Leaf's Current Situation

Ok, so, the Leafs have traded a 3 picks for Toskala and M. Bell.
Many will say that this has cemented the Leafs, and that with this added salary, they cannot do much, but I disagree. There was a report, after the Leafs made this trade, that they had a deal done for Vokoun as well. Now, we must think, why did they go with the unproven guy over a much more experienced, and better, goalie? The answer: cap hit.

Toskala cost them 1.375 and Vokoun would have cost them 5.7. Even with what many perceive to be a dead weight salary in Bell(I disagree with that) we didn’t have as big a hit.
The Leafs also have a bunch of young defensive prospects that where given NHL contracts, most likely for the purpose of trade bait, and yet, come draft day, not a single one was moved.
Looking at those 2 pieces of evidence, it is a fair conclusion that the Leafs are getting ready for another trade to clear cap.

the current roster looks something like this:

Antropov Sundin Ponikarovsky
Tucker Wellwood Bell
Steen Stajan Kilger
Deveraux Pohl Newbury

Kubina Kaberle
McCabe Colaiacovo
Gill White


we also have
Kronwall, Woz, Belak, Westrum, Ondrus, Stralman, Pilar, and Orescovich signed up

This leaves us with 43.607 on the Cap
Guys the Leafs are most likely trying to shop:
McCabe, Kubina, Kronwall, Woz, Pilar, Orescovich, and, with the trade, Raycroft

so that’s the situation

Leaf fans are known for, if nothing else, their imagination… what do YOU think the leafs will do with this?