Leafs Cupless due to bad GM's

This is not going to be an article saying the Leafs will win the cup this year and every other year. Instead, I am getting to the root of Leafs woes.Alot of you will disagree with me here, but the fact of the matter is that Toronto IS the centre of the hockey universe. We have in the top five payrolls and the top five profits, and it has the deepest pockets. They make more money then any other team, of course they spend more money then almost any other team. So why haven’t they won a cup in nearly forty years, then?

Everyone loves playing in Toronto, like it or not. Every player loves the atmosphere, the attention and the love that Toronto fans give them. In the Toronto Sun last summer they named a huge groupe of free agents that said playing in Toronto, however unlikely, would be a great experience. These players included Joe Nieuwendyk, Adam Graves, Dmitri Yushkevich, and I believe Sergei Fedorov. In 1997 even Wayne Gretzky wanted to play here, but the Leafs at the time were too cheap to sign him so he opted to sign with the New York Rangers. We even had one of the largest fan base in 1985… when we finished LAST!!

The problem with the Leafs is that they’ve had bad GM’s over the years. We’re the team that could have any one, and yet we have a bunch of aging ex-superstars past their primes.

So knowing that we could almost get any one, who would you go out and get if you were the Toronto Maple Leafs’ GM? Please note that it has to be realistic. When I say we could get almost any one, I mean when they’re available. Jarome Iginla in his position or Martin St. Louis wouldn’t become Leafs, and Daniel Alfredsson doesn’t count. So who would you sign to turn around this franchise?

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  1. cgolding says:

    mats sundin isn’t bad.

  2. PayUpSucka says:

    The players suck? Geez, makes you wonder how they finish so high every year. If the leaf’s players suck, then so does everyone else seeing as how they finished ahead of everyone, points wise, with the exception of Tampa and Detroit.

    Just another example of the know nothing morons that contribute to this joke of a site.

  3. PayUpSucka says:

    Check the stats Chris, I couldn’t believe it either, the guy has better numbers on the road than he does at home. He does do frequent dissapearing acts in the playoffs though, both home and road.

    I can’t believe there is no hockey and we’re all still here arguing about the same crap. Hockey fans!! haha.

  4. cgolding says:

    Boston and San Jose as well…

  5. 89AlexanderMogilny89 says:

    You’re the one sitting here whining about Canadians.I can understand your jealousy though.

    It’s Americans such as yourself that make most of us want to puke.

    Speaking of money America should contribute more.They are an economically stronger country than Canada and thus should contribute more money.Typical American sitting on his fat ass complaining about Canadians..status quo …

  6. cgolding says:

    he plays a completely different game physically on the road. he yaps less. hits less. generally the stuff that make him a “good” NHL player he does less of on the road. i mean lets face it, you don’t really want him as your prime scoring option. you have him to piss people off and chip in with a decent point total…

  7. cgolding says:

    we’re submitting 350M+ to aid the tsunami situation and we are in horrible and growing debt due to the incompetence of this administration. if we were a business we wouldn’t be able to give anyone a cent.

    neverminding the whole idiotic war that we have to fund and at some point people are going to realize we need to throw a LOT more money at.

    say what you want about us, but we are shipping a lot of cash over there. have 90 helicopters distributing goods across the swathe of destruction and our secretary of state is currently there preparing a brief for what we can and should do to help the situation.

  8. PayUpSucka says:

    You get my point though Chris.

  9. PayUpSucka says:

    I’ve never considered him a prime scoring option. He’s an ideal 3rd line contributor. He did contribute on the road in Ottawa with hits and drawing a few minors, he just doesn’t show up for road games in philly. haha.

  10. tmeyers says:

    You just proved my point.





  11. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I hate the organization. Clarke brings Allen Eagleson to Leafs games, that’s low. I like Roenick, and Primeau, and Desjardins, and Burke.

  12. big_booty says:

    Leaf fans have fallen victim, time and again, to horrible trades made by management.


    Mike Gartner for a mid-round draft pick.


    Larry Murphy shipped out to the Red Wings for “future considerations” – Leafs also paid his salary.


    Mathieu Schneider for Alex Karpovtsev and a pick.

    Jeff Brown for Sylvain Cote.


    Jason Smith sent to the Oil for a couple of picks.

    Second round pick to the Bruins for Dmitri Khristich.

    Cote to the ‘Hawks for a second-rounder.


    Khristich to the Capitals for a third-rounder.

    Karpovtsev and a pick for Bryan McCabe.

    Fredrik Modin for Cory Cross.


    Adam Mair and a second-rounder for Aki Berg

    Danny Markov for Travis Green, Craig Mills, and Robert Reichel.

    Sergei Berezin for Mikael Renberg.

    Dave Manson for Jyrki Lumme.


    Dmitri Yushkevich for Robert Svehla.


    Brad Boyes, Alyn McAuley, and a #1 pick for Owen Nolan.

    A #2 for Glen Wesley.

    A couple of picks for Phil Housley.

    A couple of picks for Doug Gilmour.


    Jarkko Immonen, Maxim Kondratiev, and a #1 for Brian Leetch.

    A fourth-rounder for Ron Francis.

    This trend will continue, no matter what the Leafers believe, because the Leafers believe that every trade they make is a good one.

  13. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    First of all Gilmour was for a no where nineth rounder, and Housley was for a no where fourth round. For real rip offs, like the Neidermayer pick for Olzyuk, go to http://www.ihatetheleafs.com

  14. nocuphere says:

    Yeah all those guys they traded away just ripped it up with their new teams!!! I could have played the blueline in Detroit and won a cup.

    Give it a rest guy, I could list the good trades and signings but you’d still be a moron.

  15. Enigma says:

    Great memories..(leafs/philly). I know it only happened once in the last few years but my favourite leaf series has to be the leafs and islanders….terrific gritty hockey.

  16. Enigma says:

    as much I dislike the flyers as an organization i must admit i also like some of their players….namely Roenick, Gagne, Primieu, and Desjardines

  17. Enigma says:

    I luv that site

  18. 19Yzerman says:

    1967 leafs last cup reinstated them to the place they have been 13 times second only to the Habs the New York Yankees of hockey in terms of # of championships.

    2002 eastern conf finals game 7 overtime huricanes scored to go to the finals over the leafs. Never had I ever been a leafs fans more then that moment. I was looking for that Wings/Leafs match up in the finals that has not happend since 1967.

  19. hockeyhead says:

    i still don’t understand what it means…..the other teams they have are the jets 79 and the habs 65 i think it is

  20. 19Yzerman says:

    Judging people by their nation of origin is not only a racist thing to do. Its is also a punishable crime here in the USA.

    “I pledge allegiance to the Flag

    of the United States of America

    and to the Republic for which it stands,

    one nation under God, indivisible,

    with liberty and justice for all.”

  21. hockeyhead says:

    an interesting twist to this talk about hockey but if you want my illadvised take on this……i don’t know why the USA should help anyone since we are so hated. every stooge for himself!!!!!

  22. big_booty says:

    Typical Leafer short-sightedness.

    It’s not just who you give up, genius. It’s who you get.

    Gartner and Murphy were Hall-of-famers that got shipped out for draft picks that turned out to be nobodies.

    Schneider for Karpovtsev for McCabe. Which one would you rather have? If you don’t want Schneider then you’re a moron.

    How did Renberg work out? Or Reichel? Or Cross? Or Francis? Or Housley? Or Gilmour? Or Lumme?

    A second for Khristich, then flip him for a third? Why even bother?

    Finally, praytell, what “good trades and signings” are you referring to?

  23. tmeyers says:

    Judging people for anything is not against the law. You can judge whoever you want to and say it!! Its called freedom of speech.


    Nation of origin has nothing to do with race. THATS RACIST!!

  24. nocuphere says:

    Sorry fella I thought thats how we figure out who benefited from a trade. None of the guys you mention that went the other way did anything either. So nothing lossed/nothing gained.

    As you’re well aware of i’m sure Toronto is a “want a cup right now” and i’m assuming management caved into the endless fan demands by trading away youth for “right now” kind of players.

    Bryan McCabe for nothing.

    Signing Gary Roberts.

    Signing JS Aubin.

    Every team has dead weight if you’re talking about guys like Reichel and Renberg, who was decent whenever he was healthy. cough cough. Czechmanek….cough cough Beezer.

    The leafs make no more bone head moves than any other team is my point. Only difference is when someone in the organization farts it’s smeared on every news outlet the next day. Or Tsn holds a 3 hour special on it.

    I like the path they’re on now. When it came time to sign free agents, knowing a possible lockout was looming, leaf management went out and spent some big money, and hockey players have a long f ucking memory and will remember that when they have a choice to go somewhere post lockout. Philly management did the same thing.

    Ferguson, I mean i’m not going to judge a man after 1 year. He looked at the team in front of him last year, and rightly so he saw the group he had wasn’t going to win this year with youth so he red winged up and loaded up with more veterans, knowing that this year was probably the last chance he’d have to win before the actual rebuilding started.

    He stuck to his guns in expanding the scouting staff, and he’s signed every prospect they’ve drafted. Young guys in St. Johns are playing well, and he went out and signed Aubin for peanuts and the guy is tearing it up in the AHL. I know, the AHL, but the league is much deeper this year.

    Well dude I could sit here and argue leafs with you all night, but I ain’t going to change your mind, i’m going to go play some hockey.

    I’ll leave this with you though. Don’t you think that if the flyers played anyone but the leafs the last 2 years they’d have at least 1 cup? Yeah but they suck though right?

  25. Kraut182 says:

    -Mike Gartner was seemed almost done in Toronto (48 games over last 2 seasons), had one good season in Pheonix one mediocre one and he was done.

    -Larry Murphy was hated in Toronto, giving away the puck like crazy. You don’t keep a player like this.

    -Khristich was a very good offensive player before he got to Toronto, then he turned to crap. Unfortunately the Leafs don’t have a crystal ball.

    -Karpovtsev for McCabe, yeah that was a terrible trade. Boy, the Leafs sure got screwed on that one.

    -the picks for Housley and Gilmour were late ones. They didn’t work out, but its not like the Leafs sacraficed their future. Its highly likely that none of these picks play in the NHL.

    -Kondratiev left St. Johns for Russia midway through the season, do you want to keep this guy. Immonen was an 8th Rounder, Brian Leetch was fantastic for the Leafs. What’s the problem?

    -and you list a whole bunch more trades either involving nothing players or even deals. What’s the point?

    Trades I didn’t like were Smith, Modin, Markov (but there was something more there if I rember right … holdout?), and Boyes/McCauley. But if you can take 9 years and that’s what you find, while that doesn’t seem like terrible management to me.

  26. guinsfan4life says:

    I don’t know what you think, but my primary reason for firing Quinn is the theory behind why the Leafs keep resigning older veterans-

    Because Quinn doesn’t want to spend the extra time coaching and teaching the game and instead wants players who already have experience. Makes his job a whole lot easier, eh?

  27. guinsfan4life says:

    While I understand your point of not pinning a coaching career on game seven losses, it is difficult comparing the situations of Sutter and Quinnn, mainly because the Flames were not supposed to be in the position they were. So in his case, it would have been considered a good season.

    PErhaps if Quinn would have only lost one game seven series or a series in six games, we could point to shortcomings of players or lack of personnel, however when you loose that many game sevens and have the talent to get as far as they have, a pattern begins to develop. And when it does, as a coach, you have to figure out what you can do differently so that you are more successfull the next time around.

    Has Quinn done that?

  28. The_Coach says:

    First of all, the entire world has really stepped up to help the victims of the tsunami, including both the U.S. and Canada.

    That being said, do the math you jackass. Canada and its population of 30 million people are contributing a minimum of 80 million bucks. The United States with its population of 294 million people are contributing 350 million.

    Now, do the math and tell me again who is actually contribution more money per capita. I am not trying to diss the States here, but don’t you dare try to insult my country.

    Think before you speak jerky boy, you sound as stupid as the man that leads your country.

    My sympathy goes out to all those who have lost family and friends to the tsunami.

  29. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I’m the guy who goes on that site and signs the guest book go leafs go and shit. For a real site, go to http://www.senssuck.com

  30. 19Yzerman says:

    Your right About judging people not being against the law as long as you keep it to yourself.

    However you go letting it show publicly and you will find yourself needing an attorney.

    If you think you have the right stand on a street corner and say racist comments to people. Your wrong.

    Oh you may get away with a crime during the absence of law enforcement. But if you were to develop a pattern of doing so the ACLU will be all over you.

  31. nordiques100 says:

    just for clarification hockey is not quite like the other sports when it comes to playoff seeding.

    in football the teams with the better record have home advantage until the superbowl where it is played in a neutral site.

    it is also like that in baseball except the allstar game determines which league gets home advantage in the world series

    and in basketball they have it so that they reseed the teams after round 1 in order to have the teams with the better record get home advantage. there is an article on nba.com about realignment and how they changed the playoffs.

    so it is only hockey that has to deal with such irregularities as carolina getting home advantage finishing 15 points behind the leafs but cest la vie.

    if you are a top team, you should be able to win at home or road no matter what.

  32. 89AlexanderMogilny89 says:

    And you just proved mine.

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