Leafs Cupless due to bad GM's

This is not going to be an article saying the Leafs will win the cup this year and every other year. Instead, I am getting to the root of Leafs woes.Alot of you will disagree with me here, but the fact of the matter is that Toronto IS the centre of the hockey universe. We have in the top five payrolls and the top five profits, and it has the deepest pockets. They make more money then any other team, of course they spend more money then almost any other team. So why haven’t they won a cup in nearly forty years, then?

Everyone loves playing in Toronto, like it or not. Every player loves the atmosphere, the attention and the love that Toronto fans give them. In the Toronto Sun last summer they named a huge groupe of free agents that said playing in Toronto, however unlikely, would be a great experience. These players included Joe Nieuwendyk, Adam Graves, Dmitri Yushkevich, and I believe Sergei Fedorov. In 1997 even Wayne Gretzky wanted to play here, but the Leafs at the time were too cheap to sign him so he opted to sign with the New York Rangers. We even had one of the largest fan base in 1985… when we finished LAST!!

The problem with the Leafs is that they’ve had bad GM’s over the years. We’re the team that could have any one, and yet we have a bunch of aging ex-superstars past their primes.

So knowing that we could almost get any one, who would you go out and get if you were the Toronto Maple Leafs’ GM? Please note that it has to be realistic. When I say we could get almost any one, I mean when they’re available. Jarome Iginla in his position or Martin St. Louis wouldn’t become Leafs, and Daniel Alfredsson doesn’t count. So who would you sign to turn around this franchise?