Leafs could land Forsberg and Roberts without jeopardizing their future

I was listening to Hockey Central last week and Kipper and Millard were saying it would be possible to fit both these guys under the cap if Wellwood and Tucker were put on long term IR in a Lamorello’esk move. This got me thinking.Everyone else is pretending to be JFJ so here goes my opinion of what the Leafs should try to do. Now I wouldn’t want to trade away for a shot at the cup and mortgage the future, but there could be a way to go for a cup run this year without sacrificing too much:

– Firstly Tucker would bring back a 1st round draft pick and decent young guy. (Nothing special, think Brendan Bell calibre except a forward).

– Now with two 1st rounders, we can deal one of them away in a package for Forsberg and still be in good shape. So you trade a 1st rounder with either Ponikarovski (21 goals last year, 15 in 45 games this year), or Matt Stajan and one of our young defensman. (Wozneiwski, Kronvall, or Harrison) Most likely Kronvall.

-Lastly Bell and a 3rd or 4th rounder (of which we have two thanks to the Tellqvist trade) are dealt for Roberts

So its effectively Tucker and Poni out, Roberts and Forsberg in.
We lose a couple decent young D-men but nothing instrumental and still have a first round draft pick:
Assuming its Poni and not Stajan here’s my line-up:

Forsberg – Sundin – Antropov
Roberts – Wellwood – Devereux/Pohl
Steen – Stajan – O’Neil
Kilger – Green – Battaglia/Belak

Kaberle – Kubina
McCabe – Carlo
Gill – White *Wozy/Harrison