worth it.

    ANAHEIM – Last years cup champions were lead by veteren pros Scott Neidermayer, Teemu Selanne, and Chris Pronger who was traded to the Ducks from Edmonton after the Oilers failed to beat the Hurricanes in the finals the year before. (this also fuled the Edmonton – Anahiem rivalry  prior to the Dustin Penner incident) Young star Corey Perry was a 1st round draft pick, as was power forward Ryan Getlaf at 28th and 19th overall respectively in the same 2003 draft as Eric Staal.  This tells us that more than one team can build a cup from the same draft, and that a team can build a dynasty in one craft.

    Lets also not forget that Carolina and had lost in the finals recently before they won the cup.
    Carolina to Detroit in 2002.
    Anaheim to New jersay in 2003.
    This did not happen to tampa, but again this was before the salary cap, and it appears that this is the way to win a championship. A team that seems to have started to take a step in the new direction is the St Louis Blues. They had an aweful season last year, they drafted some good young players including David Perron and 1st overall pick in 2006 defenceman Eirk Johnson, they signed carolina cup winner Doug Weight, traded him for a younger and more talented Anaheim cup winner Andy Mcdonald and they now sit with a good chance to make the western conference finals. On another note, Ottawa hopes for a 3rd cup from Cory Stillman. Theses playes dont just happen to win championships, they are good, and thats why teams will trade for them.

    Other teams like Pittsburgh are already good because of the draft, and a team like Chicago or Los Angeles will be very good very soon.

    So in summary, veteran leaders are essential to a teams success, as is drafting some good young talent. There are a lot of teams who realize that Mats Sundin is the perfect player to get them to the finals.

    Patience my fellow Leaf Fans, for we will be good once again, and it will be a lot sooner than you might think.

  11. mapleleaf420 says:

    a day later. nope.

  12. lafleur10 says:

    look here you pin head!!the 2 players were hava summer-off and tee-off!don't you get it!!boy are you dumb!!!this was just meant as a joke (i.e.)the leafs won't be making the playoffs hence summeroff,hence tee-off!i didn't realize leafs fans were this dumb and gullable!!this just shows me how dumb you are!!lol!!hahahaha!!

  13. carson1620 says:

    Holy crap i have been saying that for sooo long that sundin isn't worth picking up concidering what you hafta give up for him, and HE WILL COMEBACK AFTER THE SEASON IS DONE! e…. and now the sun is finally reprting this!!!!!   great hockey analysis

    i'm sure NIK KYPRIOS is the head of  hockey analysis for the SUN lol all this thread is doing is stating the obvious. and even worse the toronto sun is definatly running out of stories to print

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