Leafs could win now, and in the future by doing this:

Future and present.

Trade Kubina and our 2nd round pick Oilers for the 6th overall and a 4th round pick.
McCabe, and Stajan for the Islanders 08 4th round pick and their 09 1st round pick pick. (Tavares draft year cool.gif)

Trade our 13th overall, Harrison, Another 2nd-3rd liner prospect and our two 4th round picks for Washington’s 5th overall.
Sign Hannan at 4 million 3 years.
Foresberg at 4 mill 1 year.
Sellanne at 3 mill 1year.
Smyth at 6 mill 3 years.
Bring in Stralman.
Sign Cujo for 2 years, 1 mill.
Resign Peca for 1 million.


Smyth/Sundin/Steen 12 mill_____85-95 goals as a line
Tucker/Foresberg/Sellanne 10 mill_____70-80 goals as a line
Poni/Wellwood/Antropov 5 mill_____50-60 goals as a line
Kilger/Peca/Pohl 4 mill_____25-35 goals as a line
Williams or Tlusty or Kulimen

Offense Total Salary 31


Kaberle/Hannan 9 mill_____15-20 goals
Colaiacovo/Stralman 3 mill_____15-20 goals
White/Gill 3 mill_____10-15 goals

Defense Total Salary: 15


Cujo/Rayrcoft 3 million

Team Salary 47 million

Team Total Goals 300

Average Goals PG 3.658 Goals PG





5th overall
6th overall
08 4th round pick
Extra 2009 1st round pick

That is great for now, and in the future. We completely add to our offense making it one of the best in the league, Having 3 all star veterans who can be takng important face offs, and be a clutch leader, and another in his prime, can show of to Wellwood, Steen, Pohl and practictly the rest of the offense. Keep our penalty killer Peca and Kilger to do their stuff on ther penalty kill. Bring up Stralman and sign a defensive Defense, while still having Colaiacovo, Kaberle and White and maybe Stralman to still produce offense, and get a pretty good back veteran back up who can teach Raycroft, have 3 extra 1st round picks (2 of which in the top 6) which we can get players like Gagner or other players with the skill level like him and still have atleast 1 million $ left to spend.

What do you think?