Leafs at Deadline

I think its safe to say that the Leafs are not going to trade both Sundin and Tucker, blow up the team and a get a high draft pick this summer, Although thats what they should do, it just isn’t going to happen. I’m not ruling out the possibility if Tucker bring traded though. That being said, here is what I think the Leafs should to try and make a cup run this season.

To Florida: Stajan, White, 3rd rounder

To Toronto: Bertuzzi

Florida is looking to deal Bertuzzi as they are trying to rebuild. White and Stajan are two good young players to start with.

To Pheonix: Ponikarovsky, Antropov, Bell

To Toronto: Nagy

Pheonix will also be sellers at the deadline. This trade makes sennse for both teams.

To San Jose: Tucker

To Toronto: Setoguchi

Setoguchi is a good RW prospect, a position where we lack depth.

Nagy – Sundin – Bertuzzi
Steen – Wellwood – O’neill
Kilger – Peca – Newbury
Battaglia – Pohl – Devereux

Kaberle – Kubina
McCabe – Colaiacovo
Gill – Kronwall


5 Responses to Leafs at Deadline

  1. DeathCab says:

    Stajan, White, and a 3rd rounder seems like way too much to pay for a guy their saying will sign in Toronto for free come July…

  2. 5thbeatle says:

    Please, enough of this silly proposals – it serves no purpose. JFJ ain't sitting around waiting for the perfect internet proposal with our stamp of approval.

    Think of what you are saying – 6 players that are young, affordable (Tucker being the exception) and coming into form for 3 people, 2 of which are damaged goods and/or overrated. The leafs cannot have 75% of their players making 2 – 3 million plus!! The defence is already eating up 17.5 million.

  3. Judd says:

    you seem to forget that Bertuzzi, Wellwood, and Peca are all injured.

  4. wingedim says:

    I don't see Bertuzzi in Toronto at any point in the near future. He still needs to be in a city 'under the radar'. Toronto is too much in the media spotlight for him still at this point. While it would be nice if he was the 'same' Bert, he's not.
    You are also trading what we've needed for so long which is young, cheap talent.
    I agree with off loading Antropov, but White,Bell and Satjan are questionable. Poni has had an off year, but, a change of scenery could do him good.
    Tucker needs to be shipped off and with high return value, not just a 'prospect'. If he wants to stay in Toronto like he says, then he'll sign as a UFA in July.

  5. mojo19 says:

    Wow. You'd give up Stajan, White and a 3rd rounder for a rental player?
    Then even worse you'd give up Antropov and Ponikarovski for another rental player?

    Then what happens when Nagy and Bertuzzi bolt via free agency in the offseason, no big name players sign with Toronto and you're left building from the bottom with no Stajan, no White, no Antropov, and no Ponikarovski.

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