Leaf's Current Situation

Ok, so, the Leafs have traded a 3 picks for Toskala and M. Bell.
Many will say that this has cemented the Leafs, and that with this added salary, they cannot do much, but I disagree. There was a report, after the Leafs made this trade, that they had a deal done for Vokoun as well. Now, we must think, why did they go with the unproven guy over a much more experienced, and better, goalie? The answer: cap hit.

Toskala cost them 1.375 and Vokoun would have cost them 5.7. Even with what many perceive to be a dead weight salary in Bell(I disagree with that) we didn’t have as big a hit.
The Leafs also have a bunch of young defensive prospects that where given NHL contracts, most likely for the purpose of trade bait, and yet, come draft day, not a single one was moved.
Looking at those 2 pieces of evidence, it is a fair conclusion that the Leafs are getting ready for another trade to clear cap.

the current roster looks something like this:

Antropov Sundin Ponikarovsky
Tucker Wellwood Bell
Steen Stajan Kilger
Deveraux Pohl Newbury

Kubina Kaberle
McCabe Colaiacovo
Gill White


we also have
Kronwall, Woz, Belak, Westrum, Ondrus, Stralman, Pilar, and Orescovich signed up

This leaves us with 43.607 on the Cap
Guys the Leafs are most likely trying to shop:
McCabe, Kubina, Kronwall, Woz, Pilar, Orescovich, and, with the trade, Raycroft

so that’s the situation

Leaf fans are known for, if nothing else, their imagination… what do YOU think the leafs will do with this?

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  1. ShadysBackRJ says:

    I think JFJ will somehow manage to screw up this post-season even more.

    But, since Eklund (which doesnt give this too much merit, but..) said that the Flames are offering Eric Nystrom, which doesnt sound like much at all, for the rights to talk to Smyth, maybe Fergie could try something along the lines of McCabe for the rights of Smyth and maybe even Jason Blake. That way we get rid of McCabe and get one maybe two wingers for Mats.

  2. ShadysBackRJ says:

    I'm also surprised that JFJ passed up on Maxim Mayorov in the 3rd round. Basically every scouting system had him going mid 1st to early 2nd.

  3. FarFromFreedom says:

    Hopefully they try to move on of McCabe or Kubina's deals to free up cap space .. my opinion if any team who would trade with the leafs its Lowe and the Oilers .. they were the biggest players yesterday and Lowe admitted he isnt done and he is looking for help on the back end. Toronto has the most d on the backend and their looking to get rid of some of it. i think the Leafs are going to either get a draft pick out of a deal or try to get Torres or Lupul out of Edmonton. I dont think trading Raycroft is the best choice .. theres room for improvement in his game and expect him to be better next season .. as for Toskala .. we either have another Kipprusoff deal on our hands or a total drop off who cant take the pressure of a big hockey market.

  4. m4gician says:

    McCabe and Kubina are back, I think Steen is going to pay hte price here and get traded + maybe a minor leaguer for a decent winger for Sundin. Maybe Bell will flourish under Sundin, who knows.     

  5. leaflova says:

    I agree, but i only wish, you know JFJ would never do something like this….

  6. mojo19 says:

    I hope like most leaf fans that they deal away one of McCabe or Kubina for picks/prospects. Let Kronvall, Pilar, Woz, (and White) compete in training camp for the last couple spots.

    I think they should target ONE OF:
    Briere if he's available.
    Jason Blake, but no more than 2 years since he wants 4mil+ a season

    And one other forward to fill things out. The other forward being a one year signing of a decent vet to help out. Victor Kozlov, or Chris Simon, or Joseph Stumpel etc. Someone like this. Just a depth player.

    If I had my way the team would look something like this:

    Poni – Mats – Niky
    Bell – Briere – Tucker
    Steen – Wellwood – Stajan
    Kilger – Pohl – Simon *Devereux, Belak

    Kaberle – Kubina
    Gill – Colaiacovo
    Kronvall – Pilar *White


    There's my ideal 23 man roster. GO LEAFS GO! I HEART VESA!!!

  7. Mandrewz says:

    I think that the only other significant move the Leafs should make is sign Bertuzzi to a multi-year deal. This guy has become massively under-rated and would be a great addition to our club (especially playing alongside Mats…)

    People can dream all they want, but I would bet very highly that Raycroft, McCabe, and Kubina will all be with the buds again next year and beyond, which (I believe) isn't the worst thing anyway. The bashers can say all they want, but all three are very capable at their position and will make the Leafs stronger than if they were gone. McCabe will rebound, Kubina is solid (the only thing critics have on him is that he is over paid, which, by the way, does not make him a crappy defenseman) and RAYCROFT IS STILL DEVELOPING. Everyone needs to give him a break. He has great potential and should not be written off.

    As for all of our "defensive depth" I don't really think any other teams are interested in giving up anything for guys like Woz, Harrison, and Kronwall, so we shouldn't hold our breath on any type of trade happening with those guys. Another year in the minors seems like a fair prediction for all of them.

    The most important signing that the Leafs will make is actually going to take place next year, when Sundin retires and Joe Thornton is inked to be our next captain. : )

  8. 92-93 says:

    yeah i am surprised too … but every other GM up until the Columbus GM passed on him too.


    i am wondering why he passed up on Andersson, Gratchev and especially Owuya … who is STILL available.

  9. 92-93 says:

    1) pick up McCauley (if he is healthy)

    2) trade Kubina for a 2008 or 2009 1st rounder to Edmonton (for example). or trade Kubina for Lupul.

    as for the UFA period, i dont even care anymore. just dont do anything stupid – as vague as that is. the leafs dont have trouble scoring goals and i can say that until i am blue in the face but no one seems to believe me (i said it last year when people worried about Peca being signed and a goal drought and i say it every year).

    heck, resign Peca AND sign McCauley … make it difficult for teams to play against us.

  10. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    The price on vokoun was WAY Higher. dont worry, Toskala will have a big cap hit next season.

  11. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    JFJ says he's looking to extend Toskala. how much would that cost… 4 mil?

  12. ShadysBackRJ says:

    Apparently Steen almost got traded for the 2nd overall pick.

  13. Alozo07 says:

    Look, Kubina and mccabe are not going anywhere, McCabe has the worst invention in histroy in his contract, i am talking about yes the no movement clause. We are at his mercy until this contract is over, Kubina likely will not be moved. However Steen and Kubina as a package could be offered to teams that would sweeten the deal. Yes I said lets trade wonder boy Steen. Think about it, we could have had PRonger the best defenceman in hockey today. But no JFJ decided that he would rather take his chances with steen. At the time I agreed and thought because JFJ showed his loyalty to Steen, that he would want to improve his game and show him he made the right choice. Well that did not happen.Now last night at the draft one of the TSN reporters said there was talk that Philly was very serious about trading the #2 pick to the leafs for Steen. I thought we should do it because it would land us a talented scorer in Turris. But no once again JFJ said no. Now its time for steen to get out, and why not send Kubina with him. That could probably land us a good winger and a centre. Then during Free Agency we go after Nagy or Kariya and jason blake. We will have the cap room to do this because Kubinas slow ass is out of the way.

    so we would end up with 
    Nagy/Kariya SUndin new winger from Steen/ Jaxson blake
    poni wellwood tucker 
    antropov stajan bell
    devareux pohl newberry

  14. 92-93 says:

    here is a novel idea, how about he waits to see how Toskala does this year?

    he signed Raycroft to his 3 year deal before he played a game for the Leafs.

    i say wait and see.

  15. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    ok, if Toskala blows we save 4 mil. If Toskala takes the Leafs to the Playoffs he gets more $$$, something the leafs CANNOT pay along with the Steen, Stajan, Wellwood raises.

  16. 92-93 says:

    interesting 6th round selection by the leafs. Didomenico (sp?) finished 3rd in the Q in rookie scoring just behind Voracek and Perron:

    not bad really, and he is a Toronto kid. he also finished ahead in rookie points in front of Frolik. very interesting. now if they can just get goalie Owuya with their final selection and i would suggest that the leafs got a couple of potential steals in the later draft rounds … hard to say of course at this point.

  17. BieksaForMVP says:

    Kubina is staying.

  18. Halibut says:

    You'd have to package Kubina with someone else for anyone to take that deal breaker of a contract off the leafs hands.  You couldnt give him away right now, let alone get a pick or player for him.

    McCabe and his contract arent worth much more than picks right now, and not 1st round picks either.

  19. 92-93 says:

    again, considering the contracts being doled out to defencemen who are half of Kubina's calibre, his $5 million contract for 3 years does not seem as bad as it did last year.

    I can see teams like Edmonton and even Minnesota interested in Kubina.

  20. lukeleim says:

    yeah McCauley was bought out eh. I'm actually really surprised. Kings didn't really give him a chance after his injury. He may come cheap, say 800,000 or less. Unless Peca is willing to take a major pay cut I think signing McCauley in his place would be a great idea. I think Kubina is staying though. I think the leafs will package a depth forward (Kilger, Pohl, Ondrus, Newbury or Belak) along with a defenseman (Kubina, Gill, Wozneiwski or Kronwall) for a top 9 winger.

  21. lukeleim says:

    I'm really surprised Alyn McCauley was bought out. Kings didn't really give him a chance after his injury. He may come cheap, say 800,000 or less. Unless Peca is willing to take a major pay cut I think signing McCauley in his place would be a great idea. I think Kubina is staying though. I think the leafs will package a depth forward (Kilger, Pohl, Ondrus, Newbury or Belak) along with a defenseman (Kubina, Gill, Wozneiwski or Kronwall) for a top 9 winger.

  22. lukeleim says:

    i thought all the leafs picks from 2-7 were pretty good. really interesting.

  23. LEAFS877 says:

    I agree that after Friday's trade, another one could soon follow.

    It would be good to dump someone like Gill, Raycroft, or Kubina
    But it seems that teams will only be interested in guys like Steen and Stajan so it's possible we'll be looking at another trade that'll make half of leaf nation scratch their head.

    In my opinion it would be better to wait a couple days in July, test the UFA market and see what happens.

    Look for quality forwards under 3 mill and go from there.

    And then we can talk to Peca about a new contract.

    The only question is:
    Do we have enough cap space to sign Peca and another quality forward.
    No probably not.

    So my prediction is
    There will be another trade this offseason to free up cap space.
    No idea what's going through JFJ's head at this point so i can't tell u who.
    We'll just have to wait it out, any further speculation at this point would just be a shot in the dark.

  24. lukeleim says:

    Hal Gill, John Pohl, Ben Ondrus and the Leafs' 3rd round pick of 2008 to the Vancouver Canucks for Matt Cooke and Michael Grabner

    Alexander Steen and Andy Wozniewski to the Philadelphia Flyers for Braydon Coburn and Steve Downie

    sign Alyn McCauley 800,000, A.J. Thelen 600,000 and Ryan Smyth 6 million

    Alexei Ponikarovsky – Mats Sundin – Nik Antropov
    Ryan Smyth – Kyle Wellwood – Darcy Tucker
    Mark Bell – Matt Stajan – Matt Cooke
    Chad Kilger – Alyn McCauley – Boyd Devereaux
    Kris Newbury – Wade Belak
    Prospects: Jiri Tlusty, Steve Downie, Michael Grabner, Jeremy Williams, Robbie Earl, Nikolai Kulemin, Brent Aubin

    Tomas Kaberle – Pavel Kubina
    Carlo Colaiacovo – Bryan McCabe
    Braydon Coburn – Ian White
    Staffan Kronwall – Jay Harrison
    Prospects: Anton Stralman, Dmitri Vorobiev, Phil Oreskovic, A.J. Thelen

    Vesa Toskala
    Andrew Raycroft
    Prospects: Justin Pogge

  25. Glucker says:

    if the cap goes to 52, then yes we can sign without even trading away our D…
    infact… I don't believe JFJ will make a cap-clearing trade until the cap is announced, after all, we are better off keeping our D the way it is… it's becoming one of the best valued D-core

  26. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    he has one pretty big knock. He's dreadful on faceoffs and can't play the wings.

  27. Halibut says:

    Which defenceman half Kubina's calibre is getting a contract even close to that?  I dont see any.

    I think you're overrating Kubina and cant see anyone picking him up unless it's a steal and you'd have to partner something worthwhile with him.  Doubly so now that everyone knows the leafs are handcuffed when it comes to free agents this summer.  They cant work out a new contract for Toskala and get the help they need up front without ditching some payroll.

    Either the leafs give Kubina or McCabe away for nothing or they eat a someone elses bad contract coming back in a trade, 

  28. 92-93 says:

    well you could look at the two ends of the spectrum:

    Rivet getting 3.5 – not even close to Kubina


    Timonen getting 6.3 – not very similar to Kubina but certainly makes Kaberle (who is waaay better) at 4.25 seem like a steal and Kubina look much more attractive to GMs who like defencemen who can play physical, score, and have cup-winning experience.

  29. 92-93 says:

    here is the narrative that envision for the leafs:

    1) they trade Kubina, Jeremy Williams, and a 2009 second-rounder to the Oilers for Lupul and a 2008 or 2009 first rounder (with a top-10 protection for the Oilers against the 2008 1st round possibility, but NOT on the 2009 1st rounder).

    2) the leafs say goodbye to Peca, O'Neill, Green, Aubin, Battaglia, and waive Belak.

    3) only two UFA moves are made: Tom Preissing and Alyn McCauley are signed (the former to a $4.5 million deal and the latter to a 900K contract).


    [extra: Pohl] 

    [extra: Woz or Pilar or Kronvall or Stralman]


    In: McCauley, Toskala, Preissing, Bell, Lupul
    Out: Peca, Aubin, Kubina, O'Neill, Williams (along with Green, Belak, Battaglia)

  30. Have2BeLeaf says:

    McCabe 5.75 mil
    Sundin 5.5 mil
    Kubina 5 mil
    Kaberle 4.25 mil
    Tucker 3 mil
    M. Bell 2.167 mil
    Ponikarovsky 2.105 mil
    Antropov 2.05 mil
    Gill 2.075 mil
    Raycroft 2 mil
    Toskala 1.375 mil
    Colaiacovo 1.28 mil
    Steen 901 k
    Kilger 900 k
    Stajan 875 k
    Wellwood 875 k
    White 850 k
    Belak 625 k
    Devereaux 575 k
    Wozniewski 500 k
    Kronwall 488 k
    Pohl 463 k
    Newbury 450 k
    Cap Number to Date:
    44.054 million

    Williams & Harrison only remaining RFA's.

    Westrum 463 k & Ondrus 475 k are on two-way deals.

    Rumored cap number is said to be 52 million.

    Potential Cap space remaining is 7.946 million

  31. Have2BeLeaf says:

    I like what you have posted here, but can you really see Lowe sending back a first round pick in a deal for Kubina that already gives us Lupul and with the possibility of Tavares going in next years draft?

  32. 92-93 says:

    well Lowe is also getting a high pick in the 2009 draft. if he doesn't like that, then add the top-10 protection on the 2009 draft as well and work something else out.

    on the face of it though, Kubina – a top-4 blueliner whose contract isn't as bad as it once seemed thanks to the market on D-men – for a 'problem child' winger like Lupul who struggled in Edmonton last year doesn't seem to be that big of a stretch.

    Edmonton is only adding 2.5 million AND a very solid winger in Jeremy Williams, who i absolutely would hate to part with.

    Lowe would have a pretty solid D with Smith, Kubina, Staios, Smid, Greene, and Tarnqvist (sp?) and a pretty affordable one at that.

  33. 92-93 says:

    oh, and although some would criticize the above D in toronto as being soft, talk about a mobile defence!!!

    everyone but Gill and Woz can really move the puck and contribute offensively. that in of itself would make the leafs hard to defend against.

  34. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Redden will not waive his NTC.
    Pitkanen will almost surely be dealt to Edmonton
    Souray will sign Somewhere
    Rafalski will sign somewhere

    after that, there are really no defensemen on the UFA market better than Kubina.

  35. jpmac says:

    You are gobong steen way too much credit….steen for a 2nd overall pick….hahaahhaahhhaha..that is complete bs

  36. DJTOKid says:

    Bell is 2.25mil
    Stajan is 950k
    Deveroux is 550k
    Newbury is a two way deal
    and Westrum signed over in europe

    The cap number I have is 43.866mil

    So if cap is 48 they have 4.134 and if its 52 the have 8.134

    if 48mil sign Kozlov from ATL, Bertuzzi, or Nagy and if its 8.134 sign Smyth

  37. DJTOKid says:

    Hamerlik, Stuart, or Hannan???

  38. Alozo07 says:

    not ryan smyth he doesnt score enough we should go for kariya and nagy they are looking to be the best people for the job and we hopefully wont sign peca

  39. Toonces99 says:

    Where did you see that?

  40. sikboy21 says:

    If JFJ turned down the second overall pick for Steen – why do you think he wants to move Steen at all?

  41. sikboy21 says:

    We have enough McCauley calibre players already.  The second, third and fourth lines will take care of tehmselves.  Focus higher.

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