Leafs buy out Tucker and other Leaf News

The Star is reporting that the Leafs have decided to buy out Darcy Tucker.

It is reported that under the terms of the CBA the Leafs who are buying out Tucker for 6 million dollars will be penalized by 1 million dollars per year over the next 6 years.

While Tucker is on his way out another player Bryan McCabe will not be going anywhere soon due mainly because of his high priced contract and the cost associated with buying him out.

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  1. simplyhabby says:

    As much as i think this guy is a little whiner, he will be a great pickup for pretty much any team for depth on a 3rd line. I would not mind him on MOntreal but we don't need more left handed shots.

  2. nordiques100 says:

    The only decision now is mccabe or kubina.

    They need to move one of those contracts. its pretty obvious that they wish to remove mccabe but that will be difficult.

    buying him out makes no sense as that cap hit will be far more than what the team will pay out to Tucker over the next 6 years.

    trading him could be impossible as the list of teams he could go to is very short, plus he, like Tucker, is pretty adamant that he will not agree to a trade.

    The only course is to perhaps play hardball and sit him out. If there was a team that could pay 14 million dollars to a player to do nothing, its the leafs. they can afford this tactic, even if it is a bit on the heartless and expensive side.

    at some point over the next 3 years, mccabe is going to want to resume his career. if the leafs sit him out until he agrees to a trade, the ball is in mccabe's court. he'll have no choice but to find a team he wants to go to.

    This could get ugly, but it couldnt get any more uglier than some of his play the last couple of years.

    if he does agree to trade, the only teams i can see him going are:

    the islanders
    the rangers
    the flyers
    the devils
    the pens

    so long as it is close enough to long island, i think mccabe will go there.

    all these teams could have use for a defenceman who can provide some offence and log plenty of minutes. the guy needs a change in scenery and playing outside of toronto could rejuvenate his career. the only issue is the cap as the rangers, flyers and pens are going to be in tough.

    thats what leads everyone back to long island. they could use some support for witt and some of their younger blueliners. they need an offensive boost from the point and could use the depth. they have the cap space as they are usually one of the teams hovering around the cap min. They would offer very little however for that contract and would probably at best offer up a 2nd rounder plus some other futures.

    the devils would probably be the only other team who could take that cap hit and be close enough to long island. i think in that system, he could succeed. the devils need an upgrade on defence and depth. a guy who can log 25 minutes would be big for sutter to use. they could offer up their own bad contract in zubrus in return.

    if it gets to the point where it is absolutely impossible to move mccabe, they will need to figure that out by aug 15th. that is why kubina's NTC kicks back in. The team hopefully is exploring moving kubina as they need to take advantage of this window they've been given.

    free agency will determine how much demand there will be for kubina and mccabe for that matter.

    The following need to be signed before anyone will think of trading for kubina or mccabe:


    once the numbers are determined for these players and the teams, then it will be much easier to gauge the interest in anything Toronto has.

    it could develop that the salaries of kubina and mccabe will be far easier to swallow if a player like a hainsey for example gets well over 4 million.

    there would probably be interest in kubina regardless. he has good size, he adds grit and can log big minutes. he'll probably give your team 30 plus points as well which is a bonus. he is a winner and has a big point shot. he isnt worth 5 mil, but that contract in the end could be easier to swallow for some teams.

    there are a plethora of teams out west who could use defence help.

    the yotes who traded 2 nhl blueliners for jokinen need to add to their D.
    the sharks had interest at the deadline
    the stars may be interested in a veteran to replace norstrom
    the hawks may be interested in a mentor for their young D
    the jackets who might lose hainsey, lost foote could need a Dman
    the avs could lose foote, liles, sauer so they may need a blueliner

    defence is at a premium. once the bigger name free agents go, some team, who lost out, will look for kubina or even mccabe and make a decent offer. hopefully the leafs will get a shot at moving one of them.

  3. the_word says:

    More change for the sake of change, not exactly prudent. We were going nowhere with or without Tucker, so keeping him around meant that we would waste three million elsewhere and he be off the books in three years rather than six years.

    The handling of Wellwood and Tucker are perplexing to say the least. With Wellwood it may have been a character issue, this was not the case with Tucker.

    These moves appear to be the fallout for Mats leaving, Fletcher is going out of his way to prove to the critics that the Leafs are taking on a full scale rebuilding phase.

  4. the_word says:

    Is it imperative to get rid of McCabe and Kubina right away? The Leafs should be looking to tank this year, there really need not be a rush.

    No chance McCabe goes to NJ, Lou's played hardball and walked away from better players that McCabe. No chance he trades anything for him, unless its more  bad contracts coming the other way.

    As for Kubes…

    Yotes have Jovo to play the role of Kubina and after getting Jokinen probably aren't looking for more big contracts.

    Sharks and Hawks possible both aren't interested until Campbell signs somewhere.

    Jackets paying 5 million for a 2nd rate defenseman, doubtful.

    Avs has a history of taking gambles on skill players so who knows.

    Stars? Kubes doesn't strike me as a Brett Hull type player.

  5. habswinthecup-again says:

     Buying out Tucker is a stupid move, the contract he was given by JFJ was stupid but buying him out does make good fiscal sense, don't get me wrong I think what Fletcher is doing is mostly good but this move is not one of them.

  6. Tachmo says:

    Can someone explain the logic to me in buying out Darcy Tucker?

    I thought you are supposed to buy out players that are a hinderance to the team in terms of ability. So what if Tucker had an off year and didn’t produce the way the Leafs wanted him to. Tucker was never a huge point producer, so if you are looking for him to cash in 70 points it ain’t gonna happen. However the guy could rebound this year and pot 25+ goals. He had 18 goals last year in what was said to be a terrible year for him. News flash the whole team stunk and everyone was bad except for Sundin and I guess Antropov. The bottom line is Tucker can score 20 goals a season and put up 100 PIMs. He is the type of player that every team wants in the playoffs. The crazy thing is they don’t have his services and they still have to pay some sort of percentage. Why the heck wouldn’t they just ride him out?

    Unless their is something I don’t know about like a serious injury, or he slept with another players wife or he is a dressing room cancer. This is a ridiculous move and something that really shouldn’t shock me coming out of leaf land. I guess they should probably buy out Blake too. He had a bad year and he even makes more then Tucker. As well Tucker had 3 more goals then Blake last year. lol…

  7. nordiques100 says:

    not right away, but at some point. mccabe might be more valuable to move at the deadline as he is owed just over 8 mil next year and most of this coming season would be paid already.

    he could draw interest then.

    the window for kubina is short. its til aug 15th. thus time becomes a factor. removing one of those contracts would be beneficial.

    coyotes do have jovo, but lost ballard and boynton. two players who can play over 20 minutes and who can move the puck, though they may not be big point producers. kubina could fill in their absence for sure.

    if you look at the jackets, he'd be one of the best they have as they are very thin with hainsey likely gone, tarnstrom gone and foote gone. i think he oculd be someone to help mentor klesla. they hae the cap space as well to absorb that contract.

    the stars have some good young blueliners so there might not be room, but who knows how healthy boucher is leaving zubov and robidas as the only experienced guys. they may look for one more.  

  8. mojo19 says:

    I definitely could see the Jackets being interested in Pavel Kubina. Look at his ice time, points, +/- from last year, he's got good stats, and he played really well in the last 20 games or so. I think he's got trade value and if the rumours are true that CBJ are desperate to make the playoffs for the first time in franchise history, then Kubina would be a possibility for them. They'll probably lose Hainsey to free agency too.

    Since Kubina's NTC is lifted for the summer only if they want to move him they need to do it now. McCabe though, like you guys mentioned could kick around for another year, his stock can only go up. I'd like to see him put up over 40 or 50 pts this year but the Leafs tank, and maybe he could be moved next summer or at the deadline.

  9. mojo19 says:

    Salary cap question for everyone:

    If the Leafs don't spend to the cap can they put more of the buyout money in the earlier years. For example, if we're $5 million under the cap, couldn't we put the extra cap space towards the Tucker buyout so it doesn't hurt us in the future?

    I notice Alexei Yashin's buyout on nhlnumbers.com is not weighted an equal amount each year, couldn't the Leafs go $4 million this season, $1.5 next and $0.5 the next and be done with it?

  10. habswinthecup-again says:

     I am not sure why Yashin's is like that but no you cannot frontload the buyout, that must be what Yashin is getting paid each year but if you look at it again his cap hit 2.019million. Tucker's will be $1million a year for 6 whole years.

  11. DJTOKid says:

    I'm hearing alot of people wanking about this Tucker thing. i think its a good move for the leafs heading forward. Think about this for a second, the leafs aquire Mayers an energy guy that plays something like Tucker. Mayers makes around 1.3mil per season, the buyout for Tucker is 1mil per season. Meaning they rid of Tuckers contract, replace his role on the team with someone else and save, thats right SAVE, 700k per season. That will cover the Raycroft buyout. So you see the big picture sometimes tells a differant story then then one right infront of your eyes.

    I'm glad there was no McCabe buyout, that wouldn't have made finacial sense. I say keep him and try the trade deadline or next years offseason to move him. If you look at his contract he could be very appealing to some teams at 4.15mil for the last two years of his contract. Even though the cap hit is still 5.75 he won't cost a team alot out of there pockets. Or buyhim out of his final two years, that would be a little more affordable then now. Though he gets ripped buy everyone all the time Bryan McCabe still has alot of game and is a solid NHL pro.

  12. nordiques100 says:

    i think the issue has nothing to do with productivity.

    to me, i dont think tucker ever bought into playing defensive hockey. i think the type of team wilson envisions will be stronger at that part of the game and if one of the leaders doesnt show any willingness to buy into the program, change has to be made. sure he wasnt given a shot, but just look at his play under maurice. he had a terrible plus minus and was a liability in his own end.

    another thing is that tucker is a bit of a selfish player. on the PP he only camped at one spot on the ice, looking to score rather than looking to make the pp a success. he took selfish penalties. and he whined and complained on just about every single one of them he took. that kind of example is not what a team turning to youth needs. you could see some of the impact he and players like mccabe and sundin for that matter had on the team. the leafs, almost all of them, whined about every single penalty call. its that kind of culture that needs to be rectified.

    and if you do want to speak of productivity, it is not likely a player who has a breaking down body at age 33 is going to be any more productive that he is right now.

    at the same time, he could be effective in the right situation. toronto was simply not a good team and he was placed as their 2nd best forward. he is a 3rd line guy who can be capable of being a good energy player and add grit and leadership. he couldnt do that on the leafs as he was placed in a role of top scorer and first line player. he is far from being that.

    i am sure tucker will have a decent season next year. but if it was in toronto again, we'd get nothing more than what we've seen the last few years. lots of time lost, plenty of side show, too much whining.

  13. nordiques100 says:

    i dont know about tucker and his character. i think he whined too much and that was not a good example to set for the team’s younger players.

    and where was the effort on some nights……like against a no name team like florida. he wasnt consistent at that. he was also very poor on the backcheck. there was no effort there. if he isnt going to buy into the defensive side of things, certainly wilson had no use for that.

    his time was up. he will probably have a good year next year somewhere but he was done as a leaf.

  14. leafy says:

    Notwithstanding the cap issue, Tucker is just about done.

    The guy's body has taken such a beating over the years, he's got nothing more to give.  Even a simple thing like getting up off the ice became a big chore for him.

    The old Tucker was made of teflon, feisty, in-your-face, and scored goals.  Last year's Tucker was a shadow of his former self.

    Clearly Fletcher decided the cap hit spread out over 6 years is worth it.  The alternative is to hog up a roster spot that could have gone to a younger player with a future.

  15. Bure96 says:

    I think this is a mistake. I rarely agree with buying out players unless the player your buying out is making 4 million and clearly isn't worthy of playing in the NHL. Darcy Tucker had an off year, but 18 goals is still pretty good production for a 3 million doller. He doesn't even get payed to score goals, he does exactly what Sean Avery does (maybe not quite as well though). Be in your face, and annoy you.

    Don't do it Flecther.

  16. buds8 says:

    I love all of the Tucker supporters that show themselves now that he is no longer a Maple Leaf….I loved Tucker, key word loveD as in past-tense….he is too slow and does not have enough skill to compete on a daily basis in this league, letting him go will not haunt the Leafs in any way, he will fall under the Peca and Nolan and Allison and Lindros releases….good move Cliff!

    As far as Wellwood goes, I don’t see him as having the same potential as Sullivan, I see him as a decent 3rd liner, nothing more….no heart or desire…good ridance and good luck!

  17. the_word says:

    I don't think you can question Tucker's heart. He played balls out, with little regard for his long term health, played with passion and was quick to drop the gloves with guys twice his size. He wasn't a natural talent on offense and he still put up decent numbers. Last season we saw his ice time cut in favor of Blake that hurt Tucker. Blake didn't really earn his spot but Maurice's hands were tied along with JFJ in the signing of Blake. Tucker was one of the few Leafs that made the game difficult for their oppenents.

  18. the_word says:

    Putting the cart before the horse, you need young talent first.

  19. leafy says:

    Very true, but all these Leaf veterans do is prevent the Leafs from finishing in the bottom 5 and landing a franchise player.

    Fletcher appears to have a strategy….get rid of the vets, bring in young players, and get a shot at another top 5 draft pick.  I applaud this approach, something the Leafs have never done in over 40 years, ie, re-build properly.

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