Leafs can't afford a big name!

The perception has been, for a while now, that the Leafs have a lot of money to spend on Free Agents. Unless, they manage to unload some contracts somewhere, this is simply not true. Some of my numbers or guesses may be slightly off, but the overall picture is pretty much what I am laying out here. The most up to date look at the numbers are as follows:

Buyouts – 2 million (belfour .75, Domi 1.25)

Goalies – 2.464 million

Raycroft, 1.35 (qualifying offer only!, this could go up)

Telqvist, 0.589

Aubin, 0.525

– 10.612 million

Kaberle, 4.25

McCabe, 5.75

Kronvall, 0.612

Forwards – 14.4136

Sundin, 6.33

Tucker, 1.596

O’Neill, 1.5

Ponikarovsky, .712

Kilger, 1.2

Steen, .9006

Pohl *, .5 (somewhere around this number?)

Antropov, 1

Belak 0.675

Total Comitted: 29.5 million (approx.)

On Defense:

Unless they give up on, or trade Colaiacovo or he doesn’t play, they will be on the hook for around 900k (give or take). Karel Pilar might be brought in again for say 500K

You can pencil in a Marlie, out of Harrison, White, Bell, Wozniewski for 500k

Now, the Leafs have 6 D-men at about 12.5 Million


You would have to believe Stajan and Wellwood are back at about 1 million each.

Free Agent D1 3.5 McKee

Colaiacovo 0.9

Harrison 0.5

White 0.5

Wellwood 1

Stajan 1

F1 1 Lindros

F2 2.5 Roberts

F3 2 Langenbrunner


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