Leafs Deadline Shopping List

The Toronto Maple Leafs are currently seeded in

ninth place in the Eastern Conference. They are only one point behind the Montreal Canadians for the eight and final Eastern Conference playoff spot.

I have compiled a list of the Leafs’ meeds and will say who is availible.

1ST LINE WINGER: The Leafs need a winger to play with Mats Sundin. This guy is still capable of having a 35-goal, 80-point season.

Marian Gaborik:

The Wild look to be out of the playoff hunt and the

Leafs GM, John Ferguson Jr. has been rumored to be calling Minnesota. Possibly for Gaborik? The most recent rumor circling around is Wellwood,

Allison and a 1st round pick for Marian Gaborik.

Glen Murray:

The Boston Bruins are most likely to have a fire

sale if they are out of th playoff hunt by the March 9th trade deadline. One of the players rumored to be going is Glen Murray. After the departure of Joe

Thornton this guy has started to slump because he

doesn’t have a good center to play with. The Bruins are probably looking for porspects and draft picks.

The latest rumor is Kyle Wellwood, 2nd round pick

for Glen Murray.


Brendan Witt:

Brendan Witt has said he wants out of Washington.

The Leafs are in desperate need of a top 3 d-man.

Witt is a very capable d-man and will surely add

depth to the Leafs’ defensive unit. The latest rumors is Kronvall, 2nd round pick for Brendan


Christian Backman:

The St. Louis Blues definetly won’t make the playoffs this year and they have many bodies to

deal. Backman can add depth to any defense-core.

He would really help out the Leafs. Itt is rumored it would be Berg, Khavanov for Backman.

Keith Carney:

This guy brings so much leadership and skill to any defense-core what team wouldn’t want him.

With Scott Niedermayer out for 3 weeks the ducks may not make the playoffs. Leaving Carney availible. Ferguson hasn’t been in any known talks

with the Ducks yet, but that is excpected to hapeen soon.

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  1. 92-93 says:

    long term shopping list:

    1) Goaltending

    To San Jose: Klee and a draft pick

    To Toronto: Toskala (send Telly down for the rest of the year, release Aubin, buyout Belfour in the offseason, and use the Telly-Toskala tandem until Pogge and Rask are ready … which could be awhile).

    2) Defence

    To Calgary: Jason Allison and either Khavanov or Berg

    To Toronto: Jordan Leopold (who is a long-term D-guy for Toronto. With the loss of either Khavnov or Berg – and with Klee gone – Toronto has two more spots open for their young D-guys. With Lindros coming back and with the next deal below, the Leafs won’t need Allison anymore).

    3) To Chicago: Nik Antropov and either a prospect (Bell, Woz, Ondrus, etc.) or a mid-round draft pick.

    To Toronto: Tyler Arnason (don’t even know if this is going to happen but any deal that includes Antropov going out of Toronto – he is young but his knees are old – and a young guy like Arnason coming to toronto is OK in my books).

    Next year sign Elias after July 1st and a tough guy to replace Belak and the shell that is Tie Domi. At some point – to save money and to ice a better team, Belak and Czerkawski needs to go, Jeff O’Neill will either have to retire or be waived (the same goes for Khavanov or Berg – whoever isn’t traded to the Flames). Lindros and McCabe need to be resigned. The D is already set, and the only adjustment to the forward lines is to give John Pohl a chance.

    Patrick Elias——Mats Sundin——Darcy Tucker

    Alex Steen——–Eric Lindros——Kyle Wellwood

    Ponikorovsky——Tyler Arnason—–Matt Stajan

    Chad Kilger——–John Pohl——–Tie Domi

    [Bates Battaglia and Clark Wilm]

    Bryan McCabe———————Jordan Leopold

    Tomas Kaberle——————–Staffan Kronvall

    Carlo Coliacovo——————Jay Harrison

    [Karl Pilar]

    ——————Vesa Toskala——————-

    —————-Mikael Tellqvist—————–

    In the Marlies for 2006-2007:

    Forwards: Earl, Williams

    Defenceman: Vorobiev, White

    Goaltenders:Racine, Pogge

  2. Kroeter says:

    All I like to see is the Leafs win a trade for once.

  3. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    minnesota wants to build their team around Gaborik, boston is not about to deal murray because the team is doing well now, and they recently signed a contract extension. witt is the only guy that i can see coming to toronto, and i think we need a guy like him. he takes a lot of penalties, but good penalties, not the useless upper body hooks that mcCabe and Allison get called foe every single game

  4. BleedinBlueTillDeath says:

    To Nashville: Aki Berg

    To Toronto: 2nd/3rd Round Draft Choice – 2006

    To Carolina: Ken Klee

    To Toronto: 3rd Round Draft Choice – 2007

    To Chicago: Nik Antropov, Matt Stajan/Kyle Wellwood, JF Racine.

    To Toronto: Rene Bourque, Mark Bell

    To Dallas: Jason Allison

    To Toronto: Steve Ott

    To Minnesota: Mariusz Czerkawski

    To Toronto: 5th – 9th Round Draft Choice

    To Washington:

    To Toronto: Brandon Witt



    Bourque/Wellwood – Stajam/Ponikarovsky


    McCabe – Harrison

    Kaberle – Wozniewski

    Kronwall – Khavanov

    Colaiacovo* INJURED

  5. Rroucu says:


    Hopefully JFJ can Pull off A Flecther Type trade.

    That landed Gilmour, McCoun, And Ellett through said trades.

  6. The-President says:

    Here is what the Leafs should do for this season and next:

    1st off here is a blockbuster trade:





    2nd rounder


    Florida for:




    These players no longer want to play for Florida, and Mike Keenan is a retard so both go hand in hand… This trade would provide Florida with some proven veterans, and Leadership, something they have been missing for the past oh I dont know 5 years.



    Antropov, Stajan, Kronwall, 3rd rounder for:

    Bell, Arnoson, and Vandermeer.


    Trade Allison, Wellwood, and a 1st rounder to Minnesota for Gaborik.

    Trade Klee, Lindros, Berg, to what ever teams would be interested in them, but if thats not possible just let them walk next summer. Along with Belak get him the hell out of here!

    Before all of you people bash this post, We need a cup not a pretender, we need to get serious, we need to be able to compete with the elite teams and not get shut out 8-0 to Ottawa, Wow we beat Atalanta in a blow out, well guess what Atlanta is just what we are as of now, a PRETENDER!

    JFJ needs to get off his lazy ass and turn this team into a serious contender and he needs to make drastic changes, not just tinker around with the line up and trade for guys like Asham, thats not going to please Leaf Fans, and thats certainly not going to bring us closer to the Cup. For Once I want to hear a sports commentater say the Leafs are Favorites to Win the Cup! It must feel good to Be a Canes, Sens, Wings, Canucks Fan.

    Here would be the Leafs Cup Contender Lineup:










  7. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I’d like Murray, since Thorntons left, he’s gone from the most over rated players in the league, to one of the most under rated. This guy is still all-star calibre, wingers just need a centreman, and he has none. What have Alfredson and Heatley done this year without Spezza? Not much. They’re fantastic hockey players, but a centreman means alot.

    I’ve also heard Barret Jackman and Eric Brewer in the defense department, of the three you mentioned, I’d most like Keith Carney.

  8. leafs4cup says:

    you wanna trade allison, an 80 point player for steve ott???…LOL…while were at it trade sundin for chris neil…..ignorant!allison is a point a game player and his # ‘s are just as good as sundins every year ,this year he has better # ‘s than lecav.,ignlia,st.louise and is coming off a 2 and a half year layoff, and you what to trade him for a fourth line guy…..ignorant.wellwood stajan,antropov and racine for bell who i like but bourque please we got plenty of third line players and wellwood id trade sundin before him its all about the future now dude and sundin aint in it.

  9. leafs4cup says:



    kronvall to detroit for zetterberg


    mccabe & o’neill to san jose for marleau


    2nd pick for bell

    free agent signings


    on defence

    mitchell, redden

    bell marleau zetterberg

    steen wellwood schaffer

    pony peca tucker

    simon lindros kilger

    redden kaberla

    harrison mitchell

    carlos woz.

    telqvist & racine

    this team has got everything size speed creativity,grit a good mixture of young and old while still keeping the key youngsters and adding a few more.people will probably think that im dreamin but if you look at the clubs ,chi,sanjose,det,all those trades would help them as much as us.detriot gets a markee player and someone to fill yzermans leadership after this year not to mention a great player for stanley cup run.chicago get a #1 center in allison and a pick for a player that aint living up to expectations.sanjose finially get their offencive d-man get a future #2 center in stajan and get a proven goal scorer in oneill.say what you want about o’neill but given the chance he can get you 30 goals but nuch like allison he wasnt given much of a chance by quinn{terrible coach}the media{the sheppard}and the toronto fans{sheep}.thats my team anyways.

  10. lukeleim says:

    time to rebuild…

    Mats Sundin & Staffan Kronwall to the Detroit Red Wings for Henrik Zetterberg

    Ed Belfour, Clarke Wilm & Andy Wozniewski to the Edmonton Oilers for Andrew Cogliano & Danny Syvret

    Jason Allison & Ben Ondrus for Jordan Leopold

    Aki Berg to the Nashville Predators for the Predators’ 3rd-round pick in 2006

    Alexander Khavanov to the Vancouver Canucks for

    Tyler Bouck

    Nik Antropov, Kyle Wellwood, Marc Moro, Mariusz Czerkawski to the Chicago Blackhawks for Pavel Vorobiev & Tyler Arnason

    Tucker – Zetterberg – Steen

    Ponikarovsky – Lindros – O’Neill

    Vorobiev – Arnason – Domi

    Kilger – Stajan – Bouck


    Pohl – Belak

    Prospects: Jeremy Williams, Robbie Earl, Roman Kukemberg, Andrew Cogliano

    Kaberle – McCabe

    Leopold – Harrison

    Klee – Colaiacovo


    Belak – Brown

    Prospects: Danny Syvret, Ian White, Phil Oreskovic





    Prospects: Tuukka Rask, Justin Pogge, Todd Ford

    avg. age: 24

    salary cost: 27 mil (estimate)

    next year salary cost: 33 mil (estimate)

    cap space left: 12 mil (estimate)


    off season signings: Patrik Elias, Ed Jovanovski & Curtis Joseph

    Next Year’s Line-up:

    Steen – Zetterberg – Elias

    Ponikarovsky – Lindros – Tucker

    Vorobiev – Arnason – O’Neill

    Kilger – Stajan – Domi


    Bouck – Cogliano – Belak

    Pohl – Williams

    Kaberle – McCabe

    Leopold – Jovanovski

    Klee – Colaiacovo


    Harrison – White







  11. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    My off Season Plan

    Before July 1:

    Retire: Belfour, Domi, Lindros


    To Buffalo: Czerkawski, Colaiacovo, Racine, Draft pick

    To Toronto: Noronen, Paille

    To Washington: Kukumberg, Berg, high draft pick

    To Toronto: Witt

    To Pittsburgh: Belak, Draft pick

    To Toronto: Jackman

    To San Jose: McCabe

    To Toronto: Marleau

    To Minnesota: Allison, Antropov, Kronwall

    To Toronto: Malhotra, Lindstrom, Foote

    After July 1:

    Don’t resign: Aubin, Khavanov,

    Resign: Pohl, Harrison, Stajan, Tellqvist, Wellwood, Pilar, Wilm, Klee, Kilger,

    Sign: Mogilny

    Team looks like this: (5 lines, 4 pairs, 2 goalies)

    Steen- Sundin- Mogilny

    Poni- Marleau- Tucker

    Wellwood- Stajan- O’neill

    Kilger- Wilm- Malhotra

    Paille- Pohl- Lindstrom

    Kaberle- Foote

    Klee- Witt

    Pilar- Jackman

    Woz- Harrison



    Team salary: (if in brackets it shows my estimated price the player will sign for)

    Mogilny [3.5]

    Marleau 4.0

    Malhotra [0.5]

    Paille [0.5]

    Lindstrom [0.5]

    Foote 4.6

    Witt [1.5]

    Pilar [1.0]

    Jackman [0.8]

    Noronen [1.0]

    Steen 0.7

    Sundin 6.8

    Poni 0.7

    Tucker 1.6

    Wellwood [1.2]

    Stajan [0.8]

    O’neill 1.5

    Kilger [0.7]

    Wilm [0.5]

    Pohl [0.5]

    Kaberle 4.3

    Klee [1.5]

    Woz 0.5

    Harrison [0.5]

    Tellqvist [1.0]

    Total team salary 40.5

    i like this plan, its got vets, young guys, and a bit of consistencey. critique this to death, tell me if something is unrealistic, or wromng for the team… thanks

  12. 92-93 says:

    no offense to anyone below, but most of the trades proposed are really far-fetched. with mine, you can add or subtract a draft pick if you want but for the most part they are realistic because they deal with the needs of the clubs involved.

    I dunno how anyone can honestly consider trades involving Luongo, etc. I though my Elias signing was really far-fetched but now that i’ve read the rest of the thread, maybe i’m not out to lunch after all.

    Personally, I’d rather see Khavanov leave over Berg. The latter isn’t really that bad of D-guy, as long as you limit him to the 5-6 pairing with (Coliacovo or Kronvall).

  13. chink says:

    What about gonchar or fernadez? there both rumoured to be available

  14. The-President says:

    Foote is on Colombus??

  15. Bummer12 says:

    Dude, Allison for Ott………….that is retarded. Then you have the Chicago trade. Lets get rid of Wellwood and Stajan eh. Given I like Bell but he and Bourque are not enough for me to like losing Wellwood or Stajan.

  16. goose says:

    trades by me:

    to detroit: stajan, berg and a draft pick


    to toronto: datsyuk

    to minnesota: allison and klee


    to toronto: gaborik

    to calgary: belak and khavanov


    to toronto: leopold

    to chicago: antropov


    to toronto: arnsaon

    re-sign: mccabe and lindros

    free agent:

    cujo (or) roloson

    maybe belfour will be traded (or) retire.

    possible lines:






    extra: wilm, battaglia, and pohl






    cujo (or) roloson


    theres my lines see ya!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    yeah, foote signed with the jackets in augest

  18. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    none of your trades will ever happen. why would detroit trade datzyuk for a bunch of 4th liners and a draft pick, and the antropov arnason deal would be crazy for chicago, calgary wont ive up leopold thateasy either. get realistic trades

  19. The-President says:

    DUDE!!!, I know that, I am Telling YOU that. You have him on Minnesota in your trades

  20. The-President says:

    You are the most retarded person on this website, please stop posting your opinions. Im serious, you actually do sound like a retard, like literally a Retard, Are You?

  21. toronto77 says:

    the leafs are giving up way too much for gaborik, i say allison and a 2nd pick. Witt? i’m telling you guys we don’t need him anymore after we called up Harrison and Wozniewski, they are just like witt and they have more speed.

  22. Toonces99 says:

    Crack Kills..

  23. Toonces99 says:

    Your talking as if this happened already…there is no chance that Gaborik is coming to Toronto…What do the leafs have that the Wild would want….Speed…we don’t have any of that…the only valuable asset is a first rounder…not going to happen and if it does…the minnasota GM would be run out of town and hockey forever.

  24. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    yeah, srry, ur right, malhotram lindstrom and foote are all on columbus not minnesota

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