Leafs at the Deadline

There are a number of rumors that are flying around the leafs this time of year (like always). First off JFJ is a below average GM with below average talent.

At last years draft the Ducks would of taken a Stajan or Steen and a 1st round pick for Giguere as Bryzgalov was at that point going to be the number one guy. They overpaid for Kubina because they didn’t want him going to Ottawa or any other main rival.

As for there defence core. Kaberle is by far the best defensman on that team, Kubina is playing good enough to keep him out of the press as being trade bait. McCabe is just terrible, everyone thinks he is great because of his numbers, anyone can have those numbers by playing as much PP time as he gets. McCabe 5 on 5 is one of the worst in the league just like Jason Allison and look where he is now.

Trade 1:

To Phoenix: Brendan Bell($450,000), Nic Antropov($1,007,000), Jeff O’Neill($1,500,000)

To Toronto: Ladislav Nagy($3,000,000) 5th RD pick.

Reason: Bell can be expendible, Antropov has been given 4 years to do something and is worse than when he started and O’Neill hasn’t fit in since PM took over. Nagy is the scoring winger that the Leafs have not had since Dave Andrychuck.

Trade 2:

To Edmonton: Darcy Tucker($1,596,000)

To Toronto: Joffrey Lupol($1,500,000) 4th RD Pick

Reason: Tucker is going to ask for at least 4 million a year and at least a 4 year term, not worth it. Lupol has been linked to being out of Edmonton for a while he is a good young fast goal scorer.

Trade 3:

Any one who wants McCabe and his contract……

4 Responses to Leafs at the Deadline

  1. polastem says:

    Actually, I guarantee Tucker signs for 3.25/year when he returns to Toronto, which he will return btw. And as for Antropov not playing as well, I completely disagree, I think this year more than any other, he's proving he can play. He's been great. And O'Neil has been more of a presence in leadership roles than you could think. He hits, and he shoots. BRenden Bell and Wozniewsky are the trade baits. I wouldn't be surprised to see Gill get shopped because of Toronto's excessive amount of damn good defense coming through the system.

  2. hockeyeater says:

    I totally agree. Niky has been great considering the injuries that has sustained annually. O'neil has aslo stepped up and gelled perfecly with what ever line he is on. As for Gill, I think the buds will have a hard time unloading him for the lack of performance thus far. Gill has only one asset and that is his size and reach. This guy needs to learn how to skate.

  3. polastem says:

    Yeah, ah well, maybe someone will shop for him. He did well against Jagr tonight, so you never know. Mind you, looks like Toronto's gunna do what they did last year and just slightly fall short, and draft low, yay lol

  4. JuiceBox says:

    No way Tucker is going to sign at 3.25 a year, the reason is JFJ does not have the balls to offer him a contract when there are teams out there that will pay 4 million a year for him. Guarantee JFJ offers him 5 years at 4 million a year because once again he has no balls.

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